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    [–] If you split the Warriors into 2 teams and sign free agents below the mid level exception, can the 2 teams make the playoffs? northern_tide -11 points ago in nba

    Lots of people overrating Curry as this one man juggernaut, when he gets his looks because of the team setup.

    The one with KD and Klay makes it though, probably v5-8

    [–] Decades of Sexual Harassment Accusations Against Harvey Weinstein northern_tide -2 points ago in movies

    Guy's into scat and urination, at least base on the Ashley Judd accusation

    [–] Pay raise after you gave your two weeks notice northern_tide 1 points ago in jobs

    Even if you did change your mind and stayed, it'll be different than before though

    [–] Restaurant closed, for good reason. northern_tide 2 points ago in pics

    Since when is two weeks a year a "regular basis"

    [–] TIL Jack Daniels employees get a free bottle of Jack on the first payday of each month. northern_tide 4 points ago in todayilearned

    Pretty sure Budweiser or Anheiser Busch/another giant beer company does this as well, according to their merchandisers

    [–] Patience and kindness... northern_tide -7 points ago in aww

    Yeah, that tiny dog had a gun under it's hoodie.......