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    [–] [SPOILERS] Lady Stoneheart by Dalisa Art norwegianEel 41 points ago in gameofthrones

    Well Beric gave Catelyn “the last kiss” which brought her back to life. Thoros actually had nothing to do with Lady Stoneheart’s resurrection. Source

    [–] Cat stretching norwegianEel 6 points ago in AnimalsBeingDerps

    The kitty will definitely land on its feet. So yeah, I’d say it’ll be a soft landing.

    [–] MCU Women by Lucasfilm Artist Erin Lefler norwegianEel 1 points ago in marvelstudios

    Definitely getting a Clone Wars vibe off this.

    [–] hmmm norwegianEel 6 points ago in hmmm


    [–] Weather whiplash: Midwest catapults from coldest April to hottest May on record; Minneapolis notches earliest 100. - The Washington Post norwegianEel 16 points ago in TwinCities

    I see your point of weather vs climate (which is something a lot of people mistakenly interchange) but I think these extreme temp swings and the shorter falls and springs are a sign of climate change.

    On my phone, so can’t cite that atm though.

    [–] Does "my son is very smart" count ? norwegianEel 1 points ago in iamverysmart

    I first saw this on r/wokekids but yeah it fits here too.

    [–] The Hunger Games norwegianEel 18 points ago in funny

    I kinda saw Jake the Dog from Adventure Time at first glance.

    [–] Getting to watch the super bowl while it was happening right behind us was a truly unique experience norwegianEel 2 points ago in TwinCities

    Nice, are those the Wilson Apts? I lived in Sanford my freshman year and was always jealous of the spaciousness compared to a dorm. Then I lived in a house.

    [–] I imagine her son probably is smarter than her norwegianEel 3 points ago in wokekids

    Yeah it’s a quote said by the narrator from the Fallout video game series.

    [–] Should I go? norwegianEel 1 points ago in socialskills

    Great advice.

    [–] The Cavern Scribe norwegianEel 4 points ago in AccidentalRenaissance

    That sounds like an awesome trip. Hope the crew had a blast!

    [–] the peak of human evolution norwegianEel 5 points ago in iamverysmart

    You didn’t include “however.” You received D- grade.

    [–] I imagine her son probably is smarter than her norwegianEel 81 points ago in wokekids

    "War...war never changes." -Totally 100% said by my 3 y.o.

    [–] Rare late 90's LEGO stingray norwegianEel 21 points ago in lego

    Same, y’all are mid/late twenties I’m guessing?

    [–] Xbox One port... Flawless... norwegianEel 5 points ago in oblivion

    Can confirm. Saw this bug on the orig 360 game. I even had a save file of it.