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    [–] Balled my eyes out to this track. Really reminds me of some of the experiences I've had on psychedelics norwegianEel 14 points ago in Psychonaut

    Tread carefully though. They're not all psychedelic visuals. Some of them, like Holes or Actual Footage of a Bear, are kinda fucked up to watch when tripping.

    [–] Stark Heroes (tabletop miniatures game art) by Stefan Kopinski norwegianEel 12 points ago in ImaginaryWesteros

    What's with Ned's heraldry in this? He's wearing a purple surcoat with a gold sigil. I couldn't figure out who he was at first because of this.

    [–] Scary banana for scale norwegianEel 27 points ago in funny

    "One-eyed monster! One-eyed monster! Step right up to see the one-eyed monster!

    [–] America right now norwegianEel 2 points ago in MarchAgainstTrump

    Sorry what's that acronym? All I can think of is United States Mutant Ninja Turtles...

    [–] Sorry Ralof, had to be done. norwegianEel 1 points ago in skyrim

    I did this in Oblivion at the beginning of the game with the first Goblin you see. However, I chose Sneak as a minor skill so it didn't contribute towards leveling up. I was just a level 2 orc with mad sneak skills.

    Spammed it for several hours while watching Ep IV A New Hope on a tv next to it.

    [–] It hasn't even happened yet and I'm already exhausted norwegianEel 1 points ago in LateStageCapitalism

    "Trump has nothing against me and my shtoil. Kuh-chaww wuwuwuw shiiiing!

    [–] MN Named 2nd Least Tax Friendly State norwegianEel 2 points ago in minnesota

    Chill for a sec. "Accidents like that" which I was referring to are happening in the bike lane, not at intersections. It happens when a car door opens over the bike lane, right in front of the cyclist and they run into it. So there really aren't any traffic laws to break in this instance.

    Obviously there are a lot of bicycle-instigated crashes as well, but not this one. This is just bad infrastructure.

    [–] They got old quick norwegianEel 1 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    I just watched Okja last night and his character in that movie is fucking off the wall insane.

    [–] MN Named 2nd Least Tax Friendly State norwegianEel 5 points ago in minnesota

    Also, bike lanes that are placed between the normal lane and parking spots. I know several people who have been taken out by an opening car door in Minneapolis.

    [–] Superbowl hanging out on a trail norwegianEel 1 points ago in Superbowl

    After like a year subscribed here, I still initially read these titles as Super Bowl. Kinda disappointed in myself.

    [–] Tomato dickbutt norwegianEel 17 points ago in PareidoliaGoneWild

    Because of that positioning, it looks like the dick is coming right out of the butt vs being tucked underneath. A true dickbutt.

    [–] Minneapolis norwegianEel 8 points ago in minnesota

    Recently moved away from the cities for a job, but I lived there for 5 years before that. I really miss that place.

    [–] New to Paper Towels? Try Bounty Beginners norwegianEel 1 points ago in InterdimensionalCable

    In the dimension where everything needs to be described to a painful degree.

    [–] Still one of the coolest trailers I've ever seen. (S6 trailer in Spanish with English subtitles) norwegianEel 6 points ago in lost

    That chess theme is really clever. When the Anubis-like statue got placed on like chesspiece, I got goosebumps.

    [–] Shout out to my boy Wes! Here's a picture I took :) norwegianEel 1 points ago in AccidentalWesAnderson

    Came here to do just that. Here's an updoot for beating me to it.