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    [–] Long cool woman in a black dress not_a_moogle 1 points ago in gifs

    Not really. Lots of UK bands from early sixties went through lots of transformation. Look at manford mann.

    [–] A beach in 70s. Not one fat body. How modern food industry has destroyed our health. not_a_moogle 1 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    that's assuming fat people in the 70's went to the beach.

    I'm not completely disagreeing with you, but i'd argue we tolerate bigger bodies now and so they're more inclined to go to the beach (also a lot less people go to the beach now a days)

    [–] What should people stop buying? not_a_moogle 1 points ago in AskReddit

    i had a kureg for about a year or so and loved it, but was looking at all the waste and costs and decided it would be cheaper in about another year if I just bought a nice grinder, a brewer with a water reservoir, and by beans in the 5 -10 lbs bags.

    I get much stronger coffee now. Also turns out I didn't care much for a lot of the different flavors of coffee.

    [–] What should people stop buying? not_a_moogle 7 points ago in AskReddit

    anytime one of those games introduce a 7 or 8 star unit, i quit it and move along.

    [–] Fact not_a_moogle 2 points ago in lotrmemes

    Maybe in America?

    [–] The only game we need remastered not_a_moogle 1 points ago in gaming

    Ann Landers is a Boring Old Biddy!

    [–] Said I was jealous of my boyfriend’s lips and was rewarded with a racist rant. not_a_moogle 8 points ago in insanepeoplefacebook

    it's close though

    MRAs do a bad job of advocating for men's rights... they tend to talk more about how it used to be simpler times when they didn't get called out for the sexist and misogynistic behavior. They aren't talking about issues, they are arguing that women need to be more complicit, and by extension placing blame on them for any shortcomings that happen to them 'personally'.

    it's a toxic behavior motivated by hate that perpetually feeds into itself.

    any actual conversation and legitimate grievances are drowned out by the vocal majority that say dumb shit like feminism is bad.

    [–] How do we save this fucking planet? not_a_moogle 2 points ago in AskReddit

    I'd need my vote to matter.. (or be correctly counted)

    [–] Tinder over 3 years (18-21 Male) [OC] not_a_moogle 1 points ago in dataisbeautiful

    my wife is on a few of the same groups I am on meetup, and like once a week, she'll get a message from another male member (we don't have profile photos) trying to hit her up.

    she always reports them, since the groups are explicit in their descriptions that these groups aren't for dating.

    lots of guys are just idiots and ruin it for the rest of us

    [–] If you're in a relationship you expect will last for the rest of your life, is it important to you that it be the most satisfying sexual relationship you have ever had? not_a_moogle 4 points ago in sexover30

    there's so much more to a relationship then great sex. And while that is a desired part of it, if I was going to spend the rest of my life with one person, sex needs to only be good to great.. not THE BEST.

    also tastes change over time. The best sex i've ever had was with my partner like 5 years ago, we've come close to reproducing it, but i don't know if we ever will.

    that is a weird question and I disagree with having the best sex ever as the be-all-end-all.

    because there's so many other things that i'd require with my relationship. like uh, trust, stability, ability to deal with eachothers quirks, some similar hobbies (but not all).. etc

    [–] What will you never stop complaining about? not_a_moogle 7 points ago in AskReddit

    theres lots of things it could be:

    • low levels of water in the tank
    • flap doesn't open up enough?
    • a calcium buildup on the inside of the toilet, causing the tank to not empty fast enough
    • poor stack ventilation that causes the siphon to struggle
    • related, but clogged jet, which doesn't get enough force to the siphon
    • seal from wax ring is broken badly, but not in a way that leaks

    [–] What's up with Spider-Man being removed from the MCU? not_a_moogle 3 points ago in OutOfTheLoop

    It doesnt. It's just because it did average here in the US, that the perception was it did bad.

    [–] What's up with Spider-Man being removed from the MCU? not_a_moogle 1 points ago in OutOfTheLoop

    Sony also just bought insomniac, on the success of the Spider-Man game. So expecting a semi decent sequel on the ps5 and a movie tie in?