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    [–] My phone gets me. notquitestrongbad 2 points ago in trees

    Thanks. I’m on the edibles now so not all that bad.

    [–] My phone gets me. notquitestrongbad 2 points ago in trees

    I’m skipping the dabs for sure! My phone knows me too well though.

    [–] My freeform locs notquitestrongbad 1 points ago in Dreadlocks

    Wooow. You’re a babe!

    [–] Soldiers attempting to run drills on LSD in the 1960s notquitestrongbad 3 points ago in MadeMeSmile

    This is the most wholesome conversation about drugs I have seen on Reddit.

    [–] Day 6 - Keto Flu notquitestrongbad 1 points ago in keto

    Correct. I got some supplements now but I’ve seen how bad you can get and now I won’t get dehydrated again. I thought about posting because of how quickly it snapped me out of it.

    [–] Water fountain notquitestrongbad 1 points ago in Unexpected

    The Unipiper!

    [–] Spider bro is lower left and has lived peacefully with us for months. Made holiday guests gag. notquitestrongbad 47 points ago in spiderbro

    Omg is that what that is?!? I don’t even mind but I was wondering haha. I can’t clean without disturbing her web. And you are correct on location!

    [–] Family photo notquitestrongbad 9 points ago in Eyebleach

    That wink!

    [–] Rndm. Almost 10 mo Freeform notquitestrongbad 4 points ago in Dreadlocks

    Awesome progress! Keep up the “no” work!

    [–] DoG bRuTiLiZeS cAt notquitestrongbad 60 points ago in PeopleFuckingDying

    That cat is so used to that. Anyone’s else’s cat would have noped the fuck outta there

    [–] Anybody see where my toy went? notquitestrongbad 2 points ago in funny

    A lot of people mistake me for my daughter Dale.

    [–] Did you say ball? notquitestrongbad 5 points ago in tippytaps

    Looks like the sweetest dog.

    [–] Indoor Hibernation notquitestrongbad 1 points ago in turtle

    May I suggest putting some feelers out there on Craigslist to try to rescue one? They live a long time so you don’t necessarily need a young one from the store. Then you might be saving one from someone who is not caring for it properly. Just a friendly suggestion!

    [–] I'll be damned notquitestrongbad 0 points ago in nonononoyes

    That definitely made me jump.