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    [–] Oh how the media likes to sensationalize things notquitestrongbad 2 points ago in funny

    There's nothing funny about the overpopulation of these dogs. My Dad was attacked by a pit bull when he went over to give his neighbors his old mailbox because theirs was so rusted. He was only crossing the street to their place when he clenched onto his inner thigh and gave him nerve damage in his leg. This pit bull was raised around children too. Hundreds if not thousands are put down every day. I love that there are exceptions to this, but people need to stop breeding their dogs PERIOD.

    [–] Recent marital surprise: she's pregnant, decided she's poly, and has met someone new! notquitestrongbad 0 points ago in polyamory

    I am by no means a seasoned polyneer, but I do know and STRESS that communication is number one in our relationships. My primary and I encourage each other to meet people and have dates and tell each other about it. There shouldn't be anything going on behind anyone's back. I hope it's fairly easy for you to run to the hills, run for your life!!!

    [–] Watch Florida Man make a break for it in the courtroom and try to escape custody notquitestrongbad 2 points ago in FloridaMan

    He's so lucky. The old cop was standing right next to him putting his gun in and out of the holster. This could have gotten really ugly.