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    [–] San Tropez notquitestrongbad 1 points ago in ween

    I got so lucky to hear Yonder Mountain String Band cover Meddle live front to back. One of the greatest sets I’ve seen.

    [–] My friends made this meme of me, they know me so well! notquitestrongbad 3 points ago in nudism

    “Did someone say beach?” is how I ended up at my first nude beach. I missed the whole beginning of a conversation between friends and ended up finding out when we got there. I had a choice to either be weird about it or dive in. So I dove in! Now I live in a nudity friendly space and buy an annual pass to the same beach. I like to take first dates there!

    [–] "200 rounds" notquitestrongbad 1 points ago in funny

    Take one down, pass it around.

    [–] [Rant] How much reassurance is too much reassurance? I'm the husband to a woman who basically just found her soulmate (Hint: It isn't me) notquitestrongbad 6 points ago in polyamory

    Wow, lots of conflicting advice here in the comment section. Start anything and everything by communicating your fears and asking for support in ways you think she can help you feel appreciated and stable.

    [–] Polishing this Rusty Knife notquitestrongbad 9 points ago in oddlysatisfying

    I have this knife, got it for $100 US on sale. You can still see the print on this one so it looks like it’s in good shape under the rust!

    [–] Philly Naked Bike Ride notquitestrongbad 6 points ago in nudism

    Won’t see you there but I’ve talked to people who took rides other than bikes and it was harder for them to keep up. Just a heads up if this is your first attempt using a scooter or longboard in the naked bike ride. Have a great time!

    [–] Nice tattoo! notquitestrongbad 5 points ago in peopleofwalmart

    That tat is for whoever is behind him.

    [–] Waittt Waittt Waittt, Yes! notquitestrongbad 18 points ago in nonononoyes

    Oof that poor kitty was tired! Thanks to all involved!