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    [–] Magnetic spoon prank. notsowise23 1 points ago in funny

    These shows usually have great pranks, but the canned laughter and crappy music get in the way.

    [–] Dad, tell me again why you don't blow out the candles? notsowise23 1 points ago in videos

    Stop being scared of germs! Let some in so you can build a tolerance.

    [–] How do scientists studying antimatter MAKE the antimatter they study if all their tools are composed of regular matter? notsowise23 1 points ago in askscience

    I'm mostly asking for some distant future sci-fi ideas I have percolating, so theoretically possible is good enough for me. Thanks for your response.

    Limiting it to planet bound production facilities would create some story driving mechanics.

    [–] Two kids kill half-a-million bees and wipe out a honey business, police say notsowise23 -1 points ago in news

    What is wrong with you people? Kids are dumb, their mistakes shouldn't haunt them forever.

    [–] ELI5: How does Nintendo's labo work? notsowise23 1 points ago in explainlikeimfive

    This opens up a whole realm of interesting programming challenges and techniques. This is gonna be fun.

    [–] Visualize Everything. notsowise23 13 points ago in gamedev

    I do some of my best programming work in the garden with a cup of tea, as far away from a computer as I can get.

    [–] Of course she's 14 with 3 PhD's notsowise23 2 points ago in iamverysmart

    Cosmetology is a ridiculous made up word.

    [–] We Cannot have the Right Not To Be Offended notsowise23 2 points ago in philosophy

    Eh, taking offense to things often seems quite petty to me. It's usually the person trying to be offensive that has an issue, not their target. It's a waste of energy to worry about little things like that.

    [–] rush_meta.jpg notsowise23 1 points ago in joinsquad

    It's one of my favourite maps for this reason. It's a challenge. But nobody else sees it like that, so there's no heroic mission to take the hill, just people complaining.

    [–] This explains everything notsowise23 1 points ago in gaming

    I never played it, but the way they rendered the map was really strange.

    [–] LLAMATHRUST! notsowise23 2 points ago in funny

    Zebra force is what keeps colours within a certain light/dark threshold.

    [–] Who Needs Ranging notsowise23 2 points ago in joinsquad


    [–] The Wrench - December notsowise23 2 points ago in joinsquad

    Is that the same FDF team from the Operation Flashpoint days? That was one of the best mods back in the day.