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    [–] New Amarillo billboard in response to “liberals keep driving” notyouravrgd 1 points ago in pics

    Well not always true because a good charismatic leader who is conservative or religious, can persuade people to change their attitudes and opinions on things and make them go against what they know is right and politically correct.

    [–] Who owns the Porches? notyouravrgd 1 points ago in albania

    Please tell me more about this great deal asking for a friend 😋

    [–] My shit people need me notyouravrgd 11 points ago in MyPeopleNeedMe

    Yeah I was like holy shit

    [–] Welcome to the life of an internet junkie notyouravrgd 6 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    We need to know her username so we can tell her to delete it and you need to start reading here /r/exnocontact

    [–] I fucking neeped her notyouravrgd 11 points ago in Tinder

    If it's NSFW then duh