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    [–] What's not as bad as everyone says? nuentes 24 points ago in AskReddit

    Also, masturbating in a theater isn't nearly as bad as everyone says. It's really only a problem if someone reports you, but most people will just watch and cheer you on until you finish.

    [–] Chicken Souvlaki On A Plate Of Nuggets nuentes 2314 points ago in comics

    If it makes you feel better, I only thought your comic yesterday was ok.

    [–] Real life photo of a swimmer right before breaking through the water. nuentes 1530 points ago in pics

    It's truly amazing how the chlorine in the water makes her pupils dilate this much.

    [–] [I Ate] Grilled Cheese Mac & Cheese nuentes 15 points ago in food

    Maybe order two of them because you'll probably be hungry afterwards.

    [–] Stepson Working on Hammer (12lb) nuentes 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago) in trackandfield

    That's even easier. Hang a tarp on a spot near concrete and throw weighted discus balls into it to work technique. And do as many stand throws as possible on grass.

    Edit: actually, you don't even need a tarp. Just throw into a wall. Stands, spins, half turns, etc. Discus balls cause like no damage and are cheap in case they break.

    [–] Stepson Working on Hammer (12lb) nuentes 2 points ago in trackandfield

    You are thinking about it all wrong. You're not trying to find possible places to practice, you should be trying to expand your definition of what a viable practice space is.

    See, the problem with the hammer is that it's dangerous, and damages the ground. Well, you can work around these things if you are willing. I'll give you a few options which will address these concerns in different ways.

    First, you should get rid of your preconception that you need to throw a hammer out of a ring. Anything goes in practice. Yes, you want to practice like you play, but if you can only get to a good practice space 2x per week, then you need to figure out how to be getting throwing reps on the other days.

    When you think about it, you really just need concrete/pavement with grass. Heck, you can even get away without the concrete if you have a some thick plywood and just the grass. You don't need a ring. You can just mark off 7 feet with some chalk on the pavement, or paint on the plywood. Yeah, it'll eat up the throwing shoes. Don't use throwing shoes, use some cheap chucks or something. Or get some cheap practice shoes. Use last years shoes. This is about getting reps throwing the implement.

    A few ideas:

    • Chain hammers: You can basically attach a bunch of chain to the end of a hammer wire. You can buy them as well, but you can just buy chain. They won't damage the ground (or as much), and the weight can be adjustable. If damaging the ground is the main concern for a location, this is a pretty good option, however it's still very dangerous if there is no throwing cage.

    • Rope Medicine Ball: You can buy a 12lb medicine ball attached to a rope. These are great for drills and will cause very little damage to the ground, and are significantly safer than a hammer, and can probably be thrown in places where a traditional steel hammer cannot. They may require some slight modification in order to be able to hold them correctly.

    • Sandbag hammer: If you can't afford the rope medicine ball, Didier Poppe has a pretty good video on how to make these here. I've even made my own, which I've had so long that I actually have forgotten what material I used. I do confess that mine has not been used that much - just for introduction for newer throwers. These are very cheap, very easy to make, cause negligible damage, and are safer, but still some risk (there is no such thing as zero risk throwing) for spectators.

    • Throw the weight!: You can buy an outdoor weight. The 25lb is available from Amber Athletics on Amazon for $100. If you are limited on space but creating divots isn't a problem, this is a great option. This isn't a hammer replacement, and could cause rhythm issues in the hammer, but if the choices are throwing something and not throwing something, this is a good choice.

    • Make a Medicine Ball Weight: Ok, this is a new thing for me. I came up with the idea and design all on my own. I've never seen one before, and I even checked with Mike Judge, and he had never heard of it before. However, my school told me we couldn't throw the weight in our facility, so I made an indoor weight from a soft medicine ball. It works great, feels almost identical to a weight, and will obviously cause no damage to the ground. If minimal space AND causing divots are your concern, this is a great option.

    • Throw into a net/tarp: You can hang a tarp or heavy-duty net somewhere outside for throwing into. I would not really suggest throwing the hammer into it. The hammer will quickly destroy a tarp, and you would need a VERY heavy duty net. However, the sandbag hammer or rope medicine balls would both be perfect for this. You just need maybe a 10' x 10' net or so (maybe 15 x 15?). I did this one or two seasons under the bleachers of one of the high schools I used to coach at.

    Hope that this helps!

    [–] 'The Twilight Zone' Enlists Adam Scott nuentes 85 points ago in television

    Look, I know his name is Ben in the show, but I still say he missed an opportunity to call the place Cal's Low-Cal Calzone Zone. Or the restaurant could have a California theme and call it The SoCal Low-Cal Calzone Zone. Or combine them to Cal's SoCal Low-Cal Calzone Zone.

    [–] Chicken Breast - 2 Hours at 146F. Served with Homemade Sesame Noodles and Carmelized Red Onion w/ kale nuentes 2 points ago in sousvide

    When I first got my sous vide, chicken was one of the first things we experimented with. 146 is my preferred temp for chicken. It basically comes out like a perfectly cooked chicken breast. Going down to 140 really changes the texture too much, and my girlfriend and I didn't find it very pleasant. Way too soft. We had tried 150 as well, and while that was way better than the 140, I felt it could have been softer, so that's how I settled on 146.

    [–] Savage Hands - Unconditional nuentes 1 points ago in PostHardcore

    They remind me a lot more of a mix of Too Close To Touch and Conditions

    [–] Ivory Aisle - Not Enough nuentes 1 points ago in Metalcore

    Just found these guys today. Amazed how few views they have cuz I'm really digging the album.

    [–] ... nuentes 10 points ago in Metalcore

    Three dots. The clock ticks 3 times at the end of the track. Track length is 1:23. I think it's clear to everyone.

    Half-Life 3 is confirmed.

    [–] Tomorrow is the 17 year anniversary of the terror attacks of September 11th, 2001. Where were you that day? nuentes 131 points ago in AskReddit

    I was in my second year of college. I remember walking by a neighboring dorm room when the second plane crashed. I remember thinking "this shit happens all the time, I gotta get to class". It's the same thought I had after Columbine. I wish I knew why I thought that. These events are the only two times I've really thought that with regards to a national tragedy.

    While I was sitting in my music class, the buildings collapsed. We spent my music class discussing it. It wasn't the most productive music class I've ever had, but I'm glad we did what we did. Sometimes I feel like our country faces so much national tragedy, that sometimes it's hard to put into perspective how important this tragedy can be compared to the others. It's super fucked up.

    [–] What do you hate most about politics? nuentes 18 points ago in AskReddit

    I would pay so much to get the money out of politics