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    [–] Check out how strong I’m getting! nuentes 1 points ago in gifs

    That was amazing. I'm excited for 2 o'clock when we get more details. Back to you.

    [–] Start nuentes 10 points ago in funny

    Literally none of them even noticed.

    [–] Machine holding a point in space nuentes 265 points ago in gifs

    This should be marked NSFW since it's pointing straight at OPs dick

    [–] My New tshirt Came In Today! nuentes 0 points ago in funny

    I bought one from at least 5 years ago. Might be available elsewhere now, but that was the original.

    edit: yup, found it.

    [–] Chernobyl (2019) | Official Trailer | HBO nuentes 29 points ago in television

    a legal dose of radiation

    I personally think they should make these lethal doses illegal

    [–] Huge explosion on Jupiter captured by amateur astrophotographer nuentes 1027 points ago * (lasted edited 22 days ago) in gifs

    Because of the way light travels, it hasn't happened yet. But it will happen in about 4 days.

    edit: This joke is clearly unpopular, but I still like it, so I'm not deleting it. Fuck y'all

    [–] I am disturbed nuentes 85 points ago in funny

    True, sometimes it's clamshells. But rest assured that the clams inside are suckin nips

    [–] Garlicky Lamb Chops nuentes 16 points ago in GifRecipes


    [–] Wrist Pain after shot put nuentes 1 points ago in trackandfieldthrows

    It depends on a lot of factors. I threw for 6 years before college with no issues. Then I switched to the 16 pounder and started having wrist issues towards the end of my first season, so I started taping. Now, many many years later, I can no longer throw the 12 without some wrist pain.

    John Godina made a good point that the wrist is not something that can get stronger. It is what it is, and if you are having issues with your wrist, you should take care of it immediately. If you are experiencing wrist pain, then I suggest using a wrist wrap or taping your wrist. If you are throwing incorrectly (you can also upload a video for us to look at if you don't have someone to help you determine this), then you should address that as well, but don't sacrifice your wrist in the process.

    [–] Technique check! nuentes 2 points ago in trackandfieldthrows

    First off - this looks great. I was so glad to open a video in here and not be overwhelmed with "where do I start". Because, well, we need to start with the start.

    It's all in that first turn. I paused the video at your 9 o'clock sit, and this will highlight the majority of what I'm talking about.

    Here are the things I'm looking for in a 9 o'clock sit:

    • left knee on top of the left toe (looks good)
    • left armpit on top of the left knee (not quite there)
    • Shoulders level (just missed it)
    • Weight on the middle of the left foot, or more towards the big toe area (looks like it's closer to the pinky toe, meaning you are unseating early)

    Now, it's important to note that the shoulders are not level because you didn't get left enough. Had you pushed that shoulder over more, you would have leveled off more. You can also see your eyes are looking upwards a bit - for me, this implies that this is something you are used to doing. If I were your coach, I would probably narrow your stance in the start just by 3 or 4 inches, based on your height. You are just making it harder on yourself to get as far left as you need to. Now I will say that you eventually get your armpit over the knee, but it's too late!

    As far as the unseat goes, looks like you have the weight on the pinky toe side of your foot. Try keeping the weight on the big toe part of your foot until this point. That will cause a bigger sweep, and will cause the discus to be further back when you are ready to drive in. Having the implement further back, as you probably understand, means we can accelerate it through a longer path.

    75-90% of my coaching for discus is on that first turn. If there is anything wrong there, I won't even discuss anything else that went wrong in the throw. You need to focus on the first fault, as anything after that is hard to tell if it's caused by that first fault, or if it's actually a separate thing that needs to be addressed.

    One other thing is that you have a very short flight phase. You want to get that left foot off the ground faster. Try to get your left foot off the ground before your right foot passes it. You're gonna find that this is 1) very difficult, and darn near impossible, and 2) will generate a lot more speed

    This is extremely solid. It is not easy to get to the point you are at. You've got your hand over your head when that right foot plants, that right foot is working (maybe not as smooth as I'd like, but that other stuff might fix that), and it's all very smooth. Looks great, but as always with the throws - there is some opportunity for improvement.

    [–] New Image of Tom Hanks as Mister Rogers from ‘A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood’ nuentes 423 points ago in movies

    He doesn’t look much like Mister Rogers

    It's important to remember that this is shot is without the CGI added yet

    [–] What does my arm do while growing the javelin? nuentes 1 points ago in trackandfieldthrows

    Gonna need video to tell. My guess is that you aren't keeping the jav back long enough and creating the stretch reflex. Is your armpit pointing to the sky when you are about to push the jav through the point?

    [–] Progression with discus through the season? nuentes 2 points ago in trackandfieldthrows

    Your standard power lifts (such as bench press and squat) are done with heavy weight, and so the bar moves slowly. When in a speed phase, the weights should be a lot lighter with a focus on fast bar speed.

    [–] Progression with discus through the season? nuentes 1 points ago in trackandfieldthrows

    I wouldn't recommend South Africans as the other poster suggested. They can teach bad habits and change your focus from rotational speed (what we want) to linear speed (the discus will go FAR, but it's something that isn't reproducible from a full throw). There is a way to do South Africans so that it's working on rotational speed, but very few people do it correctly.

    Technique changes often result in a loss of distance. Most people think that one tiny change can result in great additional distance, but this is rarely the case. Throwing is a grind. You need to keep grinding. You moved from a familiar movement to an unfamiliar movement. It usually takes your body a while to adjust to form adjustments. When your form is more ideal AND your body is more comfortable with that form, this is where the distance will happen.

    The back of the ring is where I spend probably at least 75% of my time with their throwers. When they have a bad throw, it's generally caused by something going wrong in that first turn. So I'll say this is the right spot to focus on. Make sure you're hitting and holding a good 9 o'clock sit (left armpit on top of the left knee which in turn is on top of the left toes), keeping the left arm with the left knee, and getting a good sweep with that right foot (imagine getting it around a 5 gallon bucket). The 5 gallon bucket drill is one of my favorites.

    Also, it depends on what phase you are in your lifts. If you are in a strength or volume phase, then it's definitely not a concern. My throwers don't throw very far when my goal is adding strength. If you are in a speed phase, then yes, I'd be concerned, as my throwers usually get a bump in distance when we move to a speed phase. During a strength phase, your bench/squat would be in the 85-95% range, and olympic lifts would be in the 80% range. We're trying to add strength, so the movements are all SLOW. During a speed phase, you'd probably be in 50-70% for bench/squat focusing more on bar speed, and olympic lifts would be in the 90-95% range.

    [–] Italy bans unvaccinated children from school nuentes 24 points ago in worldnews

    Antivaxxers, do you get it yet?

    Narrator: They didn't

    [–] Hi, I’m Adam Conover nuentes 45 points ago in funny

    It's not genocide. We just went over this.

    [–] Splitting column B and iterating column A nuentes 1 points ago in googlesheets

    It was fine for the job I was trying to do. Thanks!

    [–] Splitting column B and iterating column A nuentes 0 points ago in googlesheets

    Hey man, you don't actually know anything about what I'm doing, so I'll go ahead and describe it.

    I have an RSS feed set up to add rows into a google sheet via IFTTT. I then manipulate and filter that data based on a bunch of criteria, and call the webpage from the RSS PubLink to get the tracklist for the album. The tracklist is what I'm splitting (artist name is column A, tracklist is column B). I'm then going to set IFTTT to watch a different spreadsheet, which will be the parsed data, and IMDB will add the artist/track directly to a spotify playlist. So in theory, I won't even need to open the sheet in order for it to do what I want.

    I really hate coding in python and it would take me 50 times as long. This way I don't need to research using APIs (which I also hate). But I'm a goddamn pro at google docs, so this is what I'm going with.

    So how about you stop being a pompous know-it-all. Telling people they are using the wrong tool when you don't know the first think about what they are building is not productive.

    [–] Splitting column B and iterating column A nuentes 1 points ago in googlesheets

    Hm. Yup. Confirmed to be hacky. I'll play around with this. Pretty clever solution.

    [–] Rocketman (2019) - Official Trailer nuentes 93 points ago in movies

    I don't know. I personally think this remake of the classic Harland Williams film went completely off the rails.

    [–] Mob's Marmite Chicken nuentes 111 points ago in GifRecipes

    If you don't have any Marmite, don't worry! You can improve this recipe by simply replacing it with literally anything.