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    [–] Why are you still up? obtrae 1 points ago in AskReddit

    It's waking up time.

    [–] Multi-way massacre obtrae 2 points ago in MurderedByWords

    control his seamen

    [–] Multi-way massacre obtrae 16 points ago in MurderedByWords

    Shaka Zulu would disagree

    [–] Safety Standards, 1960s obtrae 100 points ago in interestingasfuck

    Seat begins to rock

    [–] Who asked her? obtrae 10 points ago in insanepeoplefacebook

    She pretty af

    [–] Eminem is a ruthless man obtrae 105 points ago in MurderedByWords

    So I can bang queen Elizabeth

    [–] Burning gunpowder art obtrae 8 points ago in interestingasfuck

    I imagine myself making a Mona Lisa-worthy gunpowder art piece. Then I light it up and the whole canvas and table just catches on fire and the camera wasn't even recording.

    [–] Local PD: Don’t criminal in the cold obtrae 5 points ago in funny

    Ba Dum Tsssss! Audience erupts in harmonious laughter, but only one guy is laughing a little too loud for a little too long

    [–] Local PD: Don’t criminal in the cold obtrae 5 points ago in funny

    Ah my dude. Been there. It's shit. It's a girl, right? Write about your pain, don't post it, just write about it, like a letter to yourself, and everyday add a little bit more and edit a little of it until you feel it's ready. Once it's ready then you're a better person.

    [–] Faking a racist attack for publicity is absolutely trashy. obtrae -17 points ago in trashy

    I mean, post the attack, post an article, post a screenshot, post some trashy shit. Wtf is this OP?

    [–] Still Getting My Money's Worth obtrae 9 points ago in pics

    Your family could afford pork chops!? We would eat pig's feet and pig's head, but my parents didn't think that I was worth the protein so I was always given the resultant gravy

    [–] How to cook a chicken obtrae 3 points ago in interestingasfuck

    Someone call Mythbusters!

    [–] His days of faking throwing the ball are done. Forever. obtrae 2 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    I mean, a guy named Hunter approaches you, it's literally his name? At what point would your survival instincts kick in? I tell you, this dog didn't waste any time.

    [–] Dear Casual_cheetah obtrae 46 points ago in comics

    SrGrafo has gained a million Zimbabwe dollars which he can buy half a loaf of hobo sweat soaked bread.