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    [–] My "I want to be a YouTube phase" oceanskies29 4 points ago in MakeupRehab

    that’s awesome! To be honest I have a curiosity about starting my own makeup page on Instagram, but I don’t know if I can make the commitment even though it’s something I do want to do.

    What’s your YouTube, by the way? I won’t be joining for the work force for awhile but it seems amazing you got hired through your channel :)

    [–] [SELL] [US] Moving sale! Makeup, skincare, & freebies. oceanskies29 1 points ago in makeupexchange

    Hi, how much is shipping for the coastal scents palette and benefit watts up?

    [–] [SELL] [Jamaica -》World] No Prices! Make me an Offer!!!! Blush, MSF, Palettes, Pigments. Lost of Discontinued MAC. Rock & Republic, Inglot etc oceanskies29 1 points ago in makeupexchange

    Interested in all Mac blushes under the “Mac and Nars” title, and the gold anothersoul palette, still looking

    I need to go offline now, but will be back to finalize items and look up swatches, thank you

    [–] MUAs- What is the most useful/Surprising thing you learned at MUA school? oceanskies29 5 points ago in Makeup

    Do you mind explaining a bit more how you mix colors with medium for custom lip colors? What finish do you get from Aquaphor vs Castor oil? What is the ratio of the powder to medium?

    [–] Request Megathread oceanskies29 1 points ago in makeupexchange

    ISO the following:

    1. Inglot Duraline
    2. NARS Ignited
    3. CP So Jaded
    4. CP Give it to Me Straight
    5. CP Yes Please
    6. CP Yellow palette
    7. CP Blue palette
    8. Becca Moonstone

    [–] ColourPop Velvet Blur Lux Lipstick oceanskies29 3 points ago in PanPorn

    I have one called 21 Questions and I love the color and diffused finish! Seriously an underrated formula, wish they released more colors!

    How does Mesmerize look on you? I tried looking for swatches but didn’t find any natural ones

    [–] ND fail - so not worth it. oceanskies29 1 points ago in MakeupRehab

    Glad you like your Nubian palette! I was more asking the OP which two of their palettes dupe the Metropolis palette :)

    [–] [ISO][US] glossier, UD & setting powder oceanskies29 1 points ago in makeupexchange

    Hey sorry for the late reply, not sure if you already have what you need, but here is verification anyways

    [–] BH Digital Future oceanskies29 9 points ago in cleanmakeup

    This looks so pretty! Do you mind telling me how big their pan sizes are?

    [–] ND fail - so not worth it. oceanskies29 14 points ago in MakeupRehab

    which two Juvia’s place palettes were you thinking of? 👉🏼👈🏼

    [–] Please help me find this Indian buffet restaurant! oceanskies29 2 points ago in AskNYC

    Sorry I don’t recall much else. It was on a quiet street with not much business on the sides. It was also small, and I think there was also a green domed canopy that covered the entrance?

    [–] Please help me find this Indian buffet restaurant! oceanskies29 1 points ago in AskNYC

    haha no drunk people that I was aware of, just focused on the food

    [–] Unpopular Opinion: The real reason why I don’t watch top beauty channels (James Charles, NikkieTutorials, Manny, etc) is because I find that their makeup is very dated. oceanskies29 11 points ago in BeautyGuruChatter

    Yes, I feel this completely. I don’t know if my tastes are changing to dewy look since it’s summer now, but I’ve also become jaded by the most well known gurus. Sarah C and Haley Kim are some of my favorite people to watch!

    [–] [ISO][US] glossier, UD & setting powder oceanskies29 1 points ago in makeupexchange

    Hi, I have a mini Dermablend loose setting powder for sale, I used it 1x and it left no white cast, selling because I prefer a solid powder pan. Would you be interested? If so I can provide verification!

    [–] Someone talk me out of buying oceanskies29 1 points ago in MakeupRehab

    That’s cool, personally I’ve heard only mediocre things about that palette though...colors run muddy, not pigmented, etc. To satisfy my pastel craving, I have my eyes on the Sugarpill Fun Size palette, but whatever works for you :)

    [–] how to reapply sunscreen throughout the day? oceanskies29 -1 points ago in Makeup

    I think makeup products that contain spf are never going to be as effective as pure sunscreen. I’ve seen people doing experiments where they shine a UV lamp on a person with spf foundation vs. sunscreen and the former blocks the least sunlight.

    I know this is probably not something you want to hear, but I would recommend reapplying sunscreen throughout the day, then reapplying your makeup. I personally do this myself, because my makeup never stays on for a long time anyways. Could you transition to using more cream products to prevent caking your face?