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    [–] My store’s AP office is super messy odaeyss 1 points ago in walmart

    n... no... no it's not? that's ahh.. that's a girl there my friend, a real live human woman, and.. well to be honest i'm not too up-to-date on trends in gay porn but one would have to assume they're typically devoid of female participants?

    [–] I fear no man... but that "thing" scares me. odaeyss 5 points ago in Warframe

    imma let you finish, but the tonkor is the best explosive weapon of all time.

    [–] “Wait why is the server dead?” The raider says, standing in the ashes of a hundred 2x2’s odaeyss 2 points ago in playrust

    hard disagree.
    i played legacy, with the zombies, there was still raiding. it was harder, also easier? you could get lucky and get a BP early and it was just time-consuming to farm the first few c4, but bases could also be built that were unraidable, like... you just can't, you could not get to the loot, wonky things like door-ladders where if you blow up the door suddenly you've lost the ledge (the open door) you needed to get up to the next level.
    still raiding. still raiding. still everyone is KoS.
    hell, funny story time. sorry, got off work and getting beer in me this is what i do.
    back in legacy, buddy and me were getting a base built down in the south, further south past this little glade that had a couple trees that'd spawn and was sorta halfway between radtown and something else important, the hanger i think?
    anyhow, in that glade at some point someone had put up a metal base.. small one mind you, but IIRC it was a 3x3x3? it was abandoned, though, so... we took ownership, repaired it up, and kept it empty. No upkeep back then mind you! it was our bait base!
    like my dudes we did put boxes and forges in there, but there was absolutely no items to loot. Just a tasty metal base. Ours was mostly wood, hidden way further south.
    That metal base ate so many c4 for us. It always looked like the people were offline, no one ever came in or left yanno? Heh. We repaired it as soon as we saw someone put a hole in a wall... I mean there was one time I think it was 4 times in a day, and pretty sure 2 of them were the same group. Blew a wall, must've run outta c4 to get deeper, we patched the wall while they were away.. I dunno, maybe it was someone else, but within 30 minutes of putting a new wall up someone else blew into it. Absolutely hilarious.
    It gets better too though. There was another base on the other side of that little glade. A tiny little 1x1 that we built for a legit actual crazy hobo who I came across one day and made friends with, so we built him a base near ours and... listen. Life advice. If you're out and about and a goddamned grizzly bear calls you pal and mauls some dude who jumps out and tries to kill you, you stay on good terms with that bear. And that's what this guy was man, his shack was filled wall to wall with all sorts of high-end loot, all he did was run the loot loop and fucking murder everybody like he was just picking flowers. Hell, he provisioned us out in kevlar and m4s once or twice, just for loot runs, just because he was running out of space. Yeah... his base never got touched either. Everyone beelined for the empty one.
    And all that was before components and upkeep.
    And this was a Rust ramble!

    [–] US Government wants to access your data to predict mental health events odaeyss 2 points ago in technology

    well... they, like many other enemies of america, misunderstood how america reacts.
    we absolutely do harm ourselves in our knee-jerk responses... but that's only half the story, because we do stomp around and smash all kinds of shit. they did weaken america, but a weakened america isn't about to start pulling back what we're doing out of fear.. nah that ain't how we roll, when we get scared we start shouting and smashing twice as hard because nobody hurts us but us, and if we're going to smash heads until everyone's got blood in their eyes then, well.. ok. that's totally fine. we can do that. let's see how that works out.
    war profiteers always win. we're nearly three quarters of a century deep into this military-industrial complex, things are pretty well-tuned to make sure there's always money going to certain hands.

    [–] No problem bud odaeyss 7 points ago in playrust

    You're all terrible!

    [–] Angry about GoT S8? u/RedditOfUnusualSize wonderfully explains 'fan divorce' by comparing how some Star Trek fans felt about Voyager after experiencing The Next Generation in the eighties. Cathartic. odaeyss 6 points ago in bestof

    you're absolutely allowed to enjoy what you want!
    me, though? i hate voyager and i'm in the same boat this dude's in. watched TOS reruns. i was 6 when TNG started. DS9 was a departure but, for the most part, i dug it. some of the prophet stuff was a little not-so-ST for my tastes but.. yeah.
    and then voyager?.. i tried, i tried to like it, just wasn't happening.
    i save all my vitriol for enterprise, though. that show was fucking awful. so much bad writing and blatant fanservice >:(

    [–] US Government wants to access your data to predict mental health events odaeyss 10 points ago in technology

    most everything that's gone wrong in america has been caused by a self-destructive gross over-reaction to something. whatever the american spirit is supposed to be?... self-destructive over-reaction is what it actually is.

    [–] US Government wants to access your data to predict mental health events odaeyss 85 points ago in technology

    there was depressingly little resistance to the PATRIOT act. and depressingly much acceptance for it. between that and the unlimited perpetual war against a nebulous threat, a concept... fuckin al qaeda won whatever they were trying to do with 9/11 man, and in the end we did it to ourselves.

    [–] A fungus makes a chemical that neutralizes the stench of skunk spray odaeyss 5 points ago in science

    scents can be weird. coffee's got a few similar scents to poop, but coffee smells amazing and good... but still, if you're lookin for it, you can find the poop notes there.

    [–] Every customer at Walmart. odaeyss 46 points ago in walmart

    or it's on a pallet on the top steel and when you asked if anyone can get it down you got radio silence

    [–] How Hong Kong protesters deal with tear gas after 2 months of demonstrations odaeyss 3 points ago in pics

    And ideally a bit nondescript, like a millwall brick. Hilariously autocorrect tried to change that to illegal brick heh..

    [–] So I am part of a traffic jam in Germany rn and just wanted to remind everyone that you should always build a emergency corridor at any time. odaeyss 4 points ago in pics

    Everything anti-communist, in general. Can't think of any single effort to point a finger at but those are generally the things that were demonized, while the image of the "true american" as a self-sufficient self-made-man.. which was pretty much never the case, but it contrasted well with the soviets pushing the whole workers-of-the-world lingo.

    [–] How Hong Kong protesters deal with tear gas after 2 months of demonstrations odaeyss 257 points ago in pics

    Huh. Stuff I did not know.
    But now I feel like I could MacGuyver together a better way to cool those things down out of household goods.
    And I kinda feel obligated to try, honestly.
    At the very least it'll give me something to let my mind wander over during work..

    [–] So I am part of a traffic jam in Germany rn and just wanted to remind everyone that you should always build a emergency corridor at any time. odaeyss 35 points ago in pics

    the propaganda campaign during the cold war was incredibly effective in indoctrinating americans against any sort of collectivism, cooperation, union, or socialism. despite these things being integral to literally any and all societies. they made the words scary, and so people react.

    [–] Tommy Boy before and after Dechonkification odaeyss 109 points ago in pics


    [–] Just one more quick stop. Then another... odaeyss 33 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    and there's a baby cross the way selling drugs

    [–] Billionaire David Koch dies at age 79 odaeyss 9 points ago in news

    I don't even know what you're on about.

    [–] Billionaire David Koch dies at age 79 odaeyss 5 points ago in news

    it was never about honesty and ethics in gaming journalism. NEVER. AT NO POINT was it actually about any of that shit.
    it was about one guy getting salty over a breakup and throwing a bunch of venom around about his ex.
    My dudeman, gaming journalism has been shit since at least the 90s, and that's if you exclude things that were clearly marketing over honesty like Nintendo Power. Hence jokes about terrible games getting 7/10 ratings. That's not an internet thing. That's stretching back to before any gaming sites existed, to when we got our gaming articles printed on dead trees. Same shit. Awful game, good score, ads for the publisher's other titles sitting on the page across from the review, hmm.
    "Well maybe it was time.." you're thinking? No. No GG never went after the big name companies, not the big developers or game publishers, and not the big names in gaming journalism. The whole damned thing was zoomed in on a few fucking NOBODIES in the gaming industry.
    No offense to those people. They know in the grand scheme of things, they are all nobodies compared to the money someone like EA or Squeenix or Vivendi can throw around.
    So, yeah. Long and the short of it? GG wasn't about fucking anything other than getting together a bunch of disaffected and disconnected angry young men and directing them towards a self-destructive path. Yall got fuckin' played.

    [–] YoU tHoUgHt YoU cOuLd KiLl Us! odaeyss 11 points ago in playrust

    should swap the deer heads onto scientists imo

    [–] Guards threaten Tartaglione if he talks about jail conditions or Epstein's death: Lawyer odaeyss 2 points ago in news

    seems like it'd be easier to just kill epstein and then paint the murdercop as the guilty party, but that got screwed up somehow the first time around

    [–] Texas Might Have Accidentally Decriminalized Marijuana odaeyss 7 points ago in news

    rules that make sense are fine, but rules that don't make sense are bullshit -- whether or not someone smokes pot is less impactful on society and less dangerous than whether or not they use their turn signals while driving.