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    [–] Bolt theft odd84 1 points ago in BoltEV

    It is not up 50% in the last 5 years, or the last 10 years, or the last 20 years.

    • 1999: 1,152,075 vehicles stolen in the US
    • 2008: 959,059
    • 2017: 773,139

    [–] A little scared odd84 0 points ago in BoltEV

    Why stress yourself? Drive it like a normal car if that's more pleasant for you. I drive in D, and I floor it whenever I get the chance too!

    [–] Dash says 45% and leaf spy says 50% which do I trust? odd84 1 points ago in leaf

    The dashboard is showing percentage of usable battery capacity, and Leaf Spy is showing the battery's true state of charge. You can't use the bottom few or top few percent. If you run a lithium ion battery down to 0% it's bricked and can never be charged again. If you charge it to 100% it will undergo chemical degradation that permanently reduces its future capacity. The BMS will only charge your car to ~95% but show "100%" on the dashboard as you can't charge it any further, and it'll discharge to 1-2% but show "--" on the dashboard since it won't let you drive it down to 0. So basically they're using two different scales, and both are correct.

    [–] How quickly did your hobby laser cutter pay for itself? odd84 2 points ago in lasercutting

    Why have you ruled out the Glowforge? It's the other $5000-6000 non-Chinese machine.

    [–] Cut and engrave material with Glowforge odd84 1 points ago in lasercutting

    All the Inventables sheets are available in 1/16" which is 1.6mm. I've not seen anyone selling an in-between size.

    [–] How quickly did your hobby laser cutter pay for itself? odd84 5 points ago * (lasted edited 3 hours ago) in lasercutting

    I print and pack orders on the weekend and have USPS pick up the packages from my porch on Mondays. That leaves the machine open for hobbies and my wife to use during the week. She has her own crafting side gig and uses the Glowforge too. My typical stack of boxes ready for pickup.... It's not a full time thing at all.

    [–] Cut and engrave material with Glowforge odd84 1 points ago in lasercutting

    Inventables says "we ship worldwide" in the shopping cart. You might also check here:

    [–] Cut and engrave material with Glowforge odd84 1 points ago in lasercutting

    Yeah, I engrave the two-color acrylic on my Glowforge all the time.

    You can get small sheets of it here:

    Or large sheets from Johnsons Plastics

    2-color and 1-color acrylic from a brand like Rowmark are the same price, so there's no reason to try some hack with paint when you can just buy exactly what you're looking for

    This isn't a great photo, but I made these hang tags from "apple green on white" acrylic for example:

    [–] How quickly did your hobby laser cutter pay for itself? odd84 11 points ago in lasercutting

    I bought a Glowforge Pro, opened an Etsy store 2 days after it arrived, and it's paid for itself in 2 months. I started in June and have sold over 150 laser cut things since then, much of it at over $100 a piece for artwork or wedding gifts.

    [–] Hey, South Eastern Pennsylvania Leaf owners! odd84 1 points ago in leaf

    I was in Lansdale/Montgomeryville with two different LEAFs for a few years, but just moved to another state. Took my LEAF with me.

    [–] HOA charging parents over $4000 for not painting mailbox numbers odd84 2 points ago in fuckHOA

    The only houses here not in an HOA are either old and run down, or multi-million dollar custom mansions. Everything built since the 1990s has an HOA because this state requires it by law. My HOA has never bothered me. They collect a small fee and most of it goes to landscaping the neighborhood park and maintaining the stormwater basins. 63 million people live in HOAs in the US. This subreddit gets less than one post per day on average from all of those 63 million people. On average, it's not a bad thing.

    [–] First bad review... 75 days after receiving order, how to proceed? odd84 9 points ago in EtsySellers

    If you respond to a review publicly, the customer cannot edit or remove their review.

    [–] Recycling... odd84 3 points ago in raleigh

    Those benches cost $500+. One made from NEW plastic costs $150. Just because they can make things out of recycled goods doesn't mean there's a market for it. It costs more to collect, sort, clean, and remanufacture our garbage than to make new plastic. Aluminum cans and cardboard are the only things that are still really economical to recycle in the US. Sorting everything else costs too much, especially since Americans are really bad at separating their recyclables and not throwing trash in the same bin. One person putting trash in their recycling can can ruin an entire TRUCK load because nobody's going to pay to clean the garbage.

    [–] Buying a Laser Cutter odd84 1 points ago in lasercutting

    Most thick wood parts you find in commercial objects were not cut by a laser. Are you sure you're shopping for the right tool?

    [–] Can I get a recommendation for a quality budget printer that's good for labels and stickers? odd84 1 points ago in Etsy

    Laser is important if you care about operating cost. You will print like 30 shipping labels and be out of ink and need another $40 ink cartridge. Or you can print 6000 labels on a laser printer with a $10 toner cartridge. By the end of the first year, you'll spend more on ink than you save buying the inkjet vs spending $200-250 up front on a good laser printer. But realistically neither is going to make great sellable stickers compared to a professional print shop. Most of my printing is packing lists and shipping labels so I use a laser.

    [–] Joined the family! 2016 SL 11/12 bars odd84 2 points ago in leaf

    Any EVSE rated for at least 30 amps will charge your car as fast as it can be charged at home. Any electrician can install the outlet. You don't even have to tell them what you're going to plug in to it. Choose the EVSE first since that decides which outlet you need. Most use a 14-50 but a few use a 6-50.

    [–] Pure highway range 2019 Leaf odd84 5 points ago in leaf

    150 miles of mixed city/highway driving. Highway only, the range is around 125 miles at 65-70 mph. You won't make it without charging.

    [–] which year should I buy? odd84 4 points ago in leaf

    Your commute would be easily served by an old LEAF with a degraded battery that nobody else wants for $2500. But that Portland to Seattle trip is gonna be murder in anything under $10000... you're looking at stopping for 3-4 times for 40 minutes a stop... each way. And if any fast charger is broken or unavailable you will probably not have power to make it to another one, so you'll be calling for a tow. The battery in the first-generation LEAF is too small for a trip like that. Rent a car for the day maybe?

    [–] 2014 in Texas. Never used leaf spy before. How's my battery? odd84 1 points ago in leaf

    Yes each of the bars is a battery cell. The variation in the heights is from 3.93 volts at the lowest bar to 3.94 volts at the highest bar... basically zero difference.

    [–] TeslaTap odd84 2 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in leaf

    You're talking past each other. Every Electrify America station supports a minimum of 150 kW charging rates, often with several 350 kW stalls as well. The LEAF, e-Golf and even plug-in hybrids are all welcome to use those stations. They charge slower because they have smaller batteries, not because they have "inferior engineering". It doesn't "defeat the purpose" of building the stations when an EV shows up to charge, even if it doesn't do so at 350 kW. Even Teslas are welcome, even though their "inferior engineering" doesn't let them use all 350 kW available.

    P.S. The E-Tron really should not be on your list. It charges at over 150 kW up past 80% SoC.

    [–] TeslaTap odd84 24 points ago in leaf

    You cannot use a Tesla Supercharger station unless you own a Tesla vehicle. There is no adapter, and even if there were, they check the VIN as not all Tesla vehicles are allowed to use them either, and many of them have to pay to do so -- billed to their Tesla account. That adapter only lets you use Tesla Destination Chargers, which are free L2 chargers they gave to hotels mostly. There's typically a standard J1772 charger right next to those which you wouldn't need an adapter for. There's really no use case for spending $230 on a TeslaTap unless you also own a Tesla and want to use Tesla's EVSE with both cars.

    [–] 2014 in Texas. Never used leaf spy before. How's my battery? odd84 3 points ago in leaf

    75% health, below average for that model year, which is 10/12 bars on the dashboard, and no bad cells. It's been quick charged a lot.

    [–] Buy a 2011 Leaf for $5k and get charge ahead (Oregon) rebate? odd84 1 points ago in leaf

    That would make this a 6 bar car

    You can't go from GOM to bars without also knowing the recent efficiency. 55 miles at 2.8 miles per kWh (better than my actual efficiency during the winter below freezing) would be 89% SoH or 12/12 bars!