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    [–] My phone died permanently so I deconstructed and framed it. odd84 20 points ago in pics

    It's just how lithium-ion batteries work. They are in a state of constant chemical degradation from the moment they're assembled. It's one of the reasons they have a short shelf-life of a few years or a few hundred cycles, as temperature caused by charging and discharging (e.g. use) speeds up the chemical reactions that cause the battery to eventually break down. They will ALL eventually break down, which is why they're not supposed to be thrown out in your normal garbage, put in checked baggage, put in the mail without special warning labels on the package, etc.

    [–] WIBTA if I told friends to not use unnecessary plastic? odd84 1 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    NAH but you probably shouldn't say anything anyway, as it's not your place to police your friends' plastic use. You also don't have enough info. For some people, drinking a hot or cold drink without a straw is painful, for example. It's important to enough people that portable straws are a big market now that sell millions of units a year to people that really really really don't want to be stuck with a drink somewhere that has stopped providing plastic straws.

    [–] AITA for taking my best friend to a concert instead ot my girlfriend? odd84 2 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    NTA. In a healthy relationship, you should have the autonomy to spend time with your friends and to share some experiences with them that don't include your girlfriend. Lacking any other context, you're not being an asshole.

    [–] Tesla Full Self Driving Video odd84 9 points ago in RealTesla

    In what world is anyone going 10 over on the highway ticketed? That's usually the minimum speed to keep up with traffic. Is California different from the rest of the US on that?

    [–] New Owner odd84 1 points ago in nissanleaf

    A bad cell would be a manufacturing defect, which is covered by the "battery warranty", not the "battery capacity warranty" you're referring to. There is no "bars" requirement to have a defective battery repaired or replaced. Two separate warranties for two different conditions. Feel free to share the battery voltage histogram from the app if you'd like some feedback. What you described about the charging stopping and starting at the end is normal; that's the BMS balancing the pack.

    [–] HOA says I'm in violation over my privacy wall on my deck-- read within odd84 2 points ago in fuckHOA

    Explaining isn't defending. I'm sorry that you find access to your property by a "non resident" to be "not nice", but it something you gave those people permission to do by purchasing a piece of property with those easements on it. If you don't recognize the existence and legal power of deeds and deed restrictions like easements, then you don't recognize property rights at all, and you didn't actually buy your house. The same piece of paper that gives you ownership of your house is the one that gives easement access.

    [–] Tesla Full Self Driving Video odd84 13 points ago * (lasted edited 3 hours ago) in RealTesla

    That one looks like Nvidia's DRIVE PX2 / DriveWorks off-the-shelf demo. So, fan theory, they've spent the past 3 years replicating in-house what they bought off-the-shelf from Nvidia, just like they spent the previous few years replicating what they initially bought off-the-shelf from Mobileye? Doesn't sound like a strategy for getting ahead of the pack...

    [–] HOA says I'm in violation over my privacy wall on my deck-- read within odd84 3 points ago * (lasted edited 7 hours ago) in fuckHOA

    "Deeded into" not "deeded to"; HOA membership is a restrictive covenant attached to the property deed, which follows that property forever even as the deed changes hands in the future. In a way all property ownership in the US is just a rental. Even without an HOA, you have to keep paying taxes, and keep maintaining any buildings on the land in line with local building codes and any new laws passed by the municipality, or it gets taken away from you. In the case of an HOA, you just have two bodies (the municipality and the HOA) that you're paying taxes to and whose rules you have to abide by in order to keep owning the property.

    [–] New 2018 Leaf or Used 2017 Leaf? Tis the Question! odd84 2 points ago in leaf

    The 2017 with 26K miles won't have 100% of its original capacity any more, so it won't have its 107 mile original range. That's a lot of miles for a LEAF, it's probably 90% or less now. The 2018 with 0 miles is brand new.

    [–] New 2018 Leaf or Used 2017 Leaf? Tis the Question! odd84 8 points ago in leaf

    The 2017 S and 2018 SV are as different as two cars can get.

    The 2017 LEAF S has interior and exterior styling unchanged from 2010, a basic CD player radio, no remote access, no frills at all, and less than 100 miles of driving range. It was the last model year of the first generation LEAF. It's basically an electric 2011 Nissan Versa Note... Nissan's cheapest car.

    The 2018 LEAF SV is a brand new modern car, with over 150 miles of driving range. It gives you Android Auto or Apple CarPlay on a 7" touch screen, integrated Google or Siri voice assistant, adaptive cruise control, apps to remotely view battery status or activate climate control so the car is at the perfect temperature before you even get in it, etc.

    I think the 2018 will hold resale value a lot better than the 2017. That 2017 with 26K miles is worth $12,000. There's not a used 2018 SV on the market for less than $23,000 right now nationwide. You're able to buy one for $18,500 or less. Your car will appreciate the moment you drive it off the lot.

    [–] HOA says I'm in violation over my privacy wall on my deck-- read within odd84 5 points ago in fuckHOA

    Proving he didn't put it in has no benefit, because it doesn't matter who put it in. It's the property that has to be in compliance with the HOA rules, not the property's owner. It's the property that gets fined if it's not in compliance, and a lien put on the property if the fines aren't paid. It's then the property that gets foreclosed on if the lien stands unpaid long enough and the HOA takes it to court for a judgement. The current owner just happens to be the one harmed by all this, so the current owner should probably abide by the HOA rules, fair or not.

    [–] HOA says I'm in violation over my privacy wall on my deck-- read within odd84 3 points ago in fuckHOA

    If he just bought the house, then there was probably a real estate listing, and that listing would have photos of the property, likely including the deck. Any neighbor could have seen the photos and tipped off the HOA. We don't know which neighbor is the dickhead, or that the HOA didn't see the photos too.

    [–] HOA says I'm in violation over my privacy wall on my deck-- read within odd84 6 points ago in fuckHOA

    It's not trespassing as the HOA has an easement on the property deed to access the property for this purpose. That means they have permission, legally, so they aren't trespassing. The HOA having the ability to remove an unapproved architectural change when the homeowner refuses to do it themselves is a very common rule in HOAs.

    [–] HOA says I'm in violation over my privacy wall on my deck-- read within odd84 14 points ago in fuckHOA

    A lot of HOA violations turn up when a house goes up for sale, because they include photos in the real estate listing, and neighbors are naturally curious about homes for sale in their neighborhood -- so someone noticed the violation and tipped off the HOA board.

    [–] HOA says I'm in violation over my privacy wall on my deck-- read within odd84 5 points ago in fuckHOA

    I've never seen "HOA purchased their house" in any story or comment on this subreddit ever. Homeowners buy houses from developers or previous homeowners. HOAs do not own houses, except in the case that they had to foreclose on a house after someone refused to pay HOA dues or fines for long enough that a court ordered the foreclosure to pay that debt. The HOA would not want to own a house generally, as the HOA is not a business, it's just a loose board of neighbors that spend pooled money to maintain collective property for the benefit of the members.

    [–] HOA says I'm in violation over my privacy wall on my deck-- read within odd84 3 points ago * (lasted edited 10 hours ago) in fuckHOA

    The trespassing thing is 100% though. You belong to an HOA but nobody has the right to access your land under any circumstance - HOA or not

    easement [LAW]: noun a right to cross or otherwise use someone else's land for a specified purpose.

    Almost all property in the US has multiple easements on the deed, which give others the right to access your land. For example, you almost definitely have easements allowing your utility companies access to your property. You may also have easements for sidewalks that cross your property, utility poles and lines, underground pipes and conduit, drainage areas, etc.

    When a property is part of a homeowners association, which also exists as a covenant on your property's deed, there's an easement for the HOA to access your property as described in their CC&Rs. Permission to access your property to remove an unapproved architectural change is standard. If it's on the deed when you bought the property, then you gave that permission, and you can't revoke it. The HOA making use of the access your deed gives them is not trespassing.

    [–] Charge port lid rubbing against hood when opening / closing odd84 3 points ago in leaf

    Sounds like something Nissan should fix for you under the basic warranty.

    [–] Importance of quick charge port? odd84 1 points ago in nissanleaf

    How would it most impact me if I don't have one?

    Your car will be worth less when you go to resell it, because you won't be able to make a private party sale to anyone that wants a quick charge port, which is most potential buyers.

    [–] New owner questions odd84 1 points ago in leaf

    The 12V battery is charged from the main battery when your car is running the same way an alternator would do that job in a gas-engine car. It'll never be drained so long as the main battery isn't drained. 5 hours of A/C and stereo uses around 1.5 kWh of power -- or the equivalent of driving 6 miles.

    [–] No ID means NO CHECK IN odd84 13 points ago in TalesFromTheFrontDesk

    There's definitely no such law since there are brand name hotels where you can check-in on a phone and unlock the room with a phone without ever seeing the front desk, let alone presenting ID to anyone.

    [–] New owner questions odd84 3 points ago in leaf

    1. I don't know anything about mobile home wiring. I've had a 240V outlet installed in two houses, at a cost of $125 and $400, due to different amounts of local bureaucracy in the two cities. In both cases it was just an hour of an electrician's time and a few dollars in parts, but I had plenty of room in my electrical panels to add new 50A circuits.

    2. The 12 volt battery will be charged as needed whenever the car is fully powered on ("ready to drive"). Just leave it in park, your 12V battery will never be drained, and the motor uses no power when the car is not moving, so there's no reason not to turn it all the way on. There's no benefit to buying a different battery.

    3. There is no app for an S trim LEAF. Your car has neither the 3G modem to facilitate communication, nor the touchscreen infotainment system needed to log in to an account for it to communicate with your app.

    4. Never grew on me. One of many reasons I have the '18 now (used to have a '12).

    [–] ISO Beef Wellington odd84 3 points ago in raleigh

    You can name something new after something old at any point in time. Said British general was born in the 1700s, yet the first "Beef Wellington" in restaurant menus and recipes didn't surface until the 1930s. It could just as easily have been named by Gordon Ramsay in the 1980s if it hadn't already. Either date would be over 100 years after Waterloo.