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    [–] The upcoming Honda Urban EV prototype gets a clean, minimalist dashboard odd84 5 points ago in electricvehicles

    You take the Accord body, give it a 250 mile range and a $30,000 price tag, and they’d have model 3 level preorders.

    And if they took an Accord, did nothing new to it, and gave it a $500 price tag, every car owner in the world would buy two. What's the point of talking about that? It's just as impossible as a $30,000 250 mile range car right now. That can't be built for that price. The Model 3 with that range costs $43,000 and only eeks out a gross profit margin because most buyers add thousands of dollars in options to that price.

    [–] [RANT] ICEd at the worst possible time. odd84 17 points ago in leaf

    It was 12:30AM, at a hotel, with no other parking left. They're not going to find and wake up a paying guest, to essentially kick them out since there's no other parking, so that some non-guest can charge their car.

    [–] Bolt press vs. Leaf press odd84 3 points ago in BoltEV

    There's been a new and improved Nissan LEAF every single year, with major improvements in 2016/17 (bigger battery), 2018 (bigger battery, new design, ProPilot self-driving and self-parking, etc) and 2019 (bigger battery, bigger motor, faster charging, new infotainment system). The Bolt is basically the same car that was shown in 2016. There has to be something new to make news.

    [–] Merkel says US calling European cars a threat is 'frightening' odd84 1 points ago in worldnews

    What Asian companies are we talking about here? Nissan has 0% financing deals regularly.

    [–] NYC area dealer recommendations for 6 month service? odd84 3 points ago in leaf

    They recommend you rotate your tires at 7500 miles, which you can do yourself or get done anywhere. There's no other service needed. If you insist, my Nissan dealer charged $16 for the scheduled service, while my LEAF was there for something else: $32 for the service and a $16 "no oil change" discount. I wouldn't have brought the car to a dealership just for the tire rotation.

    [–] FHOA College Students lower property values. odd84 3 points ago in fuckHOA

    It's a city ordinance here. Everyone has to have their cans moved by the evening of the trash pickup day.

    [–] 2015 Leaf Heater Died (Canada) odd84 4 points ago in leaf

    One nit pick: the hybrid heating system was first introduced in model year 2013. The heater is probably one of the more common parts to fail in a LEAF. I don't know if it's covered by the CPO warranty, hope it is!

    [–] Long L2 chargers? odd84 2 points ago in BoltEV

    A 240V/50A "RV" or "generator" extension cord costs half as much as a J1772 extension cord. So make sure you get a plug-in EVSE and you can plug it in to the extension cord instead of the wall, then have 15-25 more feet from the EVSE itself, totaling 25-55 feet from outlet to car.

    [–] I test drove the ePlus odd84 3 points ago in leaf

    Rumor I've heard is April. Nissan website just says "Spring 2019".

    [–] Some guy gave me $100 for being a good cashier odd84 1 points ago in TalesFromRetail

    It's not that stores are inherently evil or something, it's that they don't want to have all the overhead of tip tracking (weekly paperwork, payroll adjustments and reports to the IRS) to handle a random gift or two a month in a business that isn't usually tipped. Simply letting employees pocket tips without all that reporting is tax evasion for not only the employee but the business as well.

    [–] Please help me negotiate buying a Leaf odd84 1 points ago in leaf

    I was asking if you've done your taxes yet because then you can just look at them to see whether you pay at least $7500 in taxes, unless you expect to earn less money next year. If you bought a car in 2019, you would apply the credit on your 2019 tax return, which you file in 2020.

    [–] Please help me negotiate buying a Leaf odd84 1 points ago in leaf

    Have you done your taxes for this year yet? Did you have $7500 in taxes owed, before accounting for withholding from your paycheck? That's the "owe that much" you need to consider, not whether you had to physically write a $7500 check to the IRS at the end of the year. If you had $8000 in taxes owed, had $8100 in tax withheld from your paychecks throughout the year, and then bought a new electric car, you'd get a $7600 tax refund instead of a $100 tax refund. If you only owed $5000 in taxes, and had $5100 withheld from your paycheck, you'd only get $5100 refunded since the credit can only reduce your tax bill to $0 and no further.

    [–] Tips for driving more efficiently? odd84 2 points ago in leaf

    The tree game is just a weird trip meter. It's a measure of how much CO2 you've "saved" compared to a gas car, so to build trees you simply need to drive more miles before turning off the car. It's a dumb game :/

    [–] Good deal on a used Premier? odd84 3 points ago in BoltEV

    The federal tax credit can only be claimed by the original purchaser of the vehicle.

    [–] Uhh huh “23” odd84 2 points ago in 13or30

    A vet assistant requires a 2-year associates degree from a community college, or no education at all. The main job responsibilities are cleaning dog poop, scooping cat litter, scrubbing cages, and filling food bowls. Actual veterinary assistants range from people with 2-year degrees to people with a GED that spent some time working in a boarding kennel before moving up to assistant in a state where VAs aren't licensed at all. Some states don't require veterinary technicians (which are like the nurse practitioner equivalent in veterinary medicine) to be licensed or otherwise prove their education either, though many do, and many practices will only hire licensed technicians, since they do things like run anesthesia during surgery and dose medicine. Only the veterinarians are guaranteed to have spent a long time in school.

    [–] Is the technology package worth it in your experience? odd84 7 points ago in leaf

    You need the big touch screen dash for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, which are crisp, responsive, and have the best navigation and maps in the world including Google Maps and Waze. They're also integrated into the microphone button on the steering wheel, so you can press it and say "play 7 rings" and it'll have your preferred music app (Spotify or whatever) play it, or say "directions to IKEA" and it'll have your preferred navigation app take you there.

    [–] Is the technology package worth it in your experience? odd84 1 points ago in leaf

    NEMA 14-50. Your outlet is probably some other kind given the lower amp rating, but you may be able to buy an adapter from Amazon for not much money.

    [–] Is the technology package worth it in your experience? odd84 21 points ago in leaf

    100% worth it to me. Here are the features of the tech package I find valuable:

    • ProPilot: The car drives itself. Visiting my in-laws is a 75 mile trip each way on the PA Turnpike. After I get on the highway, I move over to the middle lane, turn on ProPilot, and I don't have to turn the steering wheel or touch the pedals for the next hour. The car stays in its lane and adjusts speed automatically as traffic speeds up, slows down, or people merge in and out of the lane in front of me. It's also a big stress reducer in stop-and-go rush hour traffic to just sit there and let the car do the work, instead of alternating between the brakes and gas every 30 seconds when traffic moves 2 feet at a time.

    • Upgraded charging cable. It's a 240V 30A EVSE, which normally costs about $500 to purchase separately. This lets you charge the car at full speed at home without buying additional equipment, you just need the right kind of outlet to plug it into.

    • LED headlights and DRL: They're so nice that Nissan teased the new generation LEAF before it was announced by simply sharing photos of its headlights on Twitter. To get those mean looking lights with the angry eyebrow DRLs, you need the tech package. To me, it makes the car look like it's from a luxury brand, as they tend to invest more in their headlight and DRL appearance.

    • Auto-dimming mirror with HomeLink: I have two garage doors, I only buy cars with HomeLink, and you need the tech package to get the garage door buttons.

    • Blind spot warning: They're indicators on the side mirrors that let you know someone's in your blind spot, and also an audible warning if you turn on your turn signal and someone's in your blind spot in that direction, which immediately lets you know it's not safe to merge. It's saved me from a near-miss at least once.

    • Rear cross-traffic alert: I get value out of this on an almost daily basis. When you put your car in reverse, the alert lets you know another car or pedestrian is approaching from one of the sides, before you can see it yourself, whether you're watching the mirrors, backup camera or craning your neck. The sensors are just better. After having this feature for a year, I really really miss it when I drive a rental or someone else's car.

    [–] Is this true? NissanConnectEV won't work on 2015 Nissan Leaf S due to no GPS odd84 4 points ago in leaf

    NissanConnect (formerly called "CARWINGS") was an advertised feature of the SV and SL trims, in every model year of the LEAF. Part of the setup process involves logging in on the car's touchscreen which you don't have either. As far as what's publicized, here's the brochure from when your car was being sold:

    On the "choose your trim level" page, it says "SV: Includes S equipment plus: CARWINGS allowing for remote connection to vehicle."

    [–] Worth upgrading navigation card on older models odd84 4 points ago in leaf

    Nissan's nav system is pretty terrible to use, so I would never pay $179 for a map file for it. I prefer this $8.99 option for upgrading the nav on old cars... i.e. stick your phone above the stereo and run Google Maps on it.

    [–] A trip down memory lane with my almost 1 year of Leaf ownership <3 (does this count as a valentine's day post?) odd84 6 points ago in leaf

    👍 My current LEAF turns 1 this month too. By far my favorite car I've ever owned. I just got its annual state inspection, battery check, and 7500 mile service (tire rotation and inspection) at a Nissan dealer. It cost a whopping $16 after the $16 "no oil discount" on the invoice! Who knew you could get an hour of ANY kind of dealer service for $16? I'm relocating 500+ miles away, and paying $450 to have the LEAF shipped to my new house.

    [–] Electric cars are already cheaper to own and run, says study | Environment odd84 1 points ago in electricvehicles

    What do you mean "against what price"? There is no "cratering" in price for first gen EVs, just bad math that starts with prices nobody actually paid. 5-year-old Nissan LEAFs, a first-gen EV, are selling for just $5-10K under what they originally sold for. Less than 50% depreciation in 5 years is great: the average gas car is only worth 38% vs new after 5 years.