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    [–] This man and woman with Nazi armbands, swastika t-shirts, swastika tattoos as eyebrows, and MAGA hats drove from Massachusetts to Providence, RI just to lean on the Holocaust Memorial, take pictures, and laugh. off-and-on 0 points ago in trashy

    They're probably told their whole lives that they're useless good-for-nothings, told they're ugly and so on, so when someone says "Hey, at least you're white, that makes you way better than any non-white person" they take that and hold it close to themselves because it's the only thing they got going for themselves.

    [–] [Poetry] 3 a.m. at 7/11 off-and-on 7 points ago in youtubehaiku

    Humor was invented in 1993 by John Humor when he tried to tickle someone by talking

    [–] Has anyone else used CAD tools for Worldbuilding? off-and-on 1 points ago in worldbuilding

    I've been using sketchup recently to make objects and stuff. Though I don't know if it's good for much else.

    [–] The doll room off-and-on 9 points ago in tumblr

    It's not even a room, it's a mirror stuck in a doorway

    [–] All Destiny 2 strikes summarised off-and-on 0 points ago in DestinyTheGame

    Boss is shit. And the game seems to have a preference of sending you to it when you choose a Vanguard strike.

    [–] What’s a great video game that is 100% stress free? off-and-on 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Skylines is stress free until half your city gets the plague and people start dying in droves and your traffic is too backed up for ambulances and hearses and garbage trucks to clean up bodies and sick people and garbage and everyone starts leaving and you slowly go bankrupt and your city shrinks and shrinks and you begin drowning your sorrows in alcohol as your wife and kids leave you ending with you alone in your empty city surrounded by empty bottles with your sanity circling the drain

    [–] me☭irl off-and-on 1 points ago in me_irl


    [–] i hope they revamp black holes soon, so we can dive in it! off-and-on 10 points ago in EliteDangerous

    I don't get why black holes in the game aren't black holes. They're just naked singularities or something.

    [–] Was checking my foundry items when off-and-on 5 points ago in Warframe

    Buy 44 plat and never touch the game again

    [–] Is this game gonna have a collector's edition? off-and-on 9 points ago in cyberpunkgame

    Collector's editions usually cost 200-300% the price of the standard edition.

    [–] Warframe Tarot Cards (Week 2) off-and-on 1 points ago in Warframe

    Guessing Limbo is The World because he can technically stop time?

    [–] Blursed_Hatkid off-and-on 3 points ago in blursedimages


    [–] [Haiku] canned bread off-and-on 32 points ago in youtubehaiku

    I thought sparkling water is what tastes like TV static, while La Croix is what tastes like a friend describing an old memory of the scent of a fruit.

    [–] Oh ok then off-and-on 60 points ago in tumblr

    It's where the blood's supposed to be