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    [–] Easy way to avoid a tumor offbrandbarbie 1 points ago in thanksimcured

    Brain tumors are all in your head

    [–] “StAnD OuT, SiS” offbrandbarbie 22 points ago in Nicegirls

    Okay as much as I hate posts about women treating men badly, this one got a chuckle out of me just because I find the phrase “be his peace” annoying

    [–] Taken directly from Billie Eilish’s wiki page offbrandbarbie 10 points ago in notliketheothergirls

    At least she’s only like 16 and has time to grow out of this ‘lolz I’m so RaNDOm” phase

    [–] Former emo kids of reddit, what songs/bands do you find really cringey to listen to now and which ones do you still listen to unironically? offbrandbarbie 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Blood on the dance floor is cringe and I want to kill myself any time my friends put on one of their songs to tease me. I still listen to Real friends and A Day to Remember tho.

    [–] Because no other girl does THAT offbrandbarbie 6 points ago in notliketheothergirls

    Right? like jokes on you hoe my setting spray is out of this world

    [–] [Serious] What is the most disturbing movie that you’ve seen in your life? offbrandbarbie 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Mother. I’m way into scary movies so it didn’t scare me but the half eaten baby carcass disturbed me greatly.

    [–] Does anyone else get nervous when anyone is hovering around an area or like a room when you’re sitting down? offbrandbarbie 20 points ago in raisedbynarcissists

    I have a Similar phenomenon. My nmom would slam things and do the dishes loudly when she was in one of her moods that would turn into a tantrum of screaming throwing things and sometimes hitting. Now I flinch and get nervous when people are loud about the dishes or drop something or slam a door.

    [–] [Serious] What is the most disturbing/weird/disgusting/dark thing you partner has done and what was your reaction? offbrandbarbie 2 points ago in AskReddit

    My ex boyfriend would constantly threaten me. One of my favorites he said to me once was when I caught him cheating on me it was “if I ever see you out in public again the cops are going to have to shoot me after what I do to you.”.

    [–] Give me something for the pain and let me die offbrandbarbie 2 points ago in freefolk

    I could honestly be okay with bran being king as long as it’s not because of that shitty ‘story’ spiel Tyrion went on. If they have a sound reason like “hey your powers could potentially keep the realm safe’

    [–] Skin care is for other girls offbrandbarbie 12 points ago in notliketheothergirls

    Crazy it’s like some people have to put more effort into their skin than others because some of us have acne. Skincare isn’t vain, it’s hygiene.

    [–] One of the best comments about Dany's fate offbrandbarbie 2 points ago in freefolk

    I’ve read that it was George RR martins plan for the books that she’ll turn into the mad queen. I think they could have done a spectacular descent into madness for Daenerys if they had done the 10-13 seasons like HBO had wanted. I love strong female villains, especially ones in the grey like Daenerys could have been had they executed it right

    [–] Which blends better? The sponge or the brush? offbrandbarbie 1 points ago in MakeupAddiction

    In my opinion sponges lead to a more even and airbrushed finish than brushes do, you could try the silicone sponge if you don’t like it soaking up product!

    [–] What is the compatibility for Capricorn and Pisces like? offbrandbarbie 1 points ago in AskAstrologers

    Yeah I know it’s more complex than just the sun signs but he doesn’t know what time he was born so idk how to get his chart, but I have my sun moon and rising all Capricorn

    [–] How do I slowly open up to my boyfriend about emotionally abusive mother? offbrandbarbie 3 points ago in raisedbynarcissists

    I don’t really want to drop all of it on him at once though because I really don’t think he’ll get it just because he has a good relationship with his parents and only sees the nice face my mom puts on for other people

    [–] What was the first anime you watched? offbrandbarbie 0 points ago in AskReddit

    I can’t remember if it was deathnote or fruits basket but one of them