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    [–] Reusable condoms, home-made mascara and the art of refusing freebies. offendernz 16 points ago * (lasted edited 12 hours ago) in newzealand

    Reusable condoms?

    Yeah, they're made of silicon but they're softer than a menstrual cup. It's marketed as a sex toy - a textured penis sleeve which comes in different colours. It's actually quite pleasurable. I had to test them for my kids [Bea has two teenage sons] because I wanted to provide them with an alternative to condoms.

    How did they react?

    My older son, who will be off to uni next year, looked at it and said: 'I'm not using that'. I don't expect them to pull out that reusable condom the first time. They might scare the girl off. But at least they > know it's available. It'll be a good parting gift before they go to uni.

    Da. Fuq.

    [–] Shimano Deore BR-M615 Caliper seals? offendernz 1 points ago in bikewrench

    The Caliper is two years and a month old so just outside the warranty.

    I'll get a new caliper, but it seems a waste that it can't be fixed!

    [–] Consumer Guarantees Act - PB Tech - is this allowed? offendernz 7 points ago in newzealand

    PBTech have been pursued and prosecuted before regarding breaches of the Consumer Guarantees Act and the Fair Trading Act

    [–] NZ’s Mighty Ape takes on global gorilla offendernz 1 points ago in newzealand

    I just hope Aliexpress still operate after the governments ill-thought out "amazon tax" is implemented.

    The amount of value, the huge range and the good service make it one of my top go-to online stores.

    [–] How are we all expected to recycle properly when the neighbor next door refuses to? offendernz 1 points ago in newzealand

    In Wellington recycling is utterly pointless as it’s almost always windy and the recycling gets blown all around the street. Effectively the rubbish just ends up strewn all over the place.

    [–] Bugatti 16.4 or Rimac Concept One? offendernz 1 points ago in Asphalt8

    Cheers for the advice, I’ll skip both!

    [–] The new bus network offendernz 19 points ago in Wellington

    Public transport in Wellington by bus will never be feasible with such a poorly run service. People will go to their cars in droves, putting more pressure on a congested traffic system.

    [–] What would $800 get me in your hobby? offendernz 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Neat. That would be the bees knees!

    [–] PSA: If you've had a bad public transport experience, please report it to Metlink! offendernz 3 points ago in Wellington

    At what point does someone at Metlink actually say “wow, we get a lot of complaints about driver behaviour and training, maybe we should do something practical?”

    It borders on dangerous. I’ve heard reports of drivers injuring passengers by driving off from a stop too fast before the passenger has had a chance to sit down, shouting at kids and denying them access, purposely hitting a car in one instance. I know more than one cyclist, including myself, who have had aggressive behaviour from bus drivers.

    There seems to be a huge problem that isn’t being addressed.

    [–] BBB Cycling: A legit company that makes safe helmets? offendernz 2 points ago in bikewrench

    All the BBB stuff I have is great. Better than the Wiggle own brand stuff IMO. I’ve never seen their helmets but I assume they have to the pass the same safety standards.

    [–] Whoever did this, thanks for improving my day. offendernz 15 points ago in Wellington

    Where is this? Hilarious! It looks like it’s meant to be part of it :-)

    Edit: I’ve realised it’s the railway station!

    [–] Crowd gathered at Evans Bay to catch a glimpse of the whale offendernz 2 points ago in Wellington

    It’s pretty miserable most of the time. Near gale or gale force winds on average every 2nd day. Winter is wet and wild, Spring is worse.

    The wind chill is bad, umbrellas are useless.

    Occasionally you get a nice day, but that’s in between the wind turning from a gale northerly to a gale southerly and back again.

    [–] PSA: If you’re experiencing excessive battery drain on iOS 11.4, it’s not just you offendernz 11 points ago in iphone

    Yep this is how I feel. My experience of iOS 11 on an iPhone 6 has been abysmal. Slow, buggy, unreliable.

    [–] Kiwi death in the Bay of Islands a 'wake-up call', land care group says (dog attack) offendernz 16 points ago in newzealand

    My experience is that the vast majority of dog owners

    1. Don't keep their dogs on a leash in on-leash areas
    2. Are convinced their dog is the best trained dog around
    3. Get defensive and argumentative if you point out their dog should be on a leash
    4. When their dog attacks someone or someone's pet, claim that "it's the first time that's happened"

    People have a "she'll be right" attitude towards responsible dog ownership.