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    [–] Is my rim done? offendernz 3 points ago in bikewrench

    Specialized have a two year warranty on wheels from memory. I got my stock Specialized rim replaced under warranty when it cracked.

    [–] Trying out new hair colors at CES. 2019 offendernz 1 points ago in gifs

    They need to offer identities for the colours...

    "You've chosen - #woke Social Justice Warrior"

    (changes hair to have green and purple streaks)

    [–] Who here uses an E-Bike to get around their city? Been thinking of making the splash as it really help with the hills here in Wellington. Additionally has anyone here bought the $1300 one from the warehouse and have anything to say about it? offendernz 5 points ago in newzealand

    Don’t go to the warehouse. Go to a bike store or maybe Torpedo7 (who are part of the warehouse group). Bicycle Junction in the city specialise in ebikes, you can also get a regular bike converted. There is a place in Porirua, Get Fixed Bicycles, that do the conversion. Ebikes are really popular and a great way to combat the wind and the hills.

    [–] Putting Marathon Plus tyres on a mountain bike rim offendernz 1 points ago in bikewrench

    Cheers for the info, certainly food for thought! I have had a few punctures in Wellington. Usually when my tyres are wearing out and need replacing. I'm more interested in less grinding on the commute.

    [–] Putting Marathon Plus tyres on a mountain bike rim offendernz 6 points ago in bikewrench

    I might go up to 45c then as my current tyres are 2.25" width

    [–] Putting Marathon Plus tyres on a mountain bike rim offendernz 1 points ago in bikewrench

    I'm going to use these wheels for commuting, I have a second set for off-road. Hopefully should be ok height-wise.

    [–] Reading Cinemas Courtenay Closed Until Further Notice Due To Earthquake Safety Risk offendernz 2 points ago in newzealand

    The Stats NZ building had to be pulled down. They pulled down the Deloittes building in Molesworth street. The BNZ building hasn't been occupied since. Cinema carpark pulled down, Queensgate in Lower Hutt has loads of problems, the cinema was pulled down.

    Wellington is not prepared for the big one. It will be carnage.

    [–] Wellington Dentists firing back in youtube comments offendernz 43 points ago in Wellington

    A whole one case. How altruistic. Dentists fought against being part of the free health system which is why we pay so much and there are so many who go without necessary dental work. It's shameful.

    [–] Courtenay Central closed again due to seismic risk offendernz 9 points ago in Wellington

    Another failing in our city with the on-going saga of poorly built buildings that have to be strengthened over and over or just pulled down.

    [–] Apple's value has lost $446 billion since peaking in October, which is greater than the total market value of Facebook (or nearly any other US company) offendernz 1 points ago in technology

    It's too much trouble to upgrade. Buy new phone, backup old phone, try to restore to new phone, something goes wrong, mess around, finally get it to work, then the latest iOS has problems with the new phone, wait for patch, go through patch, test, wait, test.

    I'd rather just keep using my old phone, replace the battery (which I did) and get on with life rather than worrying about whether I am getting the most out of my latest unnecessary gadget.

    [–] Terrace tunnel closed due to crash offendernz 5 points ago in Wellington

    I'd read Twitter more if I could figure it out. It just seems like a huge mess.

    [–] Hey Wellington would turning down the temperature at night please? offendernz 1 points ago in Wellington

    It's actually WARM for once, usually it's freezing cold in this perpetually bad weather ridden city.