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    [–] [Serious] What are some of the biggest mistakes people can make in their 20s? offendernz 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Thinking that playing video games is a pastime. Get out and do something active. Take up running, cycling, dancing, hiking etc.. Join a club and meet people who are into outdoor healthy activities.

    [–] I'm moving to Wellington in July! offendernz 6 points ago in Wellington

    The weather is terrible. Make your peace with the incessant wind early on.

    [–] One in six Kiwi drivers use their phone at traffic lights, poll finds offendernz 2 points ago in newzealand

    Idiots are addicted to their phones. "Must scroll while walking". "Must scroll while driving". "Must scroll while having dinner with others". "Must scroll in a meeting".


    [–] One in six Kiwi drivers use their phone at traffic lights, poll finds offendernz 4 points ago in newzealand

    I cycle regularly and see people on their phones all the time. The phones on laps thing is so obvious. They're staring down rather than where they should be - out the windscreen.

    [–] Simon Wilson: Anti-cycling rage stirrers are dangerous offendernz 2 points ago in newzealand

    For #2 my biggest problem is most definitely motorists. Other cyclists are rarely an issue (unless they tailgate too close because they're drafting. It's a commute, not the Tour-de-Wellington).

    [–] Torpedo7 is opening in Porirua tomorrow. offendernz 5 points ago in Wellington

    The warehouse group owns them all I believe?

    [–] Torpedo7 is opening in Porirua tomorrow. offendernz 3 points ago in Wellington

    Loads of decent stuff. I’ve bought a lot from them online. They also carry a lot of branded stuff at very competitive prices (when a sale is on which is pretty frequently).

    [–] Benny the dog found alive after nine days in the wilderness. 1000 searchers and a rescue helicopter were involved. offendernz 24 points ago in UpliftingNews

    In my experience when children are lost there is a huge outpouring of grief and concern. The Police swing into action along with the community to find them. I follow the local police on Facebook where I live and occasionally they do report a missing child. Thankfully in all the cases I've ever seen the child is found very soon afterwards. :-)

    [–] Benny the dog found alive after nine days in the wilderness. 1000 searchers and a rescue helicopter were involved. offendernz 53 points ago in UpliftingNews

    Benny has a Facebook page where his owners posted this update:

    “Benny has had a good rest and lots of cuddles now so we thought we’d take a minute to give you guys some info about his rescue and our next steps.

    BENNY’S RESCUE Our very good friends Alicia and Justin were the ones who found Benny. They went on an epic mission up a ravine, climbed a waterfall and risked their own safety in the hopes of coming across him. Benny was not making a peep but somehow they managed to find him anyway! He was stuck to a log by the lead unable to move more than a few steps in any direction. Luckily he had access to water. After being freed he gave Justin a quick lick and then jumped on Alicia’s lap for a cuddle and a wee snack. They then set off together on a 3 hour mission to get out.

    Alicia and Justin said Benny was amazing on the trip out, he listened to every instruction and worked with them as a team. It was dark by the time they finally made their way out so the SPCA National Rescue Unit very kindly made their way out to us once again just in case they needed assistance. Luckily they were able to walk out on their own, with Benny right alongside them! He was very happy to see Matt and I and was soon at the emergency vet for a check up. Alicia and Justin are sore and worn out today but are overall ok.

    We can’t express how thankful we are to Alicia and Justin for saving Benny’s life. We will never forget it and they’ve put new meaning into their existing nicknames with our boys; Aunty Leesh and Uncle Just.

    BENNY’S HEALTH Benny has lost about 3kgs but was not dehydrated when he came down. The emergency vet have given us instructions regarding reintroducing food and so far Benny has been eating without any issues. Apart from the weight loss he has some irritated paw pads and a slight temperature. We’re taking him to our usual vet later today for a final check up and to discuss his recovery in more depth. Overall he has come out of his ordeal in very good health.

    WHAT NEXT? Firstly, we want to once again thank each and every person who assisted in any way to find Benny. We have been truely humbled by the care people have shown both Benny and ourselves and the huge amount of help we have received in the search for him. We don’t really know how to repay this but do have one idea... once Benny is well and settled back into normal life, we will be organising a get together for anyone who would like to meet Benny and get a well deserved kiss for their effort. We will create an event on this page for this in the next few weeks.

    We were also hoping we could ask for one final favour; if you see any ‘lost Benny’ posters around could you please take them down for us? We think we know where most of them are and will get to work ASAP on taking them all down but it may take us a few days to get around all the places.

    Once again, thanks so much everyone and we will be in touch soon!

    The picture attached is of Benny sleeping peacefully between Matt and I last night. I spent most of the night watching him breathe because it didn’t quite feel real to me yet!”

    [–] 'Really embarrassed for how I acted' - Kiwi mountain biker Sam Gaze apologises after accusing teammate of poor sportsmanship offendernz 3 points ago in newzealand

    That is a terrible attitude. I ride a lot and I’ve ridden in loads of mountain bike races as an average joe. The instructions are to be courteous, take care when passing and it is mandatory to assist those who are injured. Occasionally I get anger on the track from people who get frustrated if you don’t let them pass the instant they want, but they are a very small minority.

    [–] Who needs a park. offendernz 1 points ago in newzealand

    “She’ll be right.”

    [–] Petition arrives at Parliament after 'terrible year' in cycling deaths offendernz 2 points ago in newzealand

    Quite a few drivers are incredibly aggressive toward cyclists. They have created this mentality that cyclists are “breaking the rules” and “not paying their way”. As a result they are “deserving of what they get”... be it injury or death. I regularly ride with a dash cam on my bicycle and literally every day I capture footage of cars cutting me off, failing to give way or purposely passing too close. It’s sad.

    [–] Petition arrives at Parliament after 'terrible year' in cycling deaths offendernz 4 points ago in newzealand

    Most cyclists do. You’re selectively remembering the few that don’t and deciding all cyclists are like that. As a result you’re deciding all cyclists don’t deserve any respect on the road from drivers with regard to the road rules. This is a bad assumption.