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    [–] What's your worst survivor death story? ofgraveimportance 1 points ago in StateOfDecay

    Is that a multiplayer-only feature or does it also apply to an offline campaign?

    [–] What's your worst survivor death story? ofgraveimportance 3 points ago in StateOfDecay

    I’m trying this playthrough with a role play aspect where I’m journaling events and these losses are tough to write about

    Oh I love this idea!!

    Is it just for fun or are you planning on using it for a writing project? I'd be interested in reading the journals!

    [–] I lost so much weight this year I turned into a Bobby lookalike! ofgraveimportance 1 points ago in Supernatural

    The picture on the right could easily be edited in to, my first thought, Apocalypse!Bobby... Just add headscarf and machine gun!

    [–] I lost so much weight this year I turned into a Bobby lookalike! ofgraveimportance 5 points ago in Supernatural

    Dude.... You're a fucking doppelganger! (albeit a younger version) Own that shit all day long! I love our boys, but, between you and me, Bobby is my favourite character!

    Well done on the weight loss! I hope it's had the positive impact on your life that you wanted, and be sure to inspire others with your personal journey, it's super important that we all support and connect with each other, now more than ever. #spnfamily

    [–] How to charm a girl ofgraveimportance 1 points ago in creepyPMs

    It truly fascinates me the way some human brains work. I mean, I'm sure some people get off on up-front, vulgar come ons from strangers as much as those strangers get off on sending them, and that's okay if it happens to float your boat. However, when people react this way when the recipient is just not in to it I can never tell whether it's because they're projecting they're guilt and shame on to the other person to protect themselves from damaging their beliefs and ideals, or, they truly feel they have been cheated/wronged and/or believe they're entitled to whatever they want. I see far too many of these sorts of exchanges, it scares me how many humans are so disassociated and desensitised to the world and each other.

    [–] What do people complain about that literally never happens? ofgraveimportance 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Muslims living in the UK are going to ban bacon because it's offensive to their religion... Please like and share this post to show everyone what a colossal fuck wit you are 🙄

    [–] Do your worst ofgraveimportance 2 points ago in RoastMe

    Even your eyebrows are slowly backing away...

    [–] I'm a 27 year old community college dropout working as a barista. Make me cry ofgraveimportance 1 points ago in RoastMe

    "I realised that all I want to do is get high and mow lawns in the trailer park, and that’s okay."

    [–] I am a secondary character in everyone else's story ofgraveimportance 1 points ago in TrueOffMyChest

    Existentialism can be a bitch...

    Although, generally indicates a unique and/or above average intelligence so, there's that.

    [–] Men who have had or are currently dating a SO with mental health issues, how do you support them? ofgraveimportance 1 points ago in AskMen

    I have mental health issues and I really like it when my fella just listens to me. He doesn't try to problem solve because he knows I get that from everyone else. He'll just say stuff like "yeah, that is shit." "that must be really difficult for you, how does it make you feel" most of the time by the end of my rant I've already came up with positive solution's for myself.

    Sometimes, it's nice to feel like someone is trying to understand it rather than attempt to tell you how to "fix" yourself. All done with the best intentions usually but it can make you feel like your being silly and over-emotional. It's reassuring to feel like someone acknowledges your struggles and and comforts you without feeling like your in a therapists office being given advice you've either tried before an it hasn't helped or something that just doesn't feel or isn't feasible for you. That can make you feel like a faliure as you start to wonder why it seems your the only one that can't get their shit together as everyone around you seems to find it easy.

    Sorry if that didn't make much sense, my thought process can be a little convoluted.

    Fair play for taking the time to try and better your understanding so you can help your SO, she's a lucky girl!

    [–] "Veterans Are Heroes" ofgraveimportance 2 points ago in conspiracy

    I'm really interested to hear what military life is actually like from a person who isn't brainwashed in to believing they are carrying out some sort of ethereal destiny. If you are willing, I'd love to hear your experiences for my article. This is all completely anonymous, I'm just looking to change the perspective of glorifying the military as an arbitrary collective and stop the senseless conflict of the common man in defence of the aristocrats.

    [–] "Veterans Are Heroes" ofgraveimportance -2 points ago in conspiracy

    Instead, they dress up in uniforms and trinkets that represent the murder of, for all intents and purposes, strangers. They blindly carried out orders under the guise of patriotism or national security and, still, declare themselves heroes. Sorry, but that is absolute bollocks. Why the fuck should I give my irrevocable respect to some cunt who doesn't even have the intelligence to think for theirselves?

    [–] Was the Mold Basement the Red Room? ofgraveimportance 6 points ago in HauntingOfHillHouse

    Maybe the basement itself wasn't hugh's red room.. (they only say there isn't a basement there specifically relating to the room accessed by by he dumb waiter. I believe, there was a standard basement and the bootlegging room is a separate, secret basement of sorts) But the black mold was his "red room" I like the theory that the houses way of digesting Hugh was to make him feel like he couldn't leave until it was fixed but I don't think the basement was actually the red room. But, it was still the red room spreading the black mold and the fact that Hugh couldn't get in there to "fix" it still serves its purpose. The rest of the Crain family saw the red room as a place of comfort and tranquility, Hugh saw it as an impossible obstacle that couldn't be overcome... The only true interpretation, really.