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    [–] jellier than a PBnJ sandwhich oniikami 2 points ago in Animemes

    the dragon gym leader Raihan may be a heart throb to some girls, but he doesn't come close to the ultimate player Marnie. part 1 of my yuri posting this week

    the original artist is BrainbowgoatG, but i grabbed the manga panels from his pixiv art page

    on the off chance this is meme-repeatable, here's a simplifed version template

    [–] smarter than any harem protag oniikami 834 points ago in Animemes

    bonus panel

    i've been on a Pokemon Sword and Shield binge, so this week i'm posting Marnie comic edits. which means... a ton of yuri.

    the original artist is am_432, but the panels came from his pixiv profile found here and here

    [–] Checkmate, atheists (audio) oniikami 12 points ago in Animemes

    been following haato-sama for the past couple weeks for her english live streams. she's adorable. she knows a couple songs in english. you might know fubuki better though, regardless i'm loving their group (hololive)'s recent trend of shitposting.

    she's also been living in australia for the past couple of years which explains a bit of her accent which comes out from time to time (not necessarily japanese accent, though it's def there with the differentiation of l's and r's, but there's an aussie accent in there too)

    [–] i think i'm going to hell oniikami 8 points ago in Animemes

    another comic edit. oh wait, a ~hentai edit~

    we have a sensor / remake of a hentai page! editing it was pretty fun, but somewhat time consuming since i had to decensor some parts (since a black bar would overextend and block a part of the girls' bodies). i've mentioned before that i also write fanfics on the side, so apologies for the cringy rewrite like "Komi-san nibbled at the drink, savoring every single moment with it". i dig it though, sounds like something out of a copypasta.

    original comic panel by Maybe_homosapi

    [–] I'm sorry, I'm so sorry... oniikami 8 points ago in Animemes

    Goblin Fighter can't handle the T-poses.

    i originally posted this last month but it was quickly taken down for "not being edited" (mods are human too i guess). managed to hear back from them a couple of days after i initially posted it saying that was a mistake, but i forgot all about it, so i'm posting it now.

    manga: Goblin Slayer

    bottom panel: edited from BaalBuddy's original illustration

    [–] when Marnie was there oniikami 56 points ago in Animemes

    even if you haven't played the recent pokemon Sword and Shield games, it's pretty much common knowledge that Marnie, one of the protagonists' rivals, is the sweetest of the bunch. and from what i can see, she's prob the most yuri'd character of the current female cast.

    original artist is am_432, and the panels used were from his pixiv art profile here and here

    [–] but he accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction... oniikami 41 points ago in Animemes

    someone a while back compared the female characters in Dr Stone to the wonky animation that appeared in an episode of Ro-Kyu-Bu. but honestly, when i first saw those faces i immediately thought of early Kyoto Animation works, ie Kanon with its 'uguu' faces - Clannad was the similar but not as bad. basically, anything by visual novel studio Key.

    anime: Powerpuff Girls, Minecraft, JoJo, Einstein, Kanon, Dr. Stone

    [–] Goblin Fighter oniikami 1 points ago in Animemes

    in another universe, Female Fighter's greatest adversary is the goblins' weapon of choice - T-posing.

    manga: Goblin Slayer

    bottom panel: edited from BaalBuddy's original illustration

    [–] Meta Discussion Thread #7 oniikami 8 points ago in Animemes

    i actually enjoyed reading the statistics of no repost november, are there any more y'all got? doesn't even have to be for no repost november, could be statistics about how many posts are submitted a day, and of those how many are marked down per a particular rule, etc (is there an excel sheet on this data - would be fascinating to look at).

    [–] Repost: No More Reposts oniikami 2 points ago in Animemes

    i don't like the idea of reposting, but the idea of reposting a meme i made months ago that was built on "no more reposts" was too hilarious for me not to do.

    gonna repost the exact comment i made on that post:

    "been a while since my last dank quality subtitle, and for good reason - this one was very animated. and i've gotta say it loud and clear THE SAKUGA. they key frames and in-betweens are phenomenal.

    main gif specs: 24 fps, 12sec, 720p, 10k kbps. i'm pretty sure that means that the gif is very much unoptimized.

    as a side note, i'm a bit saddened i couldn't upload the full quality of this gif (wanted to put in 1080) since it surpassed the 100mb limit reddit allows gifs. though considering how much people view reddit on their phone, it won't be noticed - but now you know!

    as with last time, Decopon is the original artist/animator.

    Decopon on twitter

    Decopon on youtube (original gif sauce)"

    [–] anime_irl oniikami 2 points ago in anime_irl

    oh, thanks for the mention! but as long the watermark of paxiti in the bottom right corner of the comic edit is kept (the og comic artist the material is edited from) i don’t really mind it getting reposted

    [–] "The perfect movie doesn't exis-" oniikami 2 points ago in Animemes

    i didn't even know that Disney's Frozen had a sequel until my sisters were talking about going to see it after black friday shopping. makes sense, considering i saw on twitter the other day an artist making a nice sketch of elsa in a UA uniform

    original artist is kadeart

    featured anime: Frozen, Boku Hero Academia

    [–] last day of NNN oniikami 2 points ago in Animemes

    win or lose, tomorrow we nut. or now.

    so i'm curious, if you could widdle it to just one, what would be your all time favorite?

    for me, it's 176224