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    [–] != opticdelusion 3 points ago in unexpectedfactorial

    Sorry, couldnt understand your joke, unexpected token after ;

    [–] F/29/5'8" [273lbs > 213lbs = 60lbs] (9 months) I still have a way to go but I’m feeling so happy with my progress! opticdelusion 41 points ago in progresspics

    Great progress so far, keep going! Especially considering it's been only 9 months!

    However, the point regarding your lordosis is right ("hyperlordosis"). You should work on your posture as well, your lower back will be thankful. And yoga might be a great way to do that. Talk to your doc about it.

    [–] Advice for steering opticdelusion 4 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago) in unicycling

    Here's how I learned steering.

    First of all, I learned how to go straight. Like you, I had much trouble in getting the unicycle to go in the direction I wanted it to go. Whenever I tipped to either side, I either fell off or changed direction at random.

    Im order to go straight when tipping to either side, you have to get your centre of mass perfectly above the unicycle again, or you will turn or fall. Since you can't magically shift your body to the left or right, you'll have to make that correction with the unicycle. If you're tipping to the left, move your unicycle's path to the left. If you're tipping to the right, move it right.

    You can make this adjustment with your pedals. Whenever a pedal is in the up position, you can not only push down to rotate the wheel, but also push (more like kick) forward to turn the unicycle. When your right pedal is up and you push that one forward, it'll make the unicycle turn left a bit. Whenever you notice tipping to either side, push the opposing pedal forward when it's up, while still visually focussing on where you want to go. Realising this helped me immensely to gain more control.

    To actually turn, you have to initiate that turn by deliberately getting out of balance. It kind of works like counter steering on motorcycles. When you want to go left, look left, but let your unicycle go just a tiny bit to the right before trying to turn it left. Also, flailing your arms in the opposition direction of the turn helps a lot. It's kind of hard to describe. Practice is everything!

    Regarding the wobble of your wheel. All unicycles do that, it's an unpleasant side effect of them having cranks and pedals attached to the wheel. If you were to remove them, your wheel would rotate without any wobble.

    Regarding wheel size. Smaller wheels are easier to manoeuvre, smaller force required to make them turn, and you get a lot more chances (pedal in up position) for correcting your balance than on a larger wheel, given the same speed. Once you get the hang of going straight and turning however, larger wheels run much more smoothly than smaller wheels.

    Good luck and keep at it!

    [–] Considering to upgrade brakes, worth it? opticdelusion 2 points ago in unicycling

    I did not even know these things existed. I've ordered one of those made from aluminium and it's so much easier to reach the brake now. Thanks!

    [–] Am I safe now? opticdelusion 4 points ago in ProgrammerHumor

    Nice... try.

    [–] Atmosphere can now load Homebrew Launcher on all FW and can boot soon. opticdelusion 1 points ago in SwitchHacks

    I feel that once we have custom firmware, the Switch will be THE go-to console for portable emulation for possibly anything up to N64 level. Not so sure about Game Cube.

    [–] When you can’t even fake your counting properly opticdelusion 40 points ago in assholedesign

    fyi, they'll most likely not send out live stats to all users, rather total downloads and downloads per time unit at some point in time not too far in the past.

    [–] What introduced you to 3DS hacking? opticdelusion 3 points ago in 3dshacks

    Was it Fallen Star by any chance? I'm playing that one my 3ds right now.

    [–] Climbing in Croatia, Hvar, Podstine. opticdelusion 1 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago) in climbing

    This time with actual climbing. This was a very enjoyable 6a (named Kung Fu Gold). Fantastic lime stone out there!

    [–] Climbing in Croatia, Hvar. opticdelusion 1 points ago in climbing

    Sadly, no. Have to go there again some other time.

    [–] Climbing in Croatia, Hvar. opticdelusion 1 points ago in climbing

    There are some 5a and 5b routes, most of it is 5c, 6a and up. There's also this huge freestanding tower, kind of leaning against the main wall. There's a roof with some 7a-ish routes. The tower itself has a very enjoyable 5c route :)

    [–] Climbing in Croatia, Hvar. opticdelusion 1 points ago in climbing

    This is the Sv. Nedjelja crag. (

    [–] Climbing in Croatia, Hvar. opticdelusion 2 points ago in climbing

    This is from last year, around October. Beautiful location, but not very accessible (you need a boat).

    Water was pretty warm as well :)