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    [–] When a kitchen counter is your only friend orangeguy99 7 points ago in thesims

    Quinten: oh I'm waiting for the... Phone repairman. Sorry.

    [–] If Sheldon Cooper was a real person and watched Big Bang Theory. He would most probably think it was awful orangeguy99 3 points ago in Showerthoughts

    I'm laughing while reading this thread because there was one HIMYM episode where Robin was dating a therapist. After he gets locked in a room with them he realizes how dysfunctional and "incestuous" the gang is.

    Although Marshall is probably the most wholesome character on the show.

    [–] Kids endlessly asking "why" are actually applying the socratic method and stimulate adults to think critically. orangeguy99 15 points ago in Showerthoughts

    Exactly. My parents would wonder why I'd always question them but if I'm gonna follow an order, I wanna understand the reasoning behind it.

    [–] [WP] You play a game of Sims, your simulated family dies from a house fire, and find news that the same family with the exact same name and house died from a house fire. orangeguy99 1 points ago in WritingPrompts

    Andi loved the Sims. She lived for the Sims. She meticulously crafted each family, each backstory and twist and turn, each house. She was Andi Danvers, the architect of Riverview.

    She made herself, her family and friends, and created a perfect little utopia. She even made her crush. "I'll never have a chance with Emma," she thought. Yet, Emma sauntered up to the lunch table at her school the next day and asked out Andi, who was flabbergasted, but of course said yes.

    "That's a strange coincidence," thought Andi. "But I'm too happy to question it."

    The parallels had just begun, however. She moved her mouse over the Zelner household, a decently sized plantation style home. Inside, Dorothy was focused on cooking dinner. At the dinner table, Jim sat with their daughter idyllically helping her study.

    "It's calm...." thought Andi. "Too calm. Boring."

    As soon as Dorothy put the lobster thermidor in the oven she walked into the dining room and began conversing with Jim. The lobster began to burn, yet they all had this urge to ignore it, just idlely sit. The house filled with smoke and their vision full of orange flames.

    After that Andi signed off the game and went to bed. She woke up the next morning, a Saturday. A day that normally is so carefree had an eerie air about it. Walking down into the living room, a cup of coffee in hand, her parents were flopped on the sofa as the news flashed across the television screen.

    Andi was about to leave when she heard "...we now go live to Arlene Reynolds on the scene of the fire." She was intrigued, something within her beckoned her to keep watching.

    Arlene flashed onto the television. "Thank you, Angela. A family was tragically torn apart last night by a house fire in Riverview's historic district. Fire officials say the remains of Jim and Dorothy Zelner were found on the scene. Tragically, the only resident to escape safely was their daughter, Leslie. She is reported to luckily be in good health in her aunt's care. The cause of the house fire is currently unknown. For WRGX, I'm Arlene Reynolds. Back to you Angela."

    Andi immediately felt insane, feverish, disorientated. "Is this a dream!? Its gotta be a coincidence right!? Unless..." She dropped her mug, spilling coffee all over the living room rug causing her parents to glare at her. She inconspicuously picked the mug back up and went into the kitchen.

    [–] She took out her phone in the middle of the Wedding Ceremony orangeguy99 31 points ago in thesims

    Minister: do you, Bjorn Bjergsen, take (*bride's name*) to be you're lawfully wedded wife? In sickness, and in health?

    Bjorn: I do

    Minister: and do you, (*bride's name*), take Bjorn Bjergsen to be your lawfully wedded husban-

    Bride: brb I got a business call

    [–] 4/20 is St. Patrick's Day for stoners orangeguy99 1 points ago in Showerthoughts

    As someone who's never done drugs, why is 4/20 a "holiday"? I just don't get it.

    [–] I'm a newborn photographer. My husband fell asleep so I posed him. orangeguy99 1 points ago in aww

    As someone who takes medication for sleep, me too. I don't get how people just fall right asleep

    [–] Roasting has closed orangeguy99 11 points ago in wholesomememes

    Roasting has been canceled until further notice

    [–] Some Sims just shouldn't pair up. orangeguy99 1 points ago in thesims

    Hugo and Maaike though. Its really hard to make an ugly kid in TS4