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    [–] Annoying bug: some actions get cancelled instantly and Sims can't get out of the house orangeguy99 2 points ago in thesims

    Try reseting them. Hit Ctrl+Shift+C to bring up the cheat dialogue and enter "resetSim (Sim's name)" without the quotes. This usually fixes issues. This also fixes sims who are stuck in one spot due to pathing issues.

    For example, if I wanted to reset a sim named Millicent Smith, I'd type "resetSim Millicent Smith". This would unfreeze Millicent and send her back to her home lot if your playing TS3.

    [–] If you forget to pay...he will come... orangeguy99 1 points ago in thesims

    Usually when I have the repo man show up, its not cause my sims can't afford their bills. Its cause I forget to pay them 😂

    [–] If you forget to pay...he will come... orangeguy99 1 points ago in thesims

    I once had the repo man take the toilet. Luckily there was two bathrooms in the apartment.

    [–] Can I fix culling? orangeguy99 1 points ago in thesims

    There's a no culling mod. Also, if you move a sim into a house they won't be culled until they die.

    [–] What's the most blatant lie you've ever seen in a dialog/notification in The Sims? orangeguy99 1 points ago in thesims

    In TS2 when you would call up a friend and they would say "Sorry, I'm waiting for the... Phone repairman."

    [–] Does anyone else make Sims based on your entire like? orangeguy99 1 points ago in thesims

    Once, I used to have a huge crush on this girl, "Mary." I made sim versions of me and Mary. We were married with 4 kids, and I became a renowned musician. There was even a few grandkids before I decided to delete the save.

    Another time, I made sims based off my family (changing all their names so it wouldn't be weird when they age up and die). Larry, the sim based off of me married a beautiful redhead, Opal. They currently have 4 kids together. Its been a little while since I touched that save file. But Larry and Opal are probably one of my favorite families I've ever made in game.

    [–] Me too, Star. Me too. orangeguy99 2 points ago in thesims

    This was actually a pre made family in Hidden Springs. It consisted Star (the green skin), Carlotta, Dany, and Gary Shue (the glasses), and their adoptive mother Granny.

    [–] My sim looks a lot like her mother orangeguy99 10 points ago in thesims

    I just thought this was a cute screenshot

    [–] Mom I made a friend! orangeguy99 1 points ago in thesims

    Jeanette isn't her child. She doesn't even have a daughter. And while she's friends with Jeanette's aunt, she doesn't know her parents.

    Edit: but good pun

    [–] a glitch from hell... orangeguy99 2 points ago in thesims

    "Coming soon to theaters..."

    [–] What a bright future.. orangeguy99 2 points ago in thesims

    What a great student!

    [–] My Sim Got The (Letter) D As A Wedding Gift orangeguy99 79 points ago in thesims

    Hey at least they gettin the D from somebody

    [–] Is this cheating? orangeguy99 1 points ago in lgbt

    I think cheating is when you violate the boundaries of a relationship, whether sexually, emotionally, etc. I think this definitely was cheating because your fiancée didn't discuss the idea of polygamy with you beforehand. I'm sorry about this, but it sounds like she knows she's been caught and is using the polygamy argument as a cop-out. Cheating is still cheating, no matter who your doing it with.

    Both Janet and Aairah don't sound like good people. If Janet was your friend, she (hopefully) knew you were engaged. I think cheating is even worse if both people know one or both is married/in a committed relationship. Hooking up with your friend's SO while they're still together is a really horrible thing to do to someone. Although it might be hard to accept, this is probably a sign that you should cut both people out of your life, as they sound toxic and manipulative.

    TL;DR: It definitely was cheating since your fiancée never brought up the idea of polygamy. Your friend and fiancée sound like horrible people if they would do this to you. If I were you, I'd end the friendship with Janet and break things off with Aairah.

    I'm sorry, but I hope you have the best of luck in the future.