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    [–] I've logged 1,021 hours on the Sims 4 now. I don't know if I should feel accomplished or ashamed orangeguy99 1 points ago in thesims

    It definitely has (:

    And I've been playing the Sims series for 8 years now, so I probably have thousands of hours of joy from these games 😂

    [–] Here's a puzzle orangeguy99 1 points ago in puzzles

    So with the quotes, it should appear as:

    Spoiler text

    [–] Here's a puzzle orangeguy99 1 points ago * (lasted edited 14 hours ago) in puzzles

    Write it like this:


    but put Spoiler text here in quotes


    [–] Don't mind me, I'm just digging through Coke bottles looking for unusual names. orangeguy99 2 points ago in namenerds

    That kinda strikes me as weird since it's a common middle name.

    Maybe it just fell out of fashion or sounds too old fashioned to use as a first name... like Marie.

    [–] When you couldn't find anyone to officiate your wedding so you have your son do it orangeguy99 1 points ago in thesims

    You're thinking of the Sims 2. Katrina appears in 4, but I think you can find her in 2 if you look in Dina and/or Nina's family tree.

    Don was involved with the maid (Kaylynn was her name), but Kaylynn doesn't appear in 4 unless the player chooses to recreate her in CAS.

    [–] When you couldn't find anyone to officiate your wedding so you have your son do it orangeguy99 1 points ago in thesims

    While the son is half-alien, he's the groom's son. The groom, none other than Don Lothario, was accidentally turned into a plantsim when I was messing with cheats. I used MC Command Center to Alienize all three Caliente women because I thought it fit the storyline better (well, at least the Sims 2 storyline), so he has a total of 4 half-alien children between the three Caliente women

    [–] Here's a puzzle orangeguy99 1 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in puzzles

    [–] My husband and my sister, 3 years ago tomorrow. She still asks when we'll have another wedding. This was her special day orangeguy99 1 points ago in aww

    Do they have Ashton's in your province? I visited Quebec a few years back and they had one (Im from the USA) and, if you haven't tried it yet, its pretty good for fast food.

    [–] Oh good. you're home, something happened to this wall. orangeguy99 10 points ago in aww

    "Before I grant you entry to Thebes you must answer me these riddles three"

    [–] Anyone still prefer TS3? orangeguy99 3 points ago in thesims

    I find TS3 runs smoother than TS4. I get so many lag spikes when playing 4. And I've found 3 to be the most fun (when comparing the base game to others in the series).

    I still like 4 but it doesn't run the smoothest.

    [–] After being afraid of getting girlfriends pregnant, it's surprising how difficult it is to get a girl pregnant when we both want to. orangeguy99 5 points ago in Showerthoughts

    So preface, I'm a guy so I'm not an expert on pregnancy.

    But I heard that being stressed about wanting to conceive can sometimes prevent it. I heard a story once where a couple was told they couldn't conceive naturally, so they decided to adopt. Shortly after they got adoption forms, they fell pregnant.

    [–] [WP] You never thought you'd resort to mugging someone but... here you are. orangeguy99 8 points ago in WritingPrompts

    I never saw myself in this position growing up. I was surrounded by riches and opulence. I could've been a CEO or a politician or something; and I threw that all away. I never saw myself doing this to someone, but my parents always told me I could do anything I wanted to. So here I was, sitting in a small office in a dingy plaza. The phone rang a boring monotone ring.

    "You've been mugged: custom mugs, how may I help you?"

    [–] Bella Goth Theories orangeguy99 24 points ago in thesims

    So, Dina Caliente wanted to marry Mortimer for his money. So she needed to get Bella out of the way. They had Don try to seduce her, and with Don being Don, he went along with it, getting Bella on the deck of his condo. With Dina and Nina being of alien descent, they were able to stage an abduction. Once Bella rejected Don's advances, they had the mothership swoop in and abduct her. Bella, now living in Strangetown, and assumed dead by her family, is nowhere to be seen. Which left Dina free to make a move on Mortimer. Don, also wanting the Goth fortune, and cause he's Don Lothario, seduced Cassandra and got engaged to her, planning to marry her for her money. However, Don got cold feet and left her at the altar, leaving Cassandra to later marry Darren Dreamer. Once Mortimer passed from old age, Don Dina planned to elope, now having control of the Goth's wealth and influence.

    [–] [WP] Write from the perspective of a Sim who has just discovered that the pool ladder has vanished... orangeguy99 7 points ago in WritingPrompts

    Skip Broke wasn't very well off. He lived in the trailer park district on Woodland Drive with his kind-hearted wife, Brandi, and their two kids. Then, there was the Suspicious Pool Ladder Accident.

    Brandi was out at work. Dustin, his oldest son, was off at school. It was just him; Karen, the babysitter, felt generous and took Beau, his youngest, out for ice cream.

    Skip walked out into the little space they had for a backyard. When he dove into the crystalline waters of the small, pathetic excuse for a pool, he was astonished to find that the ladder was gone when he came up. First he thought nothing of it, just continuing to bask in the cool, refreshing, water. Eventually he tired. Skip grabbed the sides of the water in agony, but his efforts were futile. In a rage, he flailed his arms and looked into the sky, as if he was asking God himself for help.

    Eventually he tried to yell for help. "KAREN! BRANDI! SOMEBODY!"

    But Brandi was still at work; Karen was still out. It was about 12 o'clock Sim Time. All the other residents of the trailer park district were still at work. Nobody showed.

    Skip felt drowsy, and the tiny backyard seemed to shift in and out of focus. Even floating on his back seemed as though it took vast amounts of effort. One last time, Skip flailed his arms, this time out of struggle. His efforts were in vain, for he slowly sank to the bottom of the tiny pool.

    Still no one showed, till Brandi, just home from work, was left in somber mourning.

    To this very day, the folks down at the Pleasntview police department still have no idea how the ladder disappeared. And So concludes the story of the Suspicious Pool Ladder Accident, still shrouded in mystery...

    [–] He wasn't feeling well and everyone wanted to help! orangeguy99 1 points ago in aww

    If your party isn't this lit then don't bother inviting me