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    [–] Can I continue playing a certain family on different computers? orangeguy99 1 points ago in thesims

    No. Just copy the Sims 4 folder to a thumbdrive. Make sure you move your boyfriend's saves to a thumbdrive or somewhere else on the computer so they don't get deleted. This method will cart over mods and cc as well.

    Or if you want to make things simpler I think you can just copy the saves folder

    [–] Alexander Goth got around. orangeguy99 7 points ago in thesims

    In one of my games Alexander was married with a child, then got his wife's twin sister pregnant. On top of all this, he also had another child from his first girlfriend

    [–] Odd/funny things that you did whilst playing Sims when you were younger, when you maybe didn't understand the game properly? orangeguy99 2 points ago in thesims

    I created these two male sims, Paul and Todd. They were supposed to be siblings. One day I had them in the hot tub and they decide to start cuddling, falling in love on the spot. Me being 8 or 9 at the time, I had no idea gay people even existed until then. I went along with it and had them get married.

    Another time, I showed my parents woohoo not knowing what it actually implied. Needless to say, they nearly took the game away from me after that

    [–] [WP] Your family give you an intervention about your imaginary girlfriend of 2 years. She is sat next to you. orangeguy99 2 points ago in WritingPrompts

    Sam knew Joanna was the one from the very first moment he saw her. It was a misty April afternoon when they made eye contact on the subway. Some passengers gave the two strange looks and they just brushed it off. They shared a love of the supernatural, connecting immediately.

    Their friends kept giving them strange looks as well. "Dude there's no one there," they'd say.

    Then the secret came out around the one-year mark. The two were having dinner.

    "Sam? I need to tell you something." asked Joanna as she griped her beloved's hand. "I feel like I can trust you enough now."

    "Oh Jojo you can tell me anything. What is it?"

    "You know how no one seems to notice me? Well, I'm a ghost."

    Sam was taken aback. But it makes so much sense, he thought. "Then, how come I can see you?"

    Joanna looked perplexed. "I honestly don't know. Maybe you have a stronger connection to the spirit world or something. The important thing is that we found each other."

    They knew what they had. Except that didn't fly well. Sam's friends slowly fell by the wayside. People began to spread rumors that he was insane. Another year had passed when he walked home to be greeted by his parents and various friends.

    "Sam," said his mother, "we're worried about you. Please, take a seat," she said gesturing to an empty chair.

    His dad stood up. "I hate to break it to you, but Joanna isn't real. Just- this isn't healthy."

    Sam held his girlfriend's hand and gestured to her. To everyone else, it looked as if he was gesturing to an empty chair. "Alright. The truth is, she's a ghost. Look, she's sitting right there."

    "But there's no such thing as ghosts," blurted out his father. The rest of the room murmured in agreement.

    [–] Sims Invading Your Dreams orangeguy99 2 points ago in thesims

    This sounds like the script from a horror movie.

    [–] 90% of being married is shouting β€˜WHAT?’ from the other room. orangeguy99 1 points ago in Showerthoughts

    For my parents its usually something like:



    Dad: WHAT?

    [–] Mightyena used Bubble Beam! Wait, what?! orangeguy99 3 points ago in thesims

    When your a dog but your human is in trouble

    [–] When You Have a Million Patients Waiting But You Need To Flirt With Bae orangeguy99 2 points ago in thesims

    This is one thing that seriously annoys me about GTW. A billion patients pile up and the other doctor/nurse doesn't do anything

    [–] I think i need to call the sim exorcist orangeguy99 5 points ago in thesims

    Man these new dance crazes are getting out of hand

    [–] me irl orangeguy99 1 points ago in thesims

    But I say hey...

    [–] Stairway to heaven orangeguy99 7 points ago in aww

    There's a lady who knows...