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    [–] A beauty pageant judge.. orphffn 1054 points ago in WTF

    idk the pageant loser

    [–] Pretty Huge orphffn 4 points ago in NataLee

    that girl ain’t out here eating pizza with that tum tum

    [–] A round of applause please orphffn 17 points ago in BeAmazed

    they didn’t wait for the end, their fault - have an upvote

    [–] Bumper (Main tank for Vancouver) flexes to Roadhog for the first time and absolutely crushes Dallas Fuel orphffn 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in Overwatch

    hmm i’m not sure what you mean - no he shouldn’t of and didn’t leave brig alive. he hooked and landed two shots on lucio before the lucio amped himself away, hogs shouldn’t generally go chase lucios in a boopable area.

    i agree that everyone praises bumper’s aggro rein style that only works because of his support and he doesn’t deserve all that credit, but this last second swap to hog at the pro level where teams scout and learn every team’s toolkit, this was big brain shit. dallas didn’t see it coming and their positioning shows it and bumper punished it with 100% hook and fire accuracy.

    [–] Bumper (Main tank for Vancouver) flexes to Roadhog for the first time and absolutely crushes Dallas Fuel orphffn 7 points ago in Overwatch

    They were in OT, target priority is crucial and he knew chasing the lucio in that area could easily get him booped. eating the stationary brig and then covering the choke with ult was def the right call.

    [–] Underwater robot under the Arctic sea ice orphffn 2 points ago in BeAmazed

    This post made me assume I accidentally took shrooms again.

    [–] Holy... orphffn 6 points ago in AnastasiyaKvitko

    for sure, but you can see stretching.

    so i think you’re both right.

    [–] Pigs in the family? orphffn 6 points ago in ACAB

    This isn’t exactly within context but maybe an interesting story to some - I was adopted by an elderly couple who would both be in their early 90’s if still alive today. My adoptive mother was a cop back in the 50’s, a school resource officer who mainly focused on juveniles and specifically alternatives to juvenile detention and subsequent prisons. Over her career, but much more after her retirement into modern times, she grew to dislike the system so much that by the time she was on her deathbed she we would watch the news and she would just shit talk every police-biased story that aired. I remember her describing to me the sexism she faced but mainly how she learned first-hand how police wanted to send the kids to jail, they didn’t want to put the effort into any alternative or actual rehabilitation. Anyways, I’ve always felt it interesting that despite our many differences in beliefs, my initial skepticism and disposition towards the system was started by a ex-cop with a rather uncontroversial or even eventful career.

    [–] Petition to put Shaq in the hall of shame orphffn 7 points ago in hotones

    not sure why this is getting so many downvotes, this is a pretty calm and fair opinion to have

    [–] No parachute? No Problem orphffn 316 points ago in Damnthatsinteresting

    I think the body roll at the end caused a pretty intense momentum shift

    [–] Can someone explain how Sr works pls orphffn 0 points ago in OverwatchUniversity

    You’re right about that if we include MMR. It does affect your MMR which long term does indirectly affect your SR if you start to climb or fall. Here’s a more detailed post if OP is interested -