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    [–] how did this happen? orthopod 1 points ago in mildlyinfuriating

    What if it's not a mirror, and just some other fat, middle aged guy also wearing a black t shirt.

    [–] Who was this made for orthopod 1 points ago in WTF

    300k income. At that level you're paying close to 45% in state+ federal taxes. That leaves him with 165k -100k car=65,000 for food, health insurance, rent/mortgage.

    65,000- that's 5,400 month- 1,500 mortgage for a house in Arkansas, -1,500 spousal support. That's only 2,400 to eat, pay utilities, health insurance, etc.

    Utilities are probably 200, phone 100, cable/internet 100= 400.

    2000 left for food, insurance, entertainment.

    100 week groceries+ 100 to eat out once a week at restaurant. That's 800.

    He's got 1,200 left. For clothing , health insurance, spending. Insurance will likely be around that much for him, which means no movies, no buying a new computer, etc. He's broke basically.

    [–] What are these for in an outdoor area of a hospital? orthopod 2 points ago in whatisthisthing

    Or the Atlantic in New England in the summer after a rain storm.

    [–] Johns Hopkins to pay nearly $40 million to two families hurt by All Children’s heart surgeries orthopod 36 points ago in medicine

    Its rather difficult to find things like that inside of people, even if you know it's there. Sometimes, going and trying to find the object will cause more harm thank leaving it there. I spent almost an hour on a fairly heathy 70 year old woman, looking for a piece of metal that broke off a retractor, about the size of a large grain of rice, in a fairly open hip socket. Trying to find a tiny, tiny vascular metal needle, in the middle of some kids chest might be impossible. Likely the surgeon had it break off, and watched it drop into the kids chest, and couldn't find it. You're not going to spend an hour on someone on bypass, looking for something that's not going to kill them.

    I leave things in patients all the time- giant screws, plates, and tumor prostheses.

    [–] Final production design - Porsche Taycan orthopod 2 points ago in Porsche

    Yeah, trying to figure out why the front radiator vents are on an electric car.

    [–] Johns Hopkins to pay nearly $40 million to two families hurt by All Children’s heart surgeries orthopod 96 points ago in medicine

    Starting up a new program, especially a pediatric heart one, is always going to have a learning period.

    Looks like 11 problematic cases out of 185 pediatric heart transplants. Survival rate is about 96-97% usually, so that would be an expected mortality of 6-8 deaths. Not terribly high, and could be within statistical norms.

    2 senior surgeons did the tough cases, but looks like they had a high turn over with their cardiologists, and support staff. They looked at a 6 month mortality rate, which tells you it's not only the surgeons fault.

    [–] My head started falling off orthopod 2 points ago in interestingasfuck

    SK isn't a real zebra, and rarely causes any issues. Severe deformities (>75 degrees) can cause some back pain and respiratory/circulatory issues which might require surgery. This is extremely rare- less than a few percent of cases.

    I wouldn't expect non orthopaedic doctors to know about this, as it rarely causes any issues.

    [–] My head started falling off orthopod 1 points ago in interestingasfuck

    They've lost most of their ability to rotate their head. 50% occurs at Occiput-C1 , and another 50% occurs at C1-C2.

    [–] A medical student after six years orthopod 1 points ago in interestingasfuck

    To be honest, it's not that complex. The psychological factors that lead people to obesity, and to blowing out their gastric sleeve is another issue.

    [–] This 3D printed synthetic bone can replace a damaged bone. orthopod 1 points ago in interestingasfuck

    Anything that moves will eventually fail. Right now we're seeing a type of lymphoma develop in women who had a certain type of textured breast implants. Go look up what a disaster that carbon fiber ACLs were.

    As an orthopaedic surgeon, I doubt this will ever come to market.

    [–] Rainproof car mirror sticker orthopod 1 points ago in interestingasfuck

    Light rain should evenly distribute across the surface. Bugs might be easier to clean, since the surface soaks up water

    [–] Trump Claims Doctors Left Operating Rooms To Greet Him In El Paso. Hospital Says Nope. orthopod 10 points ago in politics

    Surgeon here. First there would have to be done demonstrable harm that had come to the patient as a result of this.

    I leave surgery all the time, but that's only because there's a senior resident operating with a junior one, on an easy case.

    [–] Trump Claims Doctors Left Operating Rooms To Greet Him In El Paso. Hospital Says Nope. orthopod 2 points ago in politics

    How do these statements come about?. Does someone exaggerate a little bit, when taking to him, and he expound upon it, or does he just make up these ridiculous statements.

    I'm going for the latter.

    [–] 1989 RWB 930 Turbo orthopod 8 points ago in Porsche

    RWB - makes Porsche mods for people who don't like Porsches.

    [–] Yes, NJ really is the Garden State orthopod 4 points ago in newjersey

    The bee thing is a complete scam. We hired a bee guy. He said we had to pay him $3,000. His fee was $1,800 to care for the bees, and we would get back $1,200 a week later.

    His business is basically money laundering, to generate "income", so that you can get a tax break.

    I told him pick up his hives and leave.

    [–] Using acetone vapor to clear a headlight orthopod 5 points ago in oddlysatisfying

    Acetone is a polarized solvent, and will melt or dissolve plastics very well. The opaque film is likely crazing- a bunch of tiny micro cracks in the plastic.

    So the acetone remelts the plastic to form a smooth layer, just like a Zamboni does to rough ice on an ice skating rink.

    There's not nearly enough acetone vapor to wash away "crud".

    Source- former chemist.

    [–] Using acetone vapor to clear a headlight orthopod 10 points ago in oddlysatisfying

    Its nail polish remover- not terribly dangerous.

    [–] Rainproof car mirror sticker orthopod 10 points ago in interestingasfuck

    This is a hydrophilic coating. Hydrophobic would cause beading, as the water is repelled.

    A hydrophilic coating is very wetable, so the water doesn't bead, but forms a smooth even coating of water, which doesn't obscure the mirror.

    [–] Rainproof car mirror sticker orthopod 27 points ago in interestingasfuck

    Its actually the opposite. Rainx is a silicon, hydrophobic spray- that repels, and beads water.

    This sticker is hydrophilic , so the water sticks to it, as it's very wetable, and doesn't form vision obscuring beads, but instead forms a smooth water layer.

    [–] Exercise/Physiotherapy with Hereditary Multiple Exostoses (HME) orthopod 3 points ago in orthopaedics

    All kinds?.

    Honestly, your question is so vague, and we know nothing about you.

    I take care of about 100 families with MHE, and there is a huge amount of variability, even within families. I generally don't have any concerns about whatever exercise they want to do, unless they have a very deformed joint, and I'm worried about arthritis.

    [–] Question for all of you as someone starting med school in September in the UK: How has med school/being a doctor affected your gaming (and other hobbies)? orthopod 3 points ago in doctorsthatgame

    Sure it's possible, and you'll need some breaks from studying to be more efficient when you study.

    I didn't game at all during my first 2 years, as I did residency before the work restriction hours, so I worked 90-125 hours/week.

    Started gaming again PGY3 with some other residents.

    Now as an attending , I get to game much more, and occasionally with some of my residents.