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    [–] INTP musicians. Any? No FAQ did try. orthopod 1 points ago in INTPmusic

    I'm a part time musician, and had scholarships to some music conservatories for college, but went into medicine instead.

    [–] Calabasas this morning orthopod 6 points ago in LosAngeles

    You forgot when it turns red/orange in the summer/fall from all the fires.

    [–] How Height Affects Speed in Zwift orthopod 2 points ago in Zwift

    6'5" here. I just wish they would adjust down the cadence speeds for the taller riders. We generally have longer slower strides and paces.

    [–] The Fastest Wheels in Zwift | Zwift Wheels Guide orthopod 1 points ago in Zwift

    So wait - Dude's in prison? I'll guess he'll have to wait a bit to try out the new wheels, unless prisons are more luxurious than I imagined.

    [–] Found in South east Queensland Australia, seems to be a lizard of some sort but Ive never seen it before in my 19 years of living here. Cat brought it home. What is this thing orthopod 16 points ago in whatisthisthing

    Huh - weird. We have tons of cicadas herein the USA and I've never heard of them biting/stinging. I did just read about them trying to pierce your skin if they're held for a long time and become thirsty.

    Dang - they get big - I can imagine that stung just a little bit.

    [–] Surgery of a slightly broken leg orthopod 38 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in surgery

    As an orthopaedic surgeon, this hurts my eyes. A simple, mostly transverse tibia Fx, and yet there a giant incision, with the tibial periosteum stripped away. Looks like they're going to plate it which makes no sense for that, unless it's a third world country,, and they ran out of them.

    General rules for tibia Fxs. 1) Don't open them up- you wind up losing all the cytokines, and other cell signaling molecules that set off the inflammatory healing cascade.

    2) don't strip the blood supply( periosteum) to the bone- it may not heal.

    3) Avoid the medial side( side with bone directly under skin) of the tibia at all costs. The skin likes to die, and then your plastic surgeon gets to do a rotational or free flap muscle to cover that dead area.

    4) a nail is load sharing, and will permit WBAT immediately post op for many simple fracture patterns- like this one. Having a plate to treat the Fx means no weight for 6-10 weeks until it heals.

    5) yes you do need to wash out, and expose the ends of the bone for an open Fx ( incorrectly called compound by lay people), but maybe for 3-4 cm, and not 25+cm.

    This is literally a picture of every" what not to do" for a simple tibia fracture.

    I have only opened up 1 tibia fracture ever, out of about 500 or so. The PT was a kid visiting from Australia on a MVA, with a closed ( skin not penetrated) segmental tibia Fx ( bone broke into 3 pieces towards the ankle. It was nailable.

    To treat most tibia Fxs, you first align the bony pieces back into the correct alignment. You then make a small incision at the knee, hollow out the bone, and put the titanium rod on.

    On this kid, the pieces wouldn't line up. After 15 minutes of trying to get the pieces lined up, I decided to cut open the fracture to better grab and align them.

    Turns out the middle segment of bone did a 180 flip inside his leg. That's why it wouldn't fit. I rotated it into the correct orientation, and it was like putting the last piece of as jigsaw puzzle in- fit perfectly.

    [–] Neighbor left their old 911 Turbo out on the street. orthopod 7 points ago in Autos

    In L.A. There are all sorts of Porsches, AMG, Tesla, AM parked overnight on the street.

    [–] Surgery cake orthopod 1 points ago in ATBGE

    No, because we'd get all pissy on how that's not how hemostat clamps work.

    [–] Labeling something “military grade” makes it seem so high quality, unless it is food. orthopod 4 points ago in Showerthoughts

    Skin care would be sunscreen. However, skin "care" companies would have you believe that smearing either glycerin, or mineral oil onto the dead skin layer is somehow good for it. Other than preventing chapping on the winter, it serves no purpose, doesn't prevent wrinkles, doesn't tighten up pores, etc.

    Source- I was a chemist before I became a surgeon.

    [–] Labeling something “military grade” makes it seem so high quality, unless it is food. orthopod 1 points ago in Showerthoughts

    Specs are usually quite good, so what you're saying is that you're getting the cheapest $1,000 dollar hammer. That's definitely better than the most expensive $15 dollar quality hammer .

    [–] I’m really surprised no one has said this yet... orthopod 5 points ago in StarTrekDiscovery

    In 15 years the beards will look like mullets and 70's stashes to everyone. Just as cool as it looks now, it'll be just as out of fashion in a few more years.

    [–] Does every man produce close to 50/50 X/Y sperm, or do some have a heavy bias? orthopod 0 points ago in askscience

    More men are born (51:49), however, our penchant for the dangerous takes its toll, and later on in life, women outnumber us, as well as live longer.

    [–] Men of Reddit, how do you deal with the waiter flirting with your date? orthopod -6 points ago in AskMen

    F that!. That's when you be funnier than the waiter, subtlety insult and demean him, and win her over by being the better guy.

    They after the date, complain about the waiter, and dump her.

    [–] A Florida Massage Parlor Owner Has Been Selling Chinese Execs Access to Trump at Mar-a-Lago orthopod 47 points ago in politics

    Yeah, I had to operate on some biker Nazi guy with swastikas, 88 tattoos, white power, etc.

    He had an Asian wife. I was like wtf dude- consistency much?

    [–] What do you think about the new Aston Martin Vantage GT3? orthopod 3 points ago in motorsports

    I could care less about how a car sounds or looks if it's going to be a performance car. Sure it's fun if it sounds good and looks sexy, but that's all secondary to its performance. If it doesn't win races, then it's failing at its main purpose.

    [–] I dont think acronyms work that way orthopod 3 points ago in ShittyDesign

    C. Crossings

    H. Hands

    A. Ass down in the seat

    M move when told

    P. Pay attention

    S. Safety

    [–] Is it ok to have this many spacers on one side? It’s the only way I managed to get the chainline right... orthopod 10 points ago in bikewrench

    You should practice slowing your bike down with your shoes on the tires, just in case your cable goes, or your rim gets wet.

    One brake is a bad idea- don't do it, unless you have no family, and don't care about yourself.

    [–] Daylight-saving time is deadly: Heart attacks and car crashes spike orthopod 8 points ago in NewsOfTheWeird

    It's nothing to do with 40 minute lost sleep, but likely rather people being late for work, and being stressed.

    [–] Dozens of hospital employees fired for looking up Jussie Smollet's medical files orthopod 1 points ago in medicine

    Besides all that, what are they going to find out- his potassium level?

    I just don't get it.

    [–] Is Captain Pike becoming anyone else's favorite captain? orthopod 1 points ago in startrek

    Huh. Dr. Phlox was my favorite character, although Shran and Hoshi were quite good too.

    [–] Just FYI... orthopod 1 points ago in startrek

    Ok, your point is...?