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    [–] Gourmet food 10/10 oscarskid 14 points ago in tumblr

    Oh snap! Geo the Bio does MBMBAM animations.

    [–] Nat 20 oscarskid 5 points ago in tumblr

    More of a mace innit?

    [–] The Bachelor by Proxy oscarskid 135 points ago in tumblr

    How do you lose the fucking bachelor?

    [–] Okay, men, let’s hear your favorites! oscarskid 1 points ago in tumblr

    Pleased I could! That was some lovely descriptive writing you had going on there!

    [–] Feelin it now Mr.Krabs oscarskid 36 points ago in tumblr

    That’s the bitch

    [–] I wish that its not illigal to shove guacamole down my pants oscarskid 1 points ago in TheMonkeysPaw

    Granted. It’s no longer illegal to shove guacamole down your pants

    [–] Some cats oscarskid 1 points ago in tumblr

    “Aaah! My husband is in ‘ere!”

    [–] Gay Wizards™ oscarskid 11 points ago in tumblr

    George is his familiar.

    [–] Yo bro you got some chicken oscarskid 11 points ago in tumblr

    Man, when I posted this the comments were way worse.

    [–] Brick +egg = bregg oscarskid 17 points ago in tumblr

    Did you mean breggsit?

    [–] Her ❤️ oscarskid 2 points ago in tumblr

    Oh cool, they’re using the right currency!

    [–] I suffered this, y’all need to suffer it with me oscarskid 140 points ago in tumblr

    She was looking kinda dumb with her finger and her thumb in the shape of an l on her forehead.

    [–] Ouch oscarskid 8 points ago in dndmemes

    Oh, that. My current DM did that as her first adventure. Didn’t go well. Sounds fun with an experienced DM though.

    [–] Ouch oscarskid 9 points ago in dndmemes

    What’s the secret Santa?

    [–] 69 Shades of Grey oscarskid 10 points ago in tumblr

    69 upvotes! Nice

    [–] I can never win. oscarskid -1 points ago in dndmemes

    One of my players rolled a nat 1 on animal handling to tame a wolf. She accidentally shoved meat up the dogs nose, then backhanded it. The dog then ran in a random direction, which was inside the fire pit