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    [–] I guess we evolved into our clothes too? outlawsoul 2 points ago in ABoringDystopia

    That's so jokes, so these bobbleheads now believe in evolution when it's convenient for their anti-science beliefs? my head just exploded from irony.

    Kind of like the second amendment and gun control, unless non-white people start exercising those rights.

    [–] Thanks for your service — but stop resisting fascism. outlawsoul 7 points ago in ABoringDystopia

    Sure. It is from Airmail, scroll down to the bottom and you will see it. (Though to view the full sketchbook you'll need to subscribe and wait for the full issue.)

    [–] Thanks for your service — but stop resisting fascism. outlawsoul 2038 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in ABoringDystopia

    “Why are you not honoring your oath to the Constitution?,” Christopher David, a 53-year-old veteran and graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, asked federal officers in Portland. They responded by spraying chemical irritant into his face and beating him with a baton, breaking two bones in his hand.


    EDIT. Thank you for all the awards. Please register and remember to vote. Keep checking your registrations. Canvas if you can. Do what you have to do to vote this fascism out.

    [–] Trump heads to his own golf club as Covid-19 surges and jobless benefits expire outlawsoul 27 points ago in politics

    This was essentially the excuse Mueller gave for why Fuckstick Von Clownstick JR couldn't be held legally responsible. He was too fucking stupid to know what he was doing.

    Also helps when you're a narcissist and a sociopath; you can't distinguish right from wrong and so you have a "fall back" rules, like you point out.

    [–] Espn/TNT is ruining crunch time drama outlawsoul 2 points ago in nba

    What? Who said anything about oppression? Amazing strawman.

    I'm talking about not wanting to see ads when I give my time and money to see ball.

    [–] Espn/TNT is ruining crunch time drama outlawsoul 7 points ago in nba

    You're not smart enough to know this as a corporate bootlicker, but this is Robert Nozick's argument in Anarchy, State, and Utopia.

    Nozick argued that respect for individual rights is the key standard for assessing state action and, hence, that the only legitimate state is a minimal state that restricts its activities to the protection of the rights of life, liberty, property, and contract.

    this trash argument is in no way a counterargument to bleeding you of your time and money. the NBA is a company, and not a person. I have no choice but to see the ads if I like basketball, but fools like you will say "well you are free to NOT watch basketball, ads are in the contract of watching ball," never really dealing with the argument that "I don't want to see ads when I pay for this service with cash and my time, and I watch because I love ball...." But you clowns will treat the NBA as a person with its own liberties and rights, rather than actual human beings (and in this case, fans).

    [–] Silent Republicans Get Stark Reminder Of Their Complicity In Joe Scarborough Op-Ed: “None dare call it treason, but perhaps one day they will," the MSNBC host wrote in his column for The Washington Post. outlawsoul 98 points ago in politics

    Bolton literally said this while he was promoting his shit book.

    he criticized democrats for not going after the more "egregious" violations while simultaneously refusing to hand over that evidence or testify on the behalf of the united states.

    They are already slowly pivoting (see Collins and Murkowski for example) because of their dreadful polling numbers. Republicans only believe in the Money God, and nothing else. They have no souls. They don't care about your health or your life.

    [–] Documents related to Ghislaine Maxwell's dealings with Jeffrey Epstein are released outlawsoul 1 points ago in politics

    So is Brett Kavanaugh and Donald Barr. And Donald Barr’s son in law.

    Barr’s daughter is now in charge of financial crimes and money laundering for the DOJ despite no prior experience.

    This law firm is the Milton law firm from the devil’s advocate.

    [–] Documents related to Ghislaine Maxwell's dealings with Jeffrey Epstein are released outlawsoul 210 points ago in politics

    Have you read the docs? Alan Dershowitz is fucked. He negotiated the deal in Florida where Epstein's “co Conspirators” were also immune from prosecution, and Jane doe 3 testified that Dershowitz was one of her rapists, so he negotiated an immunity for himself with the trump’s former labor secretary.

    We now know why Q and pizzagate were pushed so hard. It was to muddy the waters when this finally came out.

    Masterful Projection. Don’t let them get away with it.

    [–] Police disperse Brampton house party with 200+ reportedly inside outlawsoul 1 points ago in ontario

    Don’t get your panties in a bunch because you were called out for being racist.

    This isn’t meta Canada. Xenophobia and racism isn’t welcome here.

    [–] Russian oligarchs skirting U.S. sanctions through shady art sales: Congressional report outlawsoul 1 points ago in politics

    Reminder that Dostoevsky villain and treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin's father bought a very sketchy 91 million dollar rabbit sculpture for a "private" client.

    Robert Mnuchin, an art dealer and the father of the Treasury secretary, had the winning bid on behalf of a client.

    But i'm sure that's unrelated.

    [–] Police disperse Brampton house party with 200+ reportedly inside outlawsoul 1 points ago in ontario

    Lol. Imagine thinking calling out garbage people for being racist is being “sensitive.”

    [–] Police disperse Brampton house party with 200+ reportedly inside outlawsoul 4 points ago in ontario

    Lmao at the new “I’m not racist… BUT.”

    Now it’s “it’s not politically correct… BUT.”

    Fucking racists, man.

    [–] Elmar_cph outlawsoul 11 points ago in copenhagen

    This is horrifying. If the police won't do anything, report it to Information or another newspaper. That sort of media attention will definitely get the police involved, and since he's not danish, might have positive results in charging him or booting him from Denmark.

    The _CPH tag in his Instagram is interesting, i wonder if he's doing this in other nordic cities.

    [–] Trump announces 'surge' of federal officers to Chicago despite outrage over Portland crackdown outlawsoul 1016 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago) in politics

    This guy understands. Putin and Netanyahu do the exact same things during election time.

    I’d gild you, brother/sister, but fuck reddit and their kneeling to white supremacy.

    EDIT. one of you gilded this? thanks.

    [–] Will Ontario adapt BC’a recommendation on sex? outlawsoul 8 points ago in ontario

    I like the one that says "choose positions that limit face to face contact."

    BC is the only truly progressive province we have.

    march on, you beauty.

    [–] Ex-Trump aide Scaramucci says president’s ‘well wishes’ to Ghislaine Maxwell are coded message: ‘Please don’t talk’ outlawsoul 7 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago) in politics

    Read the Atlantic's Shadowland series. it is very likely a russian psy-ops operation. It is definitely organized and coordinated. A lot of the stuff they post also benefits the Kremlin and works towards splitting the democrats through racism and "those damn liberal élite" messages (which is part of Dungin's plan of Russian domination).

    There was also a nazi talking head that accidentally signed onto the Q profile and posted once, and then immediately had to backtrack (it was a podcast/interview, if anyone has the link, I would appreciate it.)

    Here is just one of the articles that explains it.

    EDIT: Found the article, the projection is insane here.

    That audience then started to head to 8chan to check out the original source and interact directly with the posts. (Q posts moved from 4chan to its more toxic offshoot 8chan in November after a post claiming the original board had been “infiltrated.” 8chan became notorious for having no rules, and even hosting child pornography.)

    The person I am talking about is in the same NBC article. All the videos are linked. His name is Rogers, a staunch Trump and Russia supporter.

    One archived livestream appears to show Rogers logging into the 8chan account of “Q.” The Patriots’ Soapbox feed quickly cuts out after the login attempt. “Sorry, leg cramp,” Rogers says, before the feed reappears seconds later.

    Users in the associated chatroom begin to wonder if Rogers had accidentally revealed his identity as Q. “How did you post as Q?” one user wrote.

    In another livestreamed video, Rogers begins to analyze a supposed “Q” post on his livestream program when his co-host points out that the post in question doesn’t actually appear on Q’s feed and was authored anonymously. Rogers’ explanation — that Q must have forgotten to sign in before posting — was criticized as extremely unlikely by people familiar with the message boards, as it would require knowledge of the posting to pick it out among hundreds of other anonymous ones.

    [–] 'This Has to Stop': Oregon Senators Unveil Amendment to Bar Trump From Sending Secret Police Into US Cities outlawsoul 1 points ago in politics

    How does a mayor control the police force? It is the union and the police captain. The mayor is "commanding his troops to collaborate?" The mayor has no troops.

    What sort of nonsensical talking point is this?

    [–] A new Trump campaign ad depicting a police officer being attacked by protesters is actually a 2014 photo of pro-democracy protests in Ukraine outlawsoul 1 points ago in politics

    We knew it was coming, be prepared for it on Reddit and elsewhere online as we head closer to the election.

    Pro Kremlin Ukraine allies and Russians will be running Trump's campaign, with help from MBS and Netanyahu and Xi. Expect to see a lot of videos and "articles" that originate from them, of "anarchists" or ANTIFA in China made to look like Americans killing cops or threatening POTUS.

    We're in the shit now, ladies and gents. Buckle up. This will get uglier than what we are seeing.