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    [–] Total Price of Train Simulator DLC. The most expensive game on Steam [OC] ovideos 1 points ago in dataisbeautiful

    Is the game any good? I'm kinda intrigued by it, but I don't actually play any simulators. Also, what do you get before buying dlc?

    [–] Editing in AVID media composer - Relinking Media? ovideos 1 points ago in editors

    Is the offline media transcoded MXF files in the Avid MediaFiles folder created by Avid? Or is it linked files – like quicktimes, mp4, etc that are just in some folder created by you or another user?

    [–] Close All Gaps in Avid? ovideos 1 points ago in editors

    This probably won't help, because I'm assuming you have separate audio and video tracks that you're going to multo group or something?

    But just in case you don't know you can simply drag a bunch of clips into the timeline and it will assemble them cut to cut, based on the order they are sorted in the bin. This is generally only useful if they have the audio you want already (master or auto-sync clips/subclips).

    [–] Avid Help - Can I find the MXF filename for offline media? ovideos 1 points ago in editors

    You mean someone sent you a consolidated sequence from the UK (in this case)?

    I'm confused how consolidating offline media would help. Curious to know how you resolved this.

    [–] TIL that James McCune Smith, the first African-American doctor, was rejected from all American colleges and had to attend the University of Glasgow in Scotland, where he graduated at the top of his class ovideos 1 points ago in todayilearned

    What is the "2a"?

    For me, "identity politics" encompasses issues around representation. "Black people are under threat" doesn't contain enough information for me to classify it as anything – it is just a statement.

    Also, to be clear, I am not suggesting I know the correct definition of Identity Politics or whatever someone wishes to call it. I'm just skeptical of so much energy being consumed around words and how they're used and how people are "represented", while at the same time I admit there's no simple solution, no rule I can apply to all these issues.

    [–] The Panama Papers (2018) The biggest global corruption scandal in history. ovideos 0 points ago in Documentaries

    Boy, howdy! Used to be, you could trust a fellow who had your cock in his hand. You could enjoy yourself, get a bit of a release, and have a reasoned thoughtful discussion about world events. Seems like those days are gone.

    Last time I go to a circle-jerk for information!

    [–] Copy Text into Entire Bin Column at Once - AVID ovideos 4 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in editors

    Yes. Select the clips you want to change, or select-all if that's what you want.

    Now right click in the column -- like anywhere that is in your selected clips but also in the column. You should see an option "set (column name)" or something similar. That will give you a pop up where you can type or paste in a value for all the selected clips.

    [–] TIL that James McCune Smith, the first African-American doctor, was rejected from all American colleges and had to attend the University of Glasgow in Scotland, where he graduated at the top of his class ovideos 10 points ago in todayilearned

    How old are you? I'm in my 40s and honestly my memory of these terms is they came out of identity politics. That is to say, it was non-whites who promoted these terms as a way to feel/promote inclusion because, I think, the feeling was that being called "Indian" or "Asian" was implying to even a greater extent a kind of exclusion controlled by white Americans.

    Certainly in my lifetime these terms have proliferated and as far as I know they were always "self imposed" by the group/ethnicity/nationality. I don't mean that to sound like I'm laying any sort of blame or responsibility on anyone in particular, but only that I think identity can be really complex.

    I will say having grown up in a very "progressive" west coast zone, I think I have become very weary of the constant need for groups to claim an identity. I've often wanted people to just call themselves "Americans" and have felt annoyed by all these terms, by "identity politics". But then what will happen is I'll end up talking to some conservative white racist motherfucker who is going on about how identity politics is "ruining everything" and I realize that something in my childhood culture definitely indoctrinated me to to think everyone can be American, doesn't matter what race or creed, and it doesn't matter how many generations -- America is an idea, a set of rules, a country of laws, it is the identity.

    And then, even though I'm still skeptical of labels, I think to myself: maybe all that Kumbaya BS in my childhood really fucking wore off on me and maybe it's really useful to just always be talking, as long as no one loses their damn head about it.

    [–] Is there any way to increase the size of text in Media Composer? ovideos 1 points ago in editors

    I believe both are modifiable, but been awhile since I was on version 7.

    For me now on 2012.5 it is "set font" in the Windows menu for scripts or project – just depends which window is active. It's possible the menu name has changed. If you're on OS X, you can go into the help menu and just type "set font" and it should show you where it is.

    [–] Would you want a better automatic sync method than waveform sync? ovideos 3 points ago in editors

    Not to rain on parades but aren't there already multiple solutions out there? PluralEyes, GroupItForMe, AcmeTools?

    I'm not an assistant, so maybe you're suggesting something different than these guys? You will have to offer something better than these guys to have any hope of making money.

    [–] Avid "bin snapshot" craziness ovideos 2 points ago in editors

    Backgroundbinsave to disable continues to work great for me, just returns it to pre v12 behavior. I'm not on shared storage, but it doesn't seem like that should matter .

    [–] SURVEY: How Long Would It Take You To Edit This ovideos 3 points ago in editors

    I feel like you're secretly a producer and you're hoping people will quote you a really quick turnaround.

    [–] I want to edit Feature Films (as a springboard to Directing) but I don't live in NY or LA. Seeking advice. (Crosspost from r/filmmakers) ovideos 1 points ago in editors

    It can be, but is far from the usual path. So when you say you want to edit as a "spring board to directing" most people, me included, are left scratching our heads.

    [–] Copying just Premiere proxy files ovideos 2 points ago in editors

    You could probably use something like Chronosync and create a rule to skip the raw files, or only copy files with "proxy" in the file name, etc.

    [–] Ear fatigue from headphones ovideos 2 points ago in editors

    It's still very confusing how it could be that you can't bring your own headphones. I'm just really curious. Are you like a drone pilot or something? Some sort of us military regulation headphones?

    Maybe you could put a bit of headphone-foam between your ears and the headphones?

    [–] Ear fatigue from headphones ovideos 2 points ago in editors

    You keep saying "not an editing gig" but not explaining things like why you can't bring in your own headphones. I'm curious what job this is?

    I won't work in headphones anymore – but these are editing gigs.

    [–] Dragon fire apparently ovideos 3 points ago in freefolk

    Dragonfuel can't melt stone. It's an inside job!