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    [–] Ruined our state flag by turning it into a hate symbol oxymoronic_oxygen 1 points ago in beholdthemasterrace

    That’s all true and I get that the appropriation of sacred symbols is bad. However, I don’t know how the state can “make amends” at this point. Like, they could change the flag but businesses will still probably use the symbol and people will probably still fly the sun flag just like I as an atheist can wear a cross necklace without having the pay royalties to the Catholic Church.

    I dunno, the argument seems strange and muddled. If I were them (and I obviously can’t speak for the native people of this country: god knows they’ve been through hell and back), I’d want to raise awareness of the history of the symbol and work to change the state flag of New Mexico. Get the people of the state on board with it and show them how fucked the situation is. I think if that was their primary goal, they’d have way more people on their side. But royalties from businesses that use the symbol? Talking about the legal rights to use it? Idk it seems like they’re barking up the wrong tree

    [–] Ruined our state flag by turning it into a hate symbol oxymoronic_oxygen 3 points ago in beholdthemasterrace

    They want it trademarked? So is it a money issue? That article mentioned they want royalties from businesses, but is that even a thing? Nobody gets royalties from using the Christian cross. If it’s a religious symbol, I don’t know how the Zia can reasonably prevent others from using it. If it’s a cultural thing, it sucks that the white archaeologist used the sun image without their permission, but the state has already recognized that that was fucked up. I don’t see how exactly they could push for anything outside of that and maybe getting NM to change their flag.

    [–] Good Morning Biden Bros! oxymoronic_oxygen 1 points ago in WayOfTheBern

    What do you mean “indistinguishable”? There are big differences between the Democratic and the Republican Parties. Neither of them are great, but do you honestly think that AOC or Ilhan Omar or Bernie Sanders could be elected as Republicans? And if the DNC has so much power, how did these undeniably progressive politicians get elected in the first place?

    Electoralusm is not the end-all-be-all, but electing people who are progressive and who are not tied to corporate money is a good thing and we can’t just give up the moment things don’t go our way.

    Yeah, Bernie lost in 2020, but are you really going to sit here and act as if all of it was because of the DNC? Bernie got crushed among older people, especially older black people. If we want to win, we have to get the people on our side, energized, and voting for progressive candidates.

    And we can do all of that while also acknowledging that, again, Biden would be a better President than Trump. By how much is debatable, but regardless, he would be better. Vote for the present we have, organize for the future you want.

    [–] Good Morning Biden Bros! oxymoronic_oxygen 1 points ago in WayOfTheBern

    Would you vote for him if he was talking about the stuff on his priority list? Because I’ve seen him talk about helping the black community via policy countless times in his livestreams, but whenever he does he either a) isn’t even given the time of day by this community or b) people just complain that he doesn’t go far enough.

    Now, to be clear, I don’t think that he goes far enough either and I think that he’s a bad candidate in general, but I’m not making the argument that him not being ideal means that you shouldn’t vote for him. I’m making the argument that he’s better than the only other possible alternative and so I’m going to vote for him and continue to advocate for leftist policies whether he wins or not and that any progressive worth their salt ought to, too.

    There are two options this November. One of them is at least marginally better on all of the policies that I care about as a leftist. The arithmetic is fairly simple here

    [–] Good Morning Biden Bros! oxymoronic_oxygen 1 points ago in WayOfTheBern

    How is not participating in electoralism going to lead to better outcomes, though? What’s the best case scenario for you in November? Progressives abstain from voting Biden en masse and that leads to Trump being re-elected? I just don’t understand the utility in that for the progressive movement in comparison to having Biden win, for all of his shitiness

    [–] Good Morning Biden Bros! oxymoronic_oxygen -1 points ago in WayOfTheBern

    “Cool with that”? Dude, I’m opposed to all of that. You can be opposed to the bad shit that someone has done while recognizing that, electorally, they are the much better option and the best one that we have available during this election. Bernie’s dropped out, The Green Party ain’t gonna win, and not voting is a choice in and of itself. It’s either going to be Trump or Biden and from a utilitarian perspective, Biden’s just better

    [–] Good Morning Biden Bros! oxymoronic_oxygen -1 points ago in WayOfTheBern

    Yeah, I, a random Reddit account, am going to “cover up” Joe Biden’s horrible history on criminal justice issues. What are you even talking about?

    The man has changed his policy prescriptions on this issue in the past 25 years from very bad to pretty decent, or at the very least much better than Trump. That’s all that I’m saying here.

    Either Trump or Biden is going to win in November and if criminal justice or relations with the black community is your biggest issue, then there’s no contest as to who I’d rather have in the White House.

    [–] Trump falsely claims 'thousands' of forgeries on mail-in ballots, despite his own commission not finding a single case of fraud oxymoronic_oxygen 3 points ago in politics

    Whoever said that you have to be smart to be a fascist?

    Reactionaries in general aren’t all that bright and the hardest part is probably selling those ideas to the general public and getting them to risk their lives for “the cause” but... here we are

    [–] Good Morning Biden Bros! oxymoronic_oxygen 0 points ago in WayOfTheBern

    Okay, the “You ain’t black” comment was obviously fucked up, but it feels as though people who criticize Biden on his policies don’t actually know what his policies are. Biden has an extensive list of policies related to helping the black community specifically on his website and a ton of policy prescriptions in general.

    Bernie was light years ahead, but Biden’s got some pretty solid proposals and is much better than Trump in a lot of ways. If our goal is to bring forth progress, then I’m of the belief that we ought to vote in a utilitarian manner, that is for the person who can will and will do the most good for the most people. Right now, that is Biden

    [–] Ben's beautiful cover of Sleazy by Ke$ha oxymoronic_oxygen 1 points ago in benfolds

    Oh shit, just watched it. That’s awesome!

    My official head canon is that he saw this and that’s what inspired him to do it. Is that the case? Probably not. But that’s what I’m going with

    And Ben, if you’re reading this... hey :D

    [–] "Rockin' the Suburbs", but only the parts where Ben sings E natural oxymoronic_oxygen 8 points ago in benfolds

    You absolute madlad

    This is incredible

    Also, do you know what percentage of the notes that he sings in this song are E natural? Because this is significantly more than I was expecting haha

    [–] Oregon Democratic Presidential Primary Results oxymoronic_oxygen 2 points ago in SandersForPresident

    Who the hell are those almost 10% of people who voted for Warren?

    [–] Trump’s second term oxymoronic_oxygen 6 points ago in VaushV

    And Kyle just... doesn’t talk to anyone else? Like, he’s in his own little bubble and refuses to talk to anyone outside of it, which is really frustrating because his arguments are just bad