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    [–] Is there a difference between traditional benching with the bar, and benching with dumbbells? pablo111 5 points ago in Fitness

    Overcoming the fear of the weight is part of the process. Do it correctly, following instructions and increasing the weight only when you feel confident. I used to be terrified of the squat, I gain the mental strength to face it when I saw a 14 years old chinese lifting my PR. Tip: lear the difference between pain and nociception

    [–] samir bannout looking aethstetic pablo111 9 points ago in bodybuilding

    I’ve been injure free sin 1995

    [–] Cursed airplane pablo111 6 points ago in blackmagicfuckery

    That is why the get payed for. On normal conditions, a toaster can fly those planes

    [–] Gym Story Saturday pablo111 1 points ago in Fitness

    Best training session ever

    [–] Gym Story Saturday pablo111 1 points ago in Fitness

    Come to the gym, do whatever you want, just not in the squat rack or bench, thanks

    [–] Gym Story Saturday pablo111 -1 points ago in Fitness

    She gave you her number, go for her

    [–] Just finished the shield and Shane’s character is insane.. pablo111 1 points ago in TheShield

    The part of that letter that got into me is “Vic led, but I always followed” and “I don’t think either of us is worst than the other but together we made ourselves worst”

    [–] Mark Bells gear is now IPF approved pablo111 1 points ago in powerlifting

    1/4 of a Million? Really nigga? How much is he expecting to gain?

    [–] Don’t worry...I got this. pablo111 0 points ago in WTF

    This must be in Eastern Europe

    [–] Just finished the shield and Shane’s character is insane.. pablo111 3 points ago in TheShield

    Correct. Toy truck and flowers.
    Queen bitch? I'm offended! She was the only one that did not bought Vic's BS and stayed with his husband until the end, in the bad and in the worst (let's take in mind that it's a show were the "good" guy does not exist. Except maybe Lem)

    [–] What was your unusual first date and why did it ended right or wrong? pablo111 4 points ago in AskReddit

    For me, Tinder date, it was walking her home (she was returning to her home from a friend's house). Totally casual, stopped by a pizza joint, ate the most greasy pizza ever, said goodbye. She was into me because, I quote "you ate like a Viking" (I ate with big chunks, with my bare hands, making a considerable mess).