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    [–] Cupid paintmybeet 2 points ago in eatmypaint

    ah yes the always relevant subject matter of Cupid who is not bound to one day of the year in anyway whatsoever

    Bonus Panel

    [–] death from above paintmybeet 1 points ago in ExtraFabulousComics

    Can I see a dirty cop?

    [–] Valentine's Pact paintmybeet 4 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in eatmypaint

    Way to make me look like an asshole, jerk

    fr tho me and my girlfriend generally decide not to do stuff for Valentine's and have our own day maybe a week later or so. Just because we feel a bit stupid say if we were sat in a restaurant full of other couples doing the same shtick. We also decided not to do gifts and I felt for the whole day while she was at work... "what if she gets me something on the way home and I look terrible for not reciprocating". Also she brought home a card cause the kids in her class were making them and I guess this one was the example to show them. Needless to say I was following our pact completely and upon recieving this card was already thinking of ways to level the playing field. I raced up to my attic and penned this shitty masterpiece to show my love and affection

    So yeah thats how this came about :)

    Here's a bonus panel to make you feel better

    [–] Climate Change, basically paintmybeet 12 points ago in simpsonsshitposting

    Hurry Marge, the helpful beavers are massing!

    [–] nice paintmybeet 4 points ago in ExtraFabulousComics

    U rock nonrock

    [–] nice paintmybeet 4 points ago in ExtraFabulousComics

    Let's see martin waking up from a nap and realising he just had a wet dream about clifford

    [–] The security guard downstairs is too bored paintmybeet 9 points ago in gifs

    And a minimum of 250 every hour between 9 and 6.

    [–] Dating is going well :) paintmybeet 1 points ago in Nicegirls

    Look at all those bullets you dodged

    [–] Play it cool paintmybeet 14 points ago in comics

    Hey wait a minute

    [–] Play it cool paintmybeet 9 points ago in comics

    what gets you in trouble?

    [–] Play it cool paintmybeet 48 points ago in comics

    I'll collect my items without picking up a receipt and then curse my decision as I sweat my way past the security guard missing the one document that would prove my innocence

    [–] Play it cool paintmybeet 58 points ago in comics

    I guess not. Congratulations, you've bested me this round.

    [–] Bad Hair Day paintmybeet 6 points ago in comics