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    [–] Why didn’t anyone tell me Insurrection isn’t half-bad? pandott 1 points ago in startrek

    what’s the point of having gay characters on a show if they are not real or genuine

    Why is it that you, basically, assume that a major LGBT character wouldn't have been genuine? Why did you phrase this as though it would have been an inevitability?

    You're mostly concerned with stereotypes; it's not that this concern is totally invalid. It is a valid concern. But because the shows didn't give a lot of opportunity to represent LGBT relationships/characters in the first place, it's considered a non-issue. But that becomes a vicious cycle of its own.

    You can't just say "we're afraid of stereotypes, so we're not going to try." What you DO is hire LGBT writers and make smart casting choices, and make sure it gets done RIGHT. Berman simply didn't care enough.

    As it was, for ALL of the Trek episodes up until Discovery, anything on the topic of LGBT issues was told with an incidental character -- Odan, Soren, Pel, Lenara, Lass, Mirror Kira and Ezri, the Vissian, Voval -- and while the stories do make statements, it's definitely more of a throwaway to have them in single episodes, rather than having a prominent recurring cast member be representationally LGBT.

    Additionally, you're concerned with how the show would be perceived in a pop culture public light, rather than being concerned with what the real cultural effect would be to have stories told through allegory. Ironically or not, this is exactly how Berman approached the topic himself, his most notable example being The Outcast.

    "'The Outcast' was written with the intention of brushing on the subject of homosexuality in an allegorical manner. Rick Berman tried not to let perceptions of what the public would find acceptable 'influence us too much' in the choice of Riker's opposite, adding 'but having Riker engaged in passionate kisses with a male actor might have been a little unpalatable to viewers.' (San Jose Mercury News, Grapevine, March 14, 1992) Nevertheless, Jonathan Frakes felt otherwise and later criticized the decision to cast women in the roles of the J'naii, as a love affair apparently shared between two men would have made the statement of the episode stronger."

    In short, Berman wasn't just being sensitive about the topic, he was being a coward. Casting Soren as a male actor, in all likelihood, would have been GREAT representation. Luckily, despite its flaws, the Outcast was still ultimately a successful story that DID change some peoples' minds about their bigoted opinions.

    Now let's contrast all this with Staments/Culbert. They're great. Probably the biggest criticism has nothing to do with the characters themselves, but how the media spins their headlines and sensationalizes them a bit. But their representation is good. It proves that stereotypes are not an inevitability. We can argue until the cows come home about how right Berman was about his audience not being ready for that kind of thing, but the truth is that he contributed to it. He wasn't ready for it, himself.

    [–] Why didn’t anyone tell me Insurrection isn’t half-bad? pandott 2 points ago in startrek

    You're giving Berman way too much credit. So he was the showrunner, but so what. He was a jerk to some of the actor(resse)s, neutered a lot of good ideas, and some of his own ideas were hairbrained. The script of Generations was a hot mess specifically because of him. Criticism of him isn't just a meme of herd mentality, it's based in tangible things he did and said.

    [–] TNG Ethics - Riker and Crusher being a*holes? pandott 1 points ago in startrek

    I'm certain that doctors have disregarded the prime directive in order to perform live-saving procedures. I just can't remember any particular instances off the top of my head. Someone please lend a hand here? But yes, otherwise I agree.

    [–] Re-watching the Kelvin Timeline Films, and this is my favorite scene of all three films. The creative team understands Kirk so well. pandott 2 points ago in startrek

    The Kobayashi Maru is indeed a good way of describing Kirk's character, for all the reasons examined above. In contrast to it, consider the fact that Prime Kirk reported on Ben Finney for Finney's mistake. This poisoned their relationship, but while Kirk felt emotional regret about it, he never regretted the decision to play by the rules, because Finney's mistake was real negligence, and he could have put other people in serious danger. Prime Kirk was supremely confident in his command, sometimes cavalier, but only when it was already a desperate scenario. Early Kelvin Kirk is simply foolish and brash.

    [–] Plot Hole in The Voyage Home pandott 1 points ago in startrek

    The novelization does mention cloning more whales from preserved samples. George and Gracie were brought to the future to answer the emergency. They would then be around to help socialize any newer, cloned whales.

    [–] William Shatner Reveals If He'd Return as Kirk for a New Series pandott 3 points ago in startrek

    Shat's cool and I adore Kirk, but I'm totally fine with never seeing him again. It's okay. Really it is.

    [–] Star Trek in some ways is not a good vehicle to directly confront social issues pandott 5 points ago in startrek

    Allegory, my friend. When written awkwardly, it's not a good vehicle. When written well -- it works. It's not only a good story, it can really change peoples' minds. There are some people who saw "The Outcast" and were compelled to rethink their own bigotry.

    [–] 'Star Trek' Stars Open Up About Resurrecting 'Discovery' LGBTQ Love Story pandott 3 points ago in startrek

    I think you'll find that many in the LGBT community have already claimed them for themselves. If their story is solid, then what's the issue?

    [–] I discovered a picture that would cause even a Vulcan to feel negative emotions. pandott 1 points ago in startrek

    I think Vulcans would feel compassion for Winn. That of course is mutually exclusive from approval of her actions, which are still intolerable. But I thought she was every bit as sympathetic a villain as Dukat -- the difference is that she doesn't have his charisma. But I know by the end of it, I pitied her. That said, it's a very funny image. -grin-

    [–] The Three Eras of Star Trek pandott 1 points ago in startrek

    The timeline is correct, however I agree with the thrust of your comment. What is the real point of this post? Seems it's presented mostly as an excuse to disparage Enterprise. I take issue with "adaptations of past Trek stories" because I can honestly only think of a single instance, the S4 finale. Other than that the stories are totally original, and do a lot to turn our perception of Vulcan as this immutably magnanimous society totally on its head.

    [–] The Search for Spock (1984) "Ending Scene" pandott 3 points ago in startrek

    C'mon man. Friendship. How can your heart not be warmed?

    [–] Star Trek Kid-Centric Animated Series Set To Break Free Of CBS All-Access And Return To Cable pandott 1 points ago in startrek

    Hostility? I would love to hear more about this. I definitely haven't kept up with Nick since the 90s. Can you please give me some details?

    [–] Star Trek enterprise: the rubbing pandott 1 points ago in startrek

    Well let me rephrase that -- they were a contrast to the longer, housewife-y skirts of the 50s.

    [–] Requiem for Methuselah was released 50 years ago Thursday. pandott 2 points ago in startrek

    I love this episode and coincidentally just watched it the other day. How can anyone think it's bad? I think the latter half is some of the best TV of all time. It has one of the best Kirk Feminism(tm) moments in Trek history.

    [–] Requiem for Methuselah was released 50 years ago Thursday. pandott 1 points ago in startrek

    It's better than the weekly/daily "Disco is good, actually" or "Faith of the Heart is good, actually" cold takes. At least these topics talk about different specific classic episodes. I'm down with that.

    [–] Star Trek enterprise: the rubbing pandott 2 points ago in startrek

    Well, you're not wrong. But they did definitely pad T'Pol's bust for the first few seasons. She has a noticably more modest chest with the newer (more colorful) costumes.

    [–] Star Trek enterprise: the rubbing pandott 3 points ago in startrek

    That they were! They were a statement, in contrast to all the longer, housewife-y skirts of the time. Maybe GLW didn't phrase it as such, but it's true.

    [–] What are your unpopular Star Trek opinions? pandott 66 points ago in startrek

    I think she's beautiful but overrated as a character. When she's doing straight up standard stuff related to her job, she's good. But I mislike a lot of her interactions. I never got attached to her friendship with Sisko because a lot of it was just bravado, stories and nicknames; compare to T'Pol and Archer who demonstrate ways of working out their friction and working together, resulting in real tangible mutual respect. Although Curzon's memories would be the most fresh, I thought Jadzia's loyalty to the Klingons was exaggerated as an excuse to have them brought into the story. When so much about her character feels contrived (IMO) it makes the character a lot less appealing in general. That's why I always favored Kira, it's not a matter of who I think is flat out "hotter", but Kira's character is so much more solid and believable.

    [–] The Original Series is so hard to watch for me. pandott 3 points ago in startrek

    Twilight Zone bored me as a kid. I have much more appreciation for it now that I understand a lot of it is supposed to be abstract/allegorical!

    [–] The Original Series is so hard to watch for me. pandott 7 points ago in startrek

    Very much right there with you for so much of this. Not that old, but I appreciate TOS in all the ways you've described, to the letter. I'm consistently boggled by people who criticize "The Empath" because they don't like its style. I love its theatrical aesthetic. You've got to have a healthy appreciation for kitsch/camp to enjoy TOS, but that's only one facet of it. It really surprised me with its earnestness and sincerity, too.

    [–] The Original Series is so hard to watch for me. pandott 4 points ago in startrek

    I like 5 a lot. Actually enjoyed it more than 6 if I'm perfectly honest.