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    [–] Un-explored danger, the Whale song probe? pandott 1 points ago in DaystromInstitute

    Whales such as the humpback whale were thought to have developed during the Note that:

    The Apes first evolved, arose, and diversified during the early Miocene (Aquitanian and Burdigalian stages), becoming widespread in the Old World. By the end of this epoch and the start of the following one, the ancestors of humans had split away from the ancestors of the chimpanzees to follow their own evolutionary path during the final Messinian stage (7.2 - 5.3 mya) of the Miocene.

    This is not to necessarily call the whales more evolved than any proto-human at the time. It's just what the probe was able to understand: their underwater communications.

    It's also not to say that the whales' communications have not changed at all since the Miocene; however the important thing is that the probe is still able to basically understand them. The probe however does not understand the humans because the humans' abilities to communicate were after the probe's time, that is its original visit to Earth.

    In fact, it is arrogant to presume that the probe is here for us humans. It's not "our door" they're knocking on, it's the Earth, a planet mostly covered with water at that, oceans in which there is much life and intelligent life, the Earth which we share with many other intelligent organisms, i.e. the very thesis of the film itself.

    [–] Was Picard made aware of Michael and Discovery during the mind meld with Sarek? pandott 1 points ago in DaystromInstitute

    I agree with you and with u/opinionated-dick above . This is not a plot hole, it is adding to what is already canon. In this case, Discovery does not change anything fundamental about Sarek's mind-meld canon. We are all just being nerds obsessed with minutiae because it's what we do.

    [–] [Discovery] Just finished watching the finale and really loved how they handle same sex relationship / love. pandott 1 points ago * (lasted edited 15 hours ago) in startrek

    She is also a cancer survivor. Netflix has a documentary, "Tig".

    [–] [Discovery] Just finished watching the finale and really loved how they handle same sex relationship / love. pandott 0 points ago * (lasted edited 16 hours ago) in startrek

    It felt a lot more real to me than Ash/Burnham. To preface I don't hate either character, in fact I love Burnham. But Ash/Burnham never had any chemistry for me from day one. Every time they got together it felt like rehashed melodrama, and it's fine to have a bit of melodrama if it goes somewhere but it felt so superficial and tryhardy to me. I feel like this could have been vastly better if Burnham, knowing her relationship with Ash was doomed (or at least very much on ice), decided to go back to Vulcan Mode to deal with him. Then perhaps it's Tilly in front of whom she breaks down, and Tilly is there for her as the friend she can show vulnerability to.

    Now contrast with Stamets and Culber. Every single one of their interactions, whatever the nature of it or however brief, is truly meaningful. Every word and every beat between the words is really dense. Culber's reasons for transferring are complex; he wouldn't be going because he's fallen out of love, he'd be going because he's still in love and still trying to sort it out. But sometimes things just get sorted out in a hot minute. It happens. And when you see someone you care for, however repressed, massively wounded and bleeding out in front of you, well that does have a tendency to catalyze things.

    Important to add as u/ParyGanter mentioned, the real problem was not where Culber stood in the relationship but his comfortableness with himself.

    [–] Problems I had with the finale pandott 3 points ago in startrek

    I think the statement coming from any Vulcan that "Vulcans don't lie" is itself a lie. Vulcan's aren't conniving like Romulans, but they are shrewd.

    It's more of a cultural/morality thing than a "I physically cannot do this" thing. Of course they are capable of it, when needs be. They just refrain from it whenever possible, so that when they absolutely must lie, it's a convincing one.

    [–] TOS S1: E5 "The Naked Time" Question: Why wasn't McCoy Infected? pandott 4 points ago in startrek

    I haven't seen the ep in a few months (heh) but I guess it's as simple as the fact that he never had skin contact with anyone who was infected. You don't need protection per se except to guard against that. That's why Spock was infected, Chapel touched his hands, etc.

    [–] Alex Kurtzman Confirms ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 3 Destination, Hears Fans On Pike Series pandott -2 points ago in startrek

    They can't just play raquetball all next season. There has to be some kind of conflict. Otherwise there'd be no story.

    [–] Star Trek canon has some clues about what Discovery season 3 might look like pandott 2 points ago in startrek

    he and Pike almost started overwhelming the original cast!

    Well I'll remember your comment the next time someone whinges that Discovery is all about Burnham and nothing but Burnham.

    Don't worry -- because I know I'm not worried. We'll get a lot more of her. And thank goodness.

    [–] Star Trek canon has some clues about what Discovery season 3 might look like pandott 4 points ago in startrek

    YT algorithms bite. I try not to trust stuff that comes up on recommended feed. In fact I've even "not interested" a few just because they were so cravenly clickbaitey.

    [–] If this isn't the original klingon design then i don't know what is pandott 8 points ago in startrek

    so we really must stop saying that any series or film has is right or wrong.

    Objectively speaking there are some very fair points of critique in general.

    The way the actors have a hard time pronouncing their lines with the new prosthetics.

    The troubling fact of TOS brownface, but should we or should we not keep their skin brown for reasons of simple continuity.

    Some designs simply look aesthetically better. Most fans agree, they must at least have hair on their scalp.

    So yes everyone should absolutely keep in mind that their opinion is not the be all end all of what's "right or wrong", hi Reddit, but that doesn't mean these things aren't worth discussing or are counterproductive.

    [–] Anson Mount Open To Pike Show, But Returning To Star Trek Would Require “Creative Conversations” pandott 1 points ago in startrek

    I don't think it's a matter of the producers thinking it can't work. More to the point it's that they have a vision, which is to make Discovery more epic through long serialization. That's their vision, that's their idea of doing something different with the show. That's specifically what they want to do.

    ... And I appreciate it FWIW. I think it was a great experiment. At times a bit tedious, but I do appreciate that they did experiment and try something new. It's not supposed to be nostalgic, it's supposed to tell new stories about old and new characters in a new way.

    Now, do I want it to continue this way? Maybe. Having shorter arcs, perhaps spanning 4-5ish episodes each, with fun quirky bottle episodes in between them, would be the real happy medium for me.

    [–] I'm watching Enterprise for the first time, and... pandott 5 points ago in startrek

    There is a lot of throwing out the baby with the bathwater. There's much to turn a critical eye to but they are generally great productions. Yet some people cannot get past the ENT theme or the first few Disco eps and damn it all because they said so. We'll just be over here, having fun.

    [–] Happy Kitten pandott 2 points ago in aww

    American Curl breed

    [–] Why was Jadzia killed off in DS9? Was it actually part of the planned story of did something happen in real life that caused them to have to replace her with Ezri? pandott 2 points ago in startrek

    This bothers the hell out of me. I've heard so many people tell this story like "Wheaton was just a kid, he made a child's decision, he took the show for granted" but just... reading this makes my blood boil.

    [–] The problem with Riker? pandott 1 points ago in startrek

    Disagree with this guy fundamentally. The problem is a handful of episodes that were written to make him as the vlogger describes. It's fair to talk about the problems with the particular episodes, but the episodes are mutually exclusive to the rest of the series. IIRC Riker not advancing did not become a problem anywhere else in the series, neither did his problem with authority.

    Vlogger is just annoyed by the character which would be fair if he only had the temerity to say so frankly instead of wasting our time with monetized clickbait.

    [–] Motion picture pandott 1 points ago in startrek

    Watched it before becoming attached to TOS characters and didn't care much.

    Watched it after becoming attached to TOS characters and now I love it.

    The novelization is wacky but I'm glad I read it in between watches.

    [–] Having a hard time getting into Voyager, does it get better? pandott 6 points ago in startrek

    It gets decent starting season 3 when the Kazon finally take a back burner. It gets more genuinely enjoyable later that season when Seven joins. Sorry, Kes.

    [–] In Take Me Out To The Holosuite there is a ship with an all Vulcan crew. How did this happen and is it not a tad racist? pandott 2 points ago in startrek

    I mean.... on the Enterprise itself, not everyone is a McCoy. Only McCoy is McCoy, because he has a special relationship with Spock. It's precisely because they are so close that McCoy gets away with it (and that includes Kirk's mild teasing, as well).

    Everyone else treats Spock with the professional demeanor he commands, perhaps with the exception of Chapel because of her feelings for him.

    A Federation starship must have a professional acting crew, otherwise it will fall apart. Kirk makes no hesitation to correct an officer who demonstrates prejudice toward Spock/Vulcans.

    I much prefer the explanations in which the Vulcans would feel more physically comfortable in an environment tailored to their preferences.