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    [–] Shouldn't the energy cost become cheaper as you rank up a focus node? This doesn't seem like a good investment. panther455 1 points ago in Warframe

    It's the same thing with mods, let us change what level we are using mods/focus nodes at, if we have a level 3 void radiance, why cant I go back to level 2 or 1 if I want???

    [–] Kicking it old school. panther455 934 points ago in Tinder only has an app?

    [–] EA™ during™ summer™ panther455 11 points ago in ExpandDong

    Pride :) and :) accomplishment :)

    [–] LPT: Don't always take Reddit advice too seriously panther455 3 points ago in LifeProTips

    Yeah, I cant really take this seriously, doesn't seem too legit.

    [–] [WSIB] If I'm looking for a futuristic FPS? panther455 4 points ago in ShouldIbuythisgame

    Warframe might be worth checking out. You gather materials to make gear though, rather than loot it like in borderlands, and it isnt in first person, but its a fast paced sci fi shooter and can be played solo.

    [–] This guy's restuarant review. panther455 22 points ago in iamverysmart

    Thats what im thinking, but... inarticulate? Essenceless...ness??

    [–] This guy's restuarant review. panther455 48 points ago in iamverysmart

    Wait, so... is that good?

    [–] No u panther455 610 points ago in dankmemes

    That officers name? Albert Einstein.

    [–] Perfect bag to get after visiting Planned Parenthood panther455 2 points ago in pics

    Yeah, I notice theres a lot of strong feelings around here :/

    [–] Perfect bag to get after visiting Planned Parenthood panther455 1 points ago in pics

    Well, im not quite comfortable with that right now, I need other help first, but I definitely would like to feel more confident in my body, and being a human being who has sex... just... without it being something that's wrong or me feeling ashamed, and that would require having someone patient and caring enough to guide me along... which isnt likely at all, unfortunately.

    But I appreciate your offer, its a good thing you're doing, I wish more could.

    [–] Perfect bag to get after visiting Planned Parenthood panther455 3 points ago in pics

    Thank you, yeah thats what I was hoping for. Im not making any decisions now... not... quite in a position to, but if I were I would definitely look around more for myself, I was just curious in passing through, so I figured Id ask. I could have googled it, and I would if I were more serious, but figured others might wonder too, and I wasnt so interested to look for myself lol. Thanks for the information, I would hope its available for everyone in general, but also specifically because its called planned "parent"hood. I also was thinking it were free, good to know it's not. I hope it is afordable enough, im not well off and cant imagine spending any extra, but these things are pretty important.

    I've never had much, or any, sex ed, so... im not knowledgeable on any of this stuff :(

    Thanks again.

    [–] Perfect bag to get after visiting Planned Parenthood panther455 1 points ago in pics

    Oh, oof. Well, I haven't really looked around or thought much about this at all lol, so, thats why I was asking. Thank you :)

    [–] Perfect bag to get after visiting Planned Parenthood panther455 12 points ago in pics

    That's good. I was wondering if I were to ever be sexually active with anyone... Id be a bit concerned about STDs, of course, and would want us both to get tested.

    [–] Perfect bag to get after visiting Planned Parenthood panther455 4 points ago in pics

    Ok just wondering. Im not sure where to go for STD testing or counseling or anything, and that sounds amazing. Is there anything similar for men?? How infrequent and what is "some" care? :/

    [–] Perfect bag to get after visiting Planned Parenthood panther455 5 points ago in pics

    Is this a women only program? Im just asking, Im not familiar with it.

    [–] Interesting Title panther455 20 points ago in stalker


    [–] Lemon Pledge panther455 72 points ago in dankmemes

    THIS IS SO SAD, CAN WE HIT up my wife? I miss her I've made a terrible mistake.

    [–] Lemon Pledge panther455 109 points ago in dankmemes

    Is there a mute?

    [–] Hows this for news? panther455 2 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    A brand new new 3DS XL 👍🏻

    [–] Possible fix for "dbgmodel.dll" missing error panther455 1 points ago in dauntless

    I tried installing that, said it was already installed. So I uninstalled the update, restarted, installed the update, restarted, and the error still occurred for me unfortunately. I've been seeing people say it's a problem, but personally my system is pretty weak, probably under the minimum requirements, so it might be that in my case, I'm not sure. Still, even with my low end system I hope it gets fixed soonish. The performance in hunts is good enough, I just crash and get that error.

    [–] Nice to see this be said panther455 4 points ago in MensRights

    I'm agreeing with you, I think, in that we should use positive reinforcement instead of negative reinforcement.

    I personally suffer from depression and anxiety and there is a MASSIVE lack in support and positivity in my life. I've grown to hate my gender because I've always felt like I wasnt strong or fast or good enough to be "a man," as well as other reasons. I think it's important to remember that a lot of men (people, children) suffer from mental illnesses that need to be taken seriously, but the mindset of individuality and being strong, etc, while important and something to aspire to... not everyone can just do that.

    Some people need help, and thats not an easy thing to do. It would help if men could be given some positive reinforcement, encouragement, and empathy for instance. Im not good with words, I dont talk much cause Im usually shot down, so, I hope that was what I meant.

    [–] Nice to see this be said panther455 8 points ago in MensRights

    Positive reinforcement is all some people need and/or never got. It would be a shame to just leave them behind just because they weren't raised properly or some other problem, doesn't seem right.