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    [–] Oh, shit. panther455 1 points ago in Unexpected

    my hands shake a lot all the time

    "Yeah... from the drugs, ...right?"

    [–] Nintendo takes down videos and Patreon from creator of Mario 64 Online panther455 1 points ago in Games

    So... are all the games that are still up just ones that haven't been DMCA'd or sent C&D's yet?

    [–] Nintendo takes down videos and Patreon from creator of Mario 64 Online panther455 2 points ago in Games

    That's true, and once its out there, it's out there... Its an iffy grey area, but they have to protect their copyright, right?

    [–] Morty is exactly as smart as Rick panther455 1 points ago in c137

    Progressive haiku...


    [–] Pure "aww" ness panther455 2 points ago in aww

    Yep, its a donkey too.

    [–] I finally beat the game! (Spoilers!!) panther455 2 points ago in darksouls

    Reah got murdered. Someone beat you to it.

    [–] The 9 hour relationship... panther455 1 points ago in sadcringe

    Yah yah yah yah

    I remember syrup sandwiches?

    [–] A frog can only take so much before completely losing it panther455 6 points ago in gifs

    Warcraft 3 Peons, when you click them a lot.

    "Me not that kind of orc!"

    [–] MasterRace_irl panther455 1 points ago in pcmasterrace

     ┬─┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ)

    [–] anime_irl panther455 2 points ago in anime_irl

    True. Itd be nice if you didnt have to be so forceful and aggresive in careers, just to survive, get paid higher or fairly, etc.

    I guess im thinking more straight people, because I am straight, but the gay and trans things are pretty awesome.

    Utilikilts are cool, its the small things yknow? Its important to somebody, so its important enough. Bronies and furries to me Ive always kind of admired, they made a world for themselves where they can hopefully be comfortable and more secure in who they are and who they want to be. They are pretty cringey sometimes though, haha. But yeah, not all, and not always.

    [–] anime_irl panther455 2 points ago * (lasted edited 20 days ago) in anime_irl

    I'd like to hope so, I just dunno.

    Also, yknow, ive never really looked into positive changes for men, do you have any examples? There's probably something obvious that Im not seeing.

    edit: this isnt to say I dont believe you or anything, im just curious.

    Also edit: And again, I cant speak for Japan, but the US has the duluth model, which kinda sucks.

    As of 2006, the Duluth Model is the most common batterer intervention program used in the United States. Critics argue that the method can be ineffective as it was developed without minority communities in mind and can fail to address root psychological or emotional causes of abuse, in addition to completely neglecting male victims of abuse.

    [...]men use violence within relationships to exercise power and control. [...]According to the Duluth Model, "women and children are vulnerable to violence because of their unequal social, economic, and political status in society."

    The general thing I was getting at is its hard for people to see women as people who are capable of murder, molestation, rape, etc. I guess that would be the reasoning, but I do not know for sure.

    [–] anime_irl panther455 4 points ago in anime_irl

    I think it's more about humans in general, because it's not just Japan that treats women more leniently in terms of crime. It's a pretty big problem that unfortunately, doesn't seem to be changing any time soon, which is pretty upsetting.

    [–] Straight People Don't Exist, New Research Says panther455 2 points ago in MensLib

    I feel like you're messing with me. Just the wording you used.

    I unfortunately would be pretty unattracted to any trans person, sexually. I will absolutely say and tell a MtF that she is beautiful if I thought so, same with a FtM being good looking. But thats like a straight woman telling a gay man that he's handsome. We do it to be nice, because we obviously care to a degree. But beyond friendship, there's just certain things people are and aren't comfortable with. To deny them that in the name of equality or change or whatever is unfair, people should be allowed to have tastes and interests without being shamed because they didn't include something that you want them to.

    Also, if I were in prison, Id think Id have other things to worry about. And I'd hope youre not assuming that all men have some overwhelming need for sex that they'd figure a hole's a hole. Any who do that in prison were probably either close to being homosexuals, or already were. It may also, in the case of prison, be mainly a dominance thing, rather than a sexual one.

    Dunno man. Im not comfortable in a lot of things, but my sexuality is one of them.

    [–] anime_irl panther455 4 points ago in anime_irl

    Well, yeah, cartoons are a depiction of people, it leaves it open ended, rather than saying specifically photographs or video, etc.

    Not saying it's right or whatever, but the wording is fine. Also arent there workarounds kinda?

    [–] anime_irl panther455 45 points ago in anime_irl

    Glad we're calling it out.