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    [–] Five minutes of Robben cutting inside and scoring papichulonesh 1 points ago in lecutinsideman

    Probably one of the most underrated players of his generation

    [–] Antonio Conte watching the Men's Wimbledon final papichulonesh 1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in chelseafc

    Conte has been super quiet this post season. Looking forward to his press conference on the Costa fiasco

    [–] 65 million and Ivan Rakitic for Marco Verratti papichulonesh 2 points ago in soccer

    That's a very poor deal that wouldn't make much sense as Barca need Rakitic. I call Bullshit

    [–] Joe Hart set for medical ahead of move to West Ham papichulonesh 1 points ago in soccer

    Last season wasn't that good for Joe Hart but he has been solid in previous seasons . Maybe the exiling and adapting to a new league were factors but he's been in the EPL for a while and he'll be brilliant for West Ham

    [–] Alexis Sanchez: I want Champions League football but my future depends on Arsenal papichulonesh 2 points ago in soccer

    The scenes at Feyernood if this came true... You need a secret agent like Pogba in Lukaku deal to help him make the decision...

    [–] Sevilla officially sign Nolito papichulonesh 12 points ago in soccer

    Sevilla can get a few years out of him. The competition at ManCity for his position was just too stiff for him

    [–] John Terry has been given the armband at Villa papichulonesh 5 points ago in chelseafc

    Once a captain, leader, legend always a captain, leader, legend

    [–] Diego Costa Funny Moments papichulonesh 1 points ago in chelseafc

    Will miss him dearly. The Guv'nor. "I go to war, you come with me"

    [–] Contract extension and Fulham loan for Piazon papichulonesh 2 points ago in chelseafc

    Best move for Lucas would be a sale with buyback. Otherwise he will continue stagnating with these endless loans

    [–] T. Bakayoko : "Just 2 days and I already Miss U Monaco" from the aeroport to go back to Monaco papichulonesh 1 points ago in soccer

    I know that this deal will happen soon. What I'm worried about is our striker situation. I don't see any major headway with this and it's really frustrating

    [–] Barcelona Sign Nelson Semedo papichulonesh 2 points ago in soccer

    This is a great signing that'll help Barca get their edge back. Playing Roberto there wasn't that fruitful last season

    [–] Leonardo Bonucci will be new AC Milan captain. [C] 🇮🇹 papichulonesh 1 points ago in soccer

    This transfer just keeps getting weirder and weirder. What do the AcMilan fans reckon of this?

    [–] A.C Milan announce Leonardo Bonucci papichulonesh 2 points ago in soccer

    Juventus must be really riled up with this deal. I thought it was just shit rumors until now