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    [–] Leicester 0-1 Chelsea - Morata 41' papichulonesh 1 points ago in soccer

    Swahili is my native tongue and Hakuna Morata doesn't make sense. It literally means 'No Morata'. I hope this doesn't become a thing. PS- Hakuna(No) Matata(Worries) to Hakuna (No) Morata

    [–] We have at least 4 more seasons of the Bakayoko and Kante partnership, things are looking good. papichulonesh 5 points ago in chelseafc

    Those two gelled really well yesterday. Enjoyed them much more than Kante - Matic partnership. Those Dembele esque drives with the ball from Midfield are amazing to watch from both of them

    [–] Mourinho: We try to play the best we can, the last PL winners didn't play attacking football, they played defensive. papichulonesh 3 points ago in chelseafc

    I think it was like this because he was one of us. Now he's no longer one of us and we are in fact his biggest rivals for the title so he will definitely take digs at us every chance he gets

    [–] "Kante can't pass" a compilation, dispelling that myth papichulonesh 9 points ago in chelseafc

    The other day I got pissed off at a comment on r/soccer calling him a 'water carrier' player. It's insane when people have wrong opinions of a player they rarely watch

    [–] anyone else reckon that morata's "idol" growing up was torres? papichulonesh -1 points ago in chelseafc

    I feel that Moratas playing style is a hybrid between Torres and CR7. Which is a great combination tbf

    [–] Kevin De Bruyne has the most assists in the top 5 leagues since 2013/14 papichulonesh 7 points ago in soccer

    For me the treble winning season was pretty special. Seeing the MSN at its absolute best

    [–] Vadim Vasilyev (Monaco VP), about Benjamin Mendy : On numerous occasions he said to me "If it was Chelsea, I’d stay; but if it’s a chance to work with Guardiola, I want to go.” papichulonesh -12 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago) in soccer

    Alonso has been better than Mendy so far though. He'd be on the bench if he'd signed for us tbf

    Edit- apparently it was sarcastic. Non-native speaker here and it's hard to read sarcasm through text.

    [–] Ancelotti rumored to leave for China in January papichulonesh 2 points ago in soccer

    Shit rumor this. There's little reason for him to leave one of the best clubs in Europe

    [–] Leicester 0-1 Chelsea - Morata 41' papichulonesh 1 points ago in soccer

    This is Swahili for 'There's no Morata'. Say 'Hakuna kama Morata' meaning 'No one like Morata'

    [–] Manchester City 1-0 Liverpool : Sadio Mané straight red card 37' papichulonesh 1 points ago in soccer

    It was a really really dangerous tackle. He'll be going straight to hospital