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    [–] OP photoshops product to make it look like asshole design parabox1 8 points ago in quityourbullshit

    I would agre but the ingredients list is for fake maple syrup.

    [–] LPT: Paths cross, they're not all parallel. It's okay to move on from people when life pulls you in a different direction. parabox1 7 points ago in LifeProTips

    You have friends, I know a couple of people but I work 65+ hours a week my gf of 10 years wants to move out, I am not enjoying my job right now and the most fun I had outside work in the last 3 months is when I ran into someone looking at grills and talked them for 20 min.

    [–] The LAPD escalates its enforcement procedures (1991) parabox1 2 points ago in fakehistoryporn

    I own one and I am a lefty, totally different stock on the one in the cartoon also that 12g would be the worst option for hunting rabbits I could think off.

    I was going to go into a long winded post about the 2 company’s that make left eject shotguns but I changed my mind.

    But still props for calling me out I appreciate it.

    [–] The LAPD escalates its enforcement procedures (1991) parabox1 1 points ago in fakehistoryporn

    The only things that pissed me off are.

    The ejection port is on the wrong side of the gun.

    It has a pistol grip with a fixed stock and is a pump action.

    It’s like the person who made it knows nothing about guns, it’s the same thing as drawing a race car and putting a 2.4 in-line 4 and mud tires.

    Back in my day people did research before they made something.

    [–] A God is walking among us parabox1 1 points ago in mallninjashit

    user reports:

    1: No really MNS

    [–] An interesting title parabox1 8 points ago in Hunting

    Wife is moving out, I hate my job and could use a change.

    [–] Made fettuccini and when I went to check if it was done it made a perfect ampersand. & parabox1 2 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    I am sure it happened and it’s cool but it looks totally setup. I am not sure how one would go about filming it. Maybe boil 300 pounds up and pull it out one noodle at a time.

    [–] Epic Drill battery powerd ebike for under $300 parabox1 1 points ago in BeAmazed

    I new a guy who owned a computer shop in uptown Minneapolis years ago who was doing that with tricyclics for adults. They went supper fast and actually worked very well.

    [–] My friend mentioned she owned a sword parabox1 8 points ago in mallninjashit

    I like things to get down voted over removing them, if they get over 1000 upvotes I assume mob rule and leave them up.

    [–] Hunters say it's not a 'zombie disease,' but they are worried about deer illness parabox1 2 points ago in news

    Baiting has been banned in MN for 40 years, they banned feeding deer in my county 2 years ago even in winter.

    People still bait and feed, the local fleet farm sells both with a little warning label saying check local and state laws before using.

    They need to increase fines and ban stores from selling the products.

    [–] Five bystanders shot during police shootout with armed suspect parabox1 7 points ago in news

    Speaking of police missing shots, I am involved in several local action pistol leagues and after 2 years of trying I was able to get officer to show up.

    He sucks but is having fun and working on things and improving every week.

    He is the one that has told me most do not want to go because they would be it ashamed at how they shoot.

    [–] Father spinning gun on finger accidentally shoots self at daughter's birthday party parabox1 2 points ago in gunpolitics

    I think everyone should have a right to own guns but we should also have some repulse about when you forfeit that right.

    This would be one of them in my book.

    [–] What kind of gun is this? parabox1 9 points ago in guns

    The round hole and no ejection port for cases is the dead give away.

    [–] Father spinning gun on finger accidentally shoots self at daughter's birthday party parabox1 1 points ago in news

    Sue him for what maybe trauma or ptsd but what is the point of civil court other than to pay for any help the kids need.

    I am very pro gun but also think people should have rights taken away if they do shit like this.

    [–] TIL that by 400 BC, Persian engineers had mastered the technique of storing ice in the middle of summer in the desert parabox1 1 points ago in todayilearned

    Yes works the same for people in MN right now it is -5 every night with a couple weeks ago being -40f/c or worse. In 2 or 3 weeks it will be 35 and most people will be in T shirts with no jackets.

    Next fall when it hits 30 again most people will be in jackets.

    [–] Hope it shoots as good as it looks! (CZ Shadow 2) parabox1 1 points ago in handguns

    I did it my self since I am a gunsmith or used to be one. It’s really easy a little light polishing and fitting was all I needed.