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    [–] “Actors you recognize but can’t name” Starter Pack passengerv 0 points ago in starterpacks

    William Fictner is all I can do only because he's originally from my town and we talked while he was behind me at the grocery store. Nice guy.

    [–] My new favorite character passengerv 1 points ago in StrangerThings

    I wholeheartedly disagree.

    [–] Your scholastic order will arrive in two weeks passengerv 8 points ago in nostalgia

    awww shit that just made me remember Book It for/from Pizza Hut too. Now I want pizza.

    [–] Russia's Red Light District passengerv 2 points ago in evilbuildings

    Pretty sure the USA is Russia's redlight district because we are all getting fucked by them.

    [–] Computer AIDS for free music. passengerv 69 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in nostalgia

    It wasn't a song from Lime wire until you heard the AOL messenger door open part way through the song you downloaded.

    [–] My new favorite character passengerv 19 points ago in StrangerThings

    I found her lines forced and over the top annoying, her parents on the other hand were much more enjoyable to watch.

    [–] HMB and let's swing into the lake together passengerv 1 points ago in holdmybeer

    many of my fellow Americans are idiots that's why