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    [–] dried out chupacabra 💀 pastel-blades 0 points ago in rareinsults

    according to her he was to much of a pussy to learn

    [–] All of my steampunk shinys! pastel-blades 2 points ago in knick_knacks

    IN LOVE WITH THEM OML- you should totally wear a steam punk outfit to the gsa

    [–] engeneer pastel-blades 3 points ago in MemeVideos

    no one: the quiet kid

    [–] just got one of my only safe foods bashed 🥲 pastel-blades 1 points ago in EDAnonymous

    wait who bashed it? that one blonde kid that sits next to you in math?

    [–] go back. I WANT TO BE MONKE pastel-blades 2 points ago in Monke

    no it’s cuz the face looks like a monkey face when she chews it,,??