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    [–] Every good show and movie is ruined once they start forcing diversity and gender quotas into it patstoddard 1 points ago in unpopularopinion

    This is what’s gonna hurt the MCU going forwards, and has hurt both DC and Marvel comics the past few years. They sacrifice story for quotas. Don’t make a white character black, create a fucking black character! Have you seen what the writer on BW has said about following the comics? Have you seen the writer for CM2?

    [–] How do you feel about Beard Bowl as it is now? patstoddard 5 points ago in TheCompletionist

    Me too. I love their commentary and it’s great, just I don’t have the time to dedicate thirty mins to a boss fight where Alex dies five times, which I’m sure is hilarious and I miss some gold, but that’s thirty mins I could spend on another series and not miss any game progression. I want to see more of the game because I e never played it.

    [–] That's a nice car... oh patstoddard 1 points ago in yesyesyesyesno

    How hasn’t that been streets of rage two’d to death.

    [–] Parkour practice patstoddard 1 points ago in holdmyredbull

    That’s crazy.

    [–] College isn't just for white collar workers. patstoddard 1 points ago in gatesopencomeonin

    The entirety of college can be viewed on YT for free. You can audit classes for next to nothing. Pushing people into needless debt so you can buy their votes is the issue.

    [–] Chili Dogs patstoddard 20 points ago in hotdogs

    Well, she is a bitch

    [–] Chili Dogs patstoddard 15 points ago in hotdogs

    Looks like dog food

    [–] 14,600,000 bolivars, the amount of money you need to buy a 5 pound chicken in Venezuela patstoddard -4 points ago in Damnthatsinteresting



    [–] Cop trips woman who is not under arrest patstoddard 3 points ago in iamatotalpieceofshit

    They’re in riot gear so it prob is to get a reaction that justifies them beating people. I wonder if she sued?

    [–] Trisha patas on h3 podcast patstoddard 1 points ago in rareinsults

    Didn’t she say she was trans?

    [–] Saving babies? Absolute Chad move. patstoddard 6 points ago in chadsriseup

    Without govt who’d stop miracle blood?

    [–] This hurt to look at... patstoddard 4 points ago in agedlikemilk

    Shit like jock jams?

    [–] This hurt to look at... patstoddard 5 points ago in agedlikemilk

    What are the songs on it?

    [–] Doing the best he can is sometimes enough patstoddard 2 points ago in wholesomegreentext

    Making your bed every morning is a great way to start your day off.

    [–] Is there any reason to worry about the Beard Bros coming to an end? patstoddard 5 points ago in TheCompletionist

    This post has made me decide to become a patreon. I love y’alls stuff. Keep it up.

    [–] Bodyguard training patstoddard 1 points ago in Iamactuallyverybadass

    And all this time I thought Metal Gear Solis 2 over did the guards pulling in their hands like that.