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    [–] My electrician looks confused pauldfleck 7 points ago in Catswithjobs

    I have no idea what most of those words mean. We just moved in at the end of November.

    [–] ISO: the ordinary aha + bha peeling solution ? pauldfleck 2 points ago in CanSkincare

    I got mine from Cult Beauty. They periodically do free international shipping specials so you can get it for a really good deal.

    [–] A calming brightening night routine pauldfleck 2 points ago in SkincareFlatlays

    I'm quite enjoying the FAB toner as well. I took a risk and began applying it around my eyes and it really helped calm down my eyelid eczema, so now I apply it around eyes regularly.

    [–] RoseBerry Cocktail - a Christmas Delight! pauldfleck 4 points ago in cocktails

    Love this! Do you use 100% cranberry juice (the super tart stuff) or cranberry cocktail?

    [–] Where can I buy Azelaic acid for a decent price? pauldfleck 4 points ago in CanSkincare

    And several times a year they'll do a free worldwide shipping special, no minimum.

    [–] Don’t fall pauldfleck 2 points ago in thalassophobia

    I mean. That happened in 1912. Several people died.

    [–] For the non-Celiacs: Have any of you been to a doctor and officially diagnosed as being gluten intolerant? pauldfleck 3 points ago in glutenfreerecipes

    If he has IBS it's very difficult to get an "official" diagnosis, but his symptoms when eating wheat sound a lot like mine and I have IBS. It might be more helpful to see a dietitian, who can help him start some kind of elimination diet (most likely low-FODMAP) to determine what exactly is causing the problems. If it is IBS, it might actually not be the gluten that's the problem, but the fructans. Anyways, I would recommend a dietitian (NOT a nutritionist, they are very different things), as that was literally the only thing my doctor told me to do when he told me I likely had IBS.

    [–] YA (possibly) book about teenage girl who sees her male teacher peeing at a camp field trip and it turns into a huge scandal pauldfleck 2 points ago in whatsthatbook

    Hmm I don't think so, but I'll look into it a little bit more. EDIT: YES, after a bit more digging I realized this was definitely it. Maybe I just didn't fully read it, because the initial premise seemed off. But the camping trip detail was spot-on. Thank you!

    [–] [Misc] Biggest skincare purchase you regret? pauldfleck 2 points ago in SkincareAddiction

    I really wanted to love it too, considering how much this sub seems to worship it, but it dried my skin out so badly and triggered my eyelid eczema. My face stung like crazy even a few days after switching back to my usual rosehip seed oil. Took a week or two to fully recover.