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    [–] Blunana [Live Rosin] Press pawpaw69420 1 points ago in rosin

    Thanks for making me blow a load while I’m at work. Mylanta that’s beautiful

    [–] Waiting on flush #2 pawpaw69420 1 points ago in unclebens

    Is the green/blue bruising? I thought it was supposed to be all white.

    [–] I’m thinking leaf septoria now but not sure, 2nd grow pawpaw69420 1 points ago in GrowingMarijuana

    So this is a Pineapple Express auto from fast buds. Happy frog and perlite, ph 6.5, temp about 81. Humidity 40-45%. At first I thought it was nitrogen deficiency then I added nitrogen, and now I’m seeing signs of nitrogen burn on the leaf tips. So now I’m thinking it’s leaf septoria.

    Has anyone ever had to deal with this? I’m just trying to finish this grow, then I’ll get rid of all soil and give the tent a good scrubbing. I just bought Bonide organic liquid copper fungicide. Any one have any idea and can help a newb like me out.

    [–] MillyWyco Excellent Human pawpaw69420 2 points ago in sporetraders

    Won’t go to anyone else. He’s the best around.

    [–] Girlfriend caught her first fish! pawpaw69420 2 points ago in Fishing

    My guy, that just fucking killed me. I wish I could give you gold.

    [–] Opened an auto package and there was no seed. Seed from canuk seeds pawpaw69420 1 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in Autoflowers

    I ordered from NASB during the 4/20 sale and had to call my bank to cancel my order and get my money back. Is that the other seed bank you’re speaking of?

    [–] Nitrogen deficiency or leaf septoria? pawpaw69420 2 points ago in GrowingMarijuana

    That’s what I’m hoping for. Seems like easier to correct

    [–] Nitrogen deficiency or leaf septoria? pawpaw69420 1 points ago in GrowingMarijuana

    They’re starting to creep higher, but yes mostly all lower leaves

    [–] Nitrogen deficiency or leaf septoria? pawpaw69420 1 points ago in GrowingMarijuana

    3 autos growing, Pineapple Express, Lemon and strawberry cheesecake in day 32. The yellowing started on pineapple went to lemon then now I see signs of it on strawberry. It’s in happy frog with perlite. Ph 6.5. Temp 80. Fox farm nutes at half half percentage, not the full dirty dozen but about 9 of them.

    It’s mostly happening on old growth which makes me think it’s nitrogen but I’m looking for someone with more knowledge. 2nd grow in tent.

    [–] Leaf tips browning/yellowing and going crispy pawpaw69420 1 points ago in cannabiscultivation

    This is happening to my Pineapple Express right now but a lot more light green.

    [–] [actives] Contam tub to mulch bed out front. pawpaw69420 3 points ago in MushroomGrowers

    So if you put a contam tub outside and bury it, it can make safe and edible shrooms still?

    [–] First pepper ever grown from seed! Only got one but I'm still proud lol pawpaw69420 1 points ago in gardening

    Is it a banana pepper? They will fruit all season. I just started mine a couple weeks ago.

    [–] How can I get started using DMT? pawpaw69420 1 points ago in DMT

    Ya I had an absolutely wild trip but never wrote anything down so memory is fuzzy . If I had to describe it, I would say it’s like those gifs you see on here every once in a while.

    [–] How can I get started using DMT? pawpaw69420 2 points ago in DMT

    Me and my friend split a g once many years ago and after the second hit I just blacked out for 15 minutes, as did my buddy. We never threw up, but we were done for the day that’s for sure. My gf at the time said it looked like we died.

    [–] Im not lazy or dumb, I just don’t know how to socialize without breaking down or embarrassing myself pawpaw69420 9 points ago in socialanxiety

    I had a resume and interview class in college. The final exam was a mock interview with the teacher in front of the class and also while being video taped. It was worth like 20% of my grade. So I aced every homework assignment and then when it came to the mock interview, I just never went and ended up with a 79 or something like that in the class. I heard after that he changed the score so you fail if you don’t do the interview.

    [–] Strawberry cheesecakes chopped d88 pawpaw69420 1 points ago in Autoflowers

    Did you train it at all? I’m about 28 days in on my strawberry cheesecake