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    [–] Got a new guitar. I’m a Beginner and looking for easy but cool sounding rock songs/solos to play! pcone88 2 points ago in guitarlessons

    I started playing when red hot chili peppers californication was big. First song I ever learned entirely and played with my friend who played bass. The solo is pretty easy on its base level. This makes it pretty satisfying to learn and as you progress, u can work on all the little dynamics(slight bends and picking) as you progress.

    [–] An original song, could you give me some feedback? pcone88 2 points ago in Songwriters

    As far as composition goes, this is really good. I liked it a lot.

    i like the progressions and there is enough competing melodies for me to take turns listening to each on their own, as well as enough melodic ambiguity allowing space for me to sorta of apply my own melodies to it. Like if i listen to ratatat, I cant help but mentally improvise melodies and solos over them.

    The only thing that could have been better is the performance(which is the least important part). You're really good. It just sounded like you were playing quietly or in a way that you weren't trying to be heard. I mostly play with headphones and I always turn the volume up high to keep my playing quiet. It got me in a habit of playing a bit softer. I kinda learned to turn my volume low especially when recording. I could be totally wrong and it's just an issue of the mixing and maybe its just something a compressor or eq would fix.

    Like how I was saying you left enough room for adding layers, at times it felt like a little too much room was left. It doesnt quite stand alone and just needs a little something. But I think that could totally be solved by your playing dynamics. Like defining each section by playing harder or softer and bringing each individual note to the front. Making the bass line really stand out would be my first suggestion.

    [–] Telecaster Custom build I just finished. pcone88 1 points ago in guitarporn

    Really want to get a telecaster and always wanted to build a guitar. If you dont mind, how much did this cost you? I was thinking about going with pretty much the same stuff except the fender neck. Are you really happy you bought a real neck?(dumb question, but was the quality and saved labor time worth the cost?)

    [–] [QUESTION] What is an example from a song that clearly explains what a Middle 8 is in song structure? pcone88 1 points ago in Songwriters

    So i dont think there is a real hard distinction between the two. theyre kinda basically the same thing but sometimes it feels like one is more appropriate. I think in the UK they say middle 8 for what Americans would call a bridge but i dont really know.

    To me(american) a bridge is more so a departure from the established verse/chorus structure right after the second to last chorus that sounds nothing like the rest of the song but then suddenly and magically drops you right back off where you were and into the final chorus. I think of it as the alternate way to get from chorus to chorus. Like a inefficient but more scenic route.

    Some would consider a pre-chorus to be a middle 8 and they can be but pre. but I sorta think of a pre-chorus(at least in basic pop music) as a quicker transition following the verse to create a bit of tension or suspense leading to the chorus for the specific purpose of making the chorus feel like home.

    So the best example I can think of what I would consider the term middle 8 to be most appropriate is in "a day in the life" by The Beatles .The "woke up got out of bed" bit. Its totally different from the rest of the song but doesnt exactly lead back into a chorus. Lots of Beatles songs have this sort of thing where they go off path but not in the way modern American pop songs do. Which might be an example of why middle 8 seems to have a more broad and general meaning in the UK. pop music in the U.S. has been refined into a very predictable structure which is why I feel a bridge is so easily identifiable whereas less conventional music like jazz or music that predates modern pop has a bit more ambiguity to it and I'd hesitate to label some of their parts as a bridge.

    TL;DR They are interchangeable.
    In the u.k. and Europe a middle 8 could be a bridge or lengthy pre-chorus or anything from the definition you quoted. People in the U.S. have a more specific idea of what they'd call a bridge.

    [–] True Crime Garage podcast episode 307: Elliott Smith pcone88 4 points ago in elliottsmith

    Agreed. My wife is a kurt fanatic convinced courtney love killed him. It actually helped me see how silly all this is. Theres a small chance Elliott was murdered. But it doesnt do any good to dwell on it. I see it as either he killed himself or made a enough bad/self destructive choices that he wound up getting killed. Either way, he didnt deserve it. And I would imagine, if a spirit ghost Elliott was floating around, he wouldnt be out for justice or revenge. I think he'd just want people to enjoy his music and be happier for having heard it.

    [–] [Question]Any tips for playing with a pick or things you wish knew when starting out? pcone88 1 points ago in Guitar

    Thanks. But I suppose the grass is always greener on the other side. I dont ever want to become a pick only player but I've always been more impressed by melody and chord progressions(or rather the ability to map catchy melodies over unconventional progressions) than lead technicality but I still envy them.

    Maybe elliot Smith isnt your thing but hes why I never used a pick and maybe learning some of his stuff would help. His songs are about as advanced as fingerpicking gets without being considered finger style or classical. He was an incredibly gifted song writer and was about as hardcore as acoustic singer songwriter could be. Watching this video in particular is what made me think picks just weren't necessary. this is of the funniest things I've ever learned to play.

    [–] [Question]Any tips for playing with a pick or things you wish knew when starting out? pcone88 1 points ago in Guitar

    Thanks. That actually makes a lot of sense. And is very helpful. And youre exactly right, I havent learned to use my arm/wrist angle. I'm so used to playing with my fingers and using the different parts of my fingertips to adjust the sound. I keep my nails short so I can use the flesh or nails accordingly. So I'm definitely trying to get the most out of subtle adjustments. I'm not really into "thrashing" if that's a term. While I could get away with fingers for most John Mayer style kinda stuff, I'm really into learning more frusciante type stuff now and I know my fingers can only take me so far down that road.

    One thing I just cant get the hang of, which I suppose your suggestion will help with, is the transition between strumming and individual string playing. It's like two totally different things,( which might be why I've always been a bit confused by the number of instructional vids focused on rhythm playing).

    Its just sucks that I cant find any learning material without it being for a complete beginner, which I totally get it's my fault not theirs, but they assume you know nothing and teach in a way that assumes you only need to know so much at a complete beginner stage and the rest will happen as you progress.

    [–] You should be able to ask how long ago you asked something or how long it has been since a timer ended pcone88 2 points ago in amazonecho

    Exactly what I wanted. Thanks.

    It's not exactly a huge need. But I'm sure you've checked your phones call logs or text times to establish a point of reference.

    [–] You should be able to ask how long ago you asked something or how long it has been since a timer ended pcone88 2 points ago in amazonecho

    Thats a very good idea. I really like that

    As for my situation, let's say I'm cooking(or just multitasking I general) and using timers, sometimes the timer will go off, and I check a particular foods doneness. It might need some more time or It might be a minute or two before I realize I did something incorrectly or I need to set another timer for something else. Even though I've been using several timers throughout, Its easy to lose track of my total time spent.

    Also time stamps on things on my phone make keeping track of when specific events occurred. Like I can remember event X happened a few after calling or texting someone. If the time event X took place should later become important, I can look on my phone and see that it must have been around the time stamped on the call or text.

    [–] Favorite moments? pcone88 1 points ago in elliottsmith

    Theres way too many but since you asked...

    In No name # 3 that little dip down to Em right before the last "so come on night".

    Southern belle - The little bass run that brings the bridge back to the verse

    Go by - "I'd put it behind me once and for all" Fuckin powerful stuff

    Tomorrow tomorrow- the chord runs in the bridge thing are just amazing.

    Independence Day intro. It feels so good to play it. It's almost like it shouldn't be so easy to play(not that its so easy) because of how much is going on and how good it sounds.

    Everybody cares everybody understands-
    that line right before the crescendo

    Lets get lost outro

    Okay pretty good/my new freedom -
    Ill forget other stuff if I drink enough To pretend that I got people too The people know, that care what I do shameless plug/humble attempt

    [–] [Question]Any tips for playing with a pick or things you wish knew when starting out? pcone88 1 points ago in Guitar

    Thanks. I've been doing it mostly Angled and used to having my fingers close to the strings so I definitely want to try those jazz iii picks. Ive been trying to basically just add an extension to my thumb nail. And now that I think about it, i also prefer that chalky feel so thanks.

    [–] My synth heavy disco battle station. (Audio of jams created in the room in comments) pcone88 1 points ago in MusicBattlestations

    Props on being only 19 and doing this genre a solid. You captured a vibe most people under 30 dont appreciate. Good work man.

    [–] Help!!! What is the name of this song?!? pcone88 1 points ago in AcousticGuitar

    Unless some one is very familiar with this song and this busker is playing a very close cover of the original, this is too short a clip.

    [–] [Question]Any tips for playing with a pick or things you wish knew when starting out? pcone88 -1 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in Guitar

    Not sure what u mean? Are you saying I practiced habits last?

    [–] How can I make this work? pcone88 1 points ago in Songwriters

    Keep writing for sure, but dont expect to make music to fit youre lyrics so perfectly.

    Instead, make music first and mumble words and syllables along to it it. Certain progressions will lend themselves to certain melodies and certain chord changes will fit with different words. Sometime it will feel like a particular word just needs to be in a certain spot. Use these words to anchor you're writing and write lyrics around those words.

    You will always be able to go back to your pre written lyrics to pull pieces and rhymes from. Sometimes the stuff u already wrote will fit nicely and you can adjust the music to fit the words.

    Sometimes the music needs to change to fit your writing, sometimes the writing needs to change to fit your music. Theres no perfect way to do this and I am not any sort of expert. But it seems to me that the lyric-music relationship is like a dance. And we all know it takes two to tango. Both must help convey a mood or feeling or story or idea, and neither should step on the others toes