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    [–] I have pretty small hands and sometimes my fore finger has to does this for a stretch. Is this ok? pcone88 8 points ago in guitarlessons

    Stretch the webbing of your fingers everyday before you start playing. I learned a song a long time ago and needed to fret 3 on the low e and 7 on the high e. It took a while but stretching everyday really made a difference.

    [–] Advice for Writing Songs when you don't have Any Interesting Experiences? pcone88 1 points ago in Songwriting

    Just write about what you know.

    Regardless of whether or not u think your experiences are interesting, youve experienced more than enough to write about.

    Everything has layers. The fact that you think your life has been uninteresting is worth writing about.

    If you have truly lived an uneventful life, then maybe there are reasons why that's so. Or Maybe you have higher expectations for what makes an experience interesting than most. What were you expecting? Why hasnt it happened yet? Who's fault is it? The boring town you live in? Over protective parents? Lack of confidence? Ever been witness to another persons interesting life experience? Why them and not you?

    You have a hard time finding stuff to write about? That in and of itself is a struggle worth writing about.

    Anyone who has had a crazy experience can tell an awesome story.

    In my opinion, the most beautiful pieces of art are usually ones that take the mundane or things you take for granted and give you reasons to appreciate it. A good writer could write about leaf falling from a tree in such a way that you question choices you've made and cant ever see a leaf falling from a tree the same way again.

    You dont need to have grown up in a shitty home, been an addict, been cheated on, ect. You just have to pay attention to what's around you and how it feels to be you in the situations you find yourself in.

    [–] [PLAY] john mayer reenacting the thought process of soloing over chords pcone88 1 points ago in Guitar

    I've always figured that's why he makes crazy faces while he jamming. Hes learned to put the fretboard shapes and patterns in the back ground and play more from the minds ear

    [–] [PLAY] john mayer reenacting the thought process of soloing over chords pcone88 8 points ago in Guitar

    Regardless of how anyone feels about his music, hes super talented and his interviews are really good. Hes extremely introspective and is good at explaining things in a way most people can understand without having experienced it themselves.

    [–] QUESTION - How are guitar fingerstyle covers made? pcone88 1 points ago in AcousticGuitar

    You need to learn how to create chords and memorize different voicings and how to embellish chords.

    Tabs will help you with muscle memory and get your ear to start mapping sounds to the the fretboard, but you gotta start playing things by ear. At least try and play something by ear first and if you get stuck, then check the tab. It's all that trial and error, looking for a note, messing up, remembering the notes that led up to the mistake, playing them over, and then playing the correct note, that really helps your fingers find the notes your ears want to hear. Playing scales in different positions and linking them together in random ways is also good.

    Memorizing chords across the neck is also helpful. You can play the same chord several ways and to take advantage of the octaves each string can provide. I suggest you learn to play the same chord in about 4 or 5 positions, like the caged formula (caged formula can be a bit limiting but is a useful starting point)

    Most of the notes you hear being sung or played by other instruments will be found within reach of the chord your playing. Sometimes a vocal melody line requires a note a few frets away from the chord your playing. So you either have to move quickly back and forth(chord note chord) or figure out a different fingering for the chord that compromises between having the chord sounding right and the note sounding right.

    [–] What if... pcone88 3 points ago in elliottsmith

    Oh I agree 1000% on elliotts songwriting being better. But i wouldnt think of paul McCartneys lack of musical education as something that hindered him in any way. It's pretty much the opposite. I'd say thats what allowed the Beatles to be so innovative. They let their ears do the work. As did elliott. Understanding music theory helps describe what you hear, why it worked, but it cant really tell you what will sound good if it hasn't already been established as something people like. It's not as if not knowing what notes you're playing mean you're blindly playing music. The music

    I'm only 30 and I'm not sure how old you are but Paul McCartneys is not like pop artists today. He wrote everything either himself or with john. If you listen to popular music when the white album was released, the white album contained music so much different than what was around at the time. And they managed to make that music that was unlike anything else at the time digestible to the masses. Pretty much every piece of rock/pop music after the Beatles is basically a reaction to the Beatles. Saying they were just successful is an understatement. They changed pop music the same way jimi Hendrix changed rock.

    The beatles were Elliotts heaviest influence. His goal before he died was to make his own equivalent to white album. The only reason I made the 5th beatle comment was because the beatles is the most comparable music to Elliotts. Where as most pop songs were verse chorus verse chorus bridge chorus, the Beatles had songs like day in the life. Elliott himslef described his music as pop. Pop nowadays is used pejoratively, but back when then only access to music was the radio, being pop was nothing to ashamed of. Elliotts music is so similar to the Beatles. So many songs without a true chorus or structure and pleasant melodies over unique chord progressions.

    Elliott as a lyricist though, has the Beatles beat by a lot. His use of imagery is amazing.

    [–] What if... pcone88 6 points ago in elliottsmith

    I think the answer would depend on his drug use or attitude towards it. If clean or at least past reckless drug use hed probably have broken through into the mainstream like miss misery once more. Hed probably be recognized more widely as a great artist, and be a little more accepting of being an actual star and a little less opposed to the idea of being one. Id imagine it a bit like john frusciante in that he established a perfect level of fame. Outside of big rhcp fans most people wouldnt know who john frusciante is. But the second you say hes the chili peppers guitarist, they all know his work. But most musicians have a deep respect for his work. He was completely opposed to being famous and now just makes music for the hell of it and shares it on sound cloud. I feel like if elliott had broken through the "wanting fame, but hating fame" thing, he would have definitely widened his style and created various genres of music. John frusciante is a bit more of a visionary and has branched out into making music that sounds nothing like his earlier work. I dont think hed ever stray as far from his style as John frusciante has as he is probably a more free spirited artist than elliott would be. But I could totally see elliott writing scores for films and making entirely instrumental classical music type albums. The one thing that makes elliott unique compared to all the super talented artists who's music can become so experimental it becomes almost un-musical, is his gift for melody. His progressions are sooo much more complex than a standard pop song, but his vocal melodies make songs like Strung Out Again a hummable tune. It's what makes him IMO the 5th beatle. Hes makes structuraly complicated music poppy and digestible. Where as frusciante is testing the boundaries of music, I'd imagine elliotts quest to create very unique yet non alienating music would always govern his creativity.

    [–] "lovesick idiot" a song about obsessively crushing on somebody, hope you like it :) pcone88 2 points ago * (lasted edited 23 days ago) in Songwriters

    It's really good. A bit more change in strumming or picking could help keep the average listener engaged for longer. But this could be done by simply by adding new instrumentation throughout. I personally think the song stands on it's own as is. Like if there was a full band version, I'd like this one better. The lyrics are so relatable that anyone could put themselves in your place, and your delivery also allows a listener to sympathize with you. But as I said, I'd imagine some people would get bored with the repetition and stripped down style but that's really just a bells and whistles issue. The song itself is awesome.

    [–] Yoshi Strat pcone88 2 points ago in Luthier

    Should make the pick guard red with white border like his shell/saddle

    [–] Help with melody writing for vocals pcone88 2 points ago in Songwriting

    The midi/wav export is disabled in the free version but the pro version is totally worth a few bucks

    [–] Help with melody writing for vocals pcone88 2 points ago in Songwriting

    Yeah its basically the same thing, except you can layer instruments and customize picking patterns. And the best part is you can export the midi file and put it into a daw and it will add each track independently. I'll use that to give myself a good base backing track and then one by one replace the midi tracks with recorded ones

    [–] Help with melody writing for vocals pcone88 1 points ago in Songwriting

    Have you tried the Chord bot app?

    [–] Years and years of slowly making it perfect. Finally done! pcone88 2 points ago in gretsch

    You like that bridge? I have a tru arc. I really like the sound but and I get a little bit if ringing on my b string.

    [–] Possible backlight issue? Any fixes? pcone88 1 points ago in TVRepair

    Thanks for linking that. Definitely could do it, but I dont think I want to lol.

    Ok so actually upon getting home and turning on the tv, the backlighting was fine. My tv also has trouble starting up and needs to be started several times before staying on. I believe that's caused by a faulty capacitor. Could the backlight issue also be caused by the same faulty cap?

    [–] Possible backlight issue? Any fixes? pcone88 1 points ago in TVRepair

    I'm an electrician with some pretty good soldering skills. Is it really too hard?