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    [–] [Long] Ramsey: "Some disrespectful things were said on their end that made me definitely walk out and call my agent as soon as I walked out. I told him, I said, 'It's time. My time is up here in Jacksonville.'" pdieten 6 points ago * (lasted edited 4 hours ago) in nfl

    Well, he has the leverage to not have to put up with bullshit from his employer and you apparently don't. That's the difference. Anyone would pay him a lot of money. Knowing that means he doesn't have to take crap from anybody. Working for somebody else does not, in fact, oblige you to put up with mistreatment from your employer if you can work for someone else who doesn't do that.

    Edit, I'm slightly curious to know who the downvoting bootlickers are who are happy to get kicked in the face and ask for another, but I've disabled inbox replies, so I guess I don't really care that much.

    [–] Trent Grisham hits a 2 run little leauge home run pdieten 6 points ago in baseball

    Now they can play as well as they want, we're done with them. Now we get the Pirates.

    [–] How did multi blade cartridge razors nearly replace Safety razors and wet shaving as a whole? pdieten 3 points ago in wicked_edge

    Marketing alone doesn't sell a razor, and neither does charging more money. If they did, the Techmatic would not have flopped the way it did.

    But Gillette was looking for a new patentable product that would sell well. Eventually they hit on the Trac II. The associated advertising blitz showed the hysteresis effect, but that alone doesn't sell product. The thing is, with its fixed angle and easy to install cartridges, it really did give an acceptable shave with less effort than the DE. That's all that most men care about; they don't really obsess over their shaves and have no patience for cuts. The Trac II delivered what they wanted and it was easy. So it's the product that took off, and it really did.

    A couple of years later the Bic disposable dropped and was promptly followed by the Gillette Good News, which is essentially a disposable Trac II. Disposables were half of the wet shaving market in the mid-'80s when I started to shave. By that time it was either that or the Atra, nothing else really had market share anymore. Gillette stopped making DE razors in 1988, market share went through the floor and nobody was really buying the things anymore after maybe 1975.

    I didn't use any of them; Dad was a Norelco man and I used electrics until 1998 when the Mach 3 became the new hotness. Got a free razor and was hooked until I switched when I got tired of the Gillette cartridge expense.

    [–] Anyone successful contacting Lather and Wood Shaving Co? pdieten 2 points ago in wicked_edge

    You know, you're not required to use artisan soap products to shave. The world is full of very effective, pleasant, and inexpensive mass market products. Fragrance doesn't lather. It does splash on very well after shaving though.

    [–] Nothing more therapeutic than wetshaving with a cocktail. Thought you guys might relate! pdieten 3 points ago in wicked_edge

    I suppose you're right. It's just too bad that the influencer nonsense has gotten to the point that one can't ever post a picture of a product without being accused of shilling or /r/hailcorporate or similar such nonsense. I mean, products don't magick themselves into existence out of thin air; somebody made them and if you use one, you use one. Shouldn't be that big of a deal.

    [–] Yastrzemski hits number 20 at Fenway pdieten 8 points ago in baseball

    That's pretty awesome.

    I just remember Carl playing against the Brewers at the end of his career. Never played in the field anymore then, he was always DHing. Not exactly feared any more then, but still good enough to play most days. I thought he looked old. I'm older now than he was then. I guess I'm old.

    [–] Nothing more therapeutic than wetshaving with a cocktail. Thought you guys might relate! pdieten 5 points ago in wicked_edge

    Nice photo composition. Very attention getting. I like it.

    I have two suggestions: 1. Why are we hiding brand names? Semogue brushes have cool labels. 2. Finish shaving first. Then cocktail. One wants to be clear minded when applying a razor blade to the face. :)

    [–] Packers rank at #6 in ESPN’s Power Rankings pdieten 2 points ago in GreenBayPackers

    He was 21st in the league in net average last year and 16th in gross average, so kind of mediocre I think

    [–] The right way pdieten 31 points ago in funny

    There is no excuse for being prejudiced when there are so many perfectly good reasons to dislike people on their individual merits.

    [–] Packers rank at #6 in ESPN’s Power Rankings pdieten 3 points ago in GreenBayPackers

    I think the defense was expected to be good, so they might not count as a surprise. Scott has been much better than he was last year.

    [–] The 10 seasons of Wisconsin, according to our local news station pdieten 2 points ago in funny

    Nah, fall runs through Thanksgiving and then it snows all through December. Sometime after New Year's it gets warm for a couple weeks, then at the end of the month or early February we get a blizzard. In late February and early March it will warm up for awhile again, then in mid March it will snow through roughly Easter. Then spring starts.

    [–] 'The world is so unsafe': Environmental activists pledge not to have kids | CBC News pdieten 0 points ago in worldnews

    Anyone who has the privilege to be able to stand in the street holding a sign is going to have the means to avoid the human disasters created by climate change and so will their children. That's not the point. There's no need for these folks to make excuses about why they don't want kids. If they don't want them, fine. It's not as though other women in the world aren't having them by the hundreds of thousands every day.

    [–] I got married 25.08.2019! Here’s a picture of us that my Uncle shot on his Kodak Duaflex II. I love how it turned out! pdieten 7 points ago in pics

    I gotta think that might have been vintage film. A Duaflex takes 620. I've rolled new 120 film onto 620 spools but maybe not everyone does.

    [–] Cake day shave 2019/09/16 pdieten 1 points ago in wicked_edge

    Thanks and happy birthday (and cake day!)

    [–] Cake day shave 2019/09/16 pdieten 3 points ago in wicked_edge

    Nothing special, just some products I've been using lately. I like to get the Gem razor out on Mondays.

    Lather: Erasmic cream

    Brush: Simpson Berkeley 46 pure badger

    Razor: Gem Micromatic Flying Wing ("bullet tip")

    Blade: Gem PTFE-coated stainless

    After: Avon Tai Winds

    Erasmic cream is very slick. For what it cost me, I find it effective. The brush is nice but but decidedly less soft on the face than their best badger hair brushes.

    The Gem razor and blade did their usual excellent job, except I overshaved on my neck just a bit. Felt the splash go on there.

    The Avon Tai Winds is in a decanter shaped like a car. This bottle is about 46 years old. I bought it late last month new in box from a place that does estate clearouts. Has good face feel and a pleasant yet interesting scent in the Hai Karate style. I'm a little disappointed that I have not yet had to fend off any women, though it's still early in the day. In any case, great shave today.

    [–] Molina watching as Braun crossed the plate after the Grand Salami pdieten 8 points ago in Brewers

    Or he's mad at Fernandez for hanging a slider. I would be if I were him

    [–] Truck nuts on the back of a truck just give you a heads up that there's a dick in the front. pdieten 24 points ago in Showerthoughts

    Because it's not an intelligent joke, it's just dumb and classless. Grown up people think this kind of humor is lame.