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    [–] how to get over my phobia of touching my vagina? peachikeene 1 points ago in Healthyhooha

    Agree with exposure therapy. Start small and build up. Take your time and go slow, but get familiar with yourself. Know that the texture you noticed is normal. It’s a mucus membrane, similar to the inside of your cheek or nose. Set small goals. Try to touch it once a week. Then a few times a week. Then daily if it’s going well. Build up a tolerance. And do it with washed hands!

    Once you’re comfortable with that, try pushing your tampons a little farther in- I have a feeling you’ll notice a world of difference in comfort when they’re placed correctly. Once you’re there, maybe try a menstrual cup. For those to be placed properly, you’ll need to touch it a bit.

    You CAN overcome this. Being comfortable with your body as a young adult woman is a sign of maturity, and will only help you as you get older. We all believe in you!

    [–] Does anyone else get this awful feeling when removing a tampon peachikeene 1 points ago * (lasted edited 12 hours ago) in Healthyhooha

    I understand. Honestly I think your best bet for a light flow is either pads (they make reusable ones!) or a smaller tampon. If you continue using super tampons for light flow, you’re going to continue feeling the discomfort. I know you said super tampons are less uncomfortable for whatever reason, but I strongly encourage you to try light ones. They’re even smaller than regular ones. They’re kinda hard to find but they’re out there. I don’t think cups will work for you until you get a little old and more mature and can work past your phobia of touching your vagina. Good luck my friend. You’re always welcome here in this sub, and if you ever were interested, I’m sure a lot of people here would be willing to help give you advice on your phobia. 💜

    [–] Does anyone else get this awful feeling when removing a tampon peachikeene 2 points ago in Healthyhooha

    I think u/carcinogenicbanana is right OP, I have a feeling you're not getting the tampon in quite far enough in order to avoid touching your vagina. This seems to be a really big phobia for you from the comments I've read, and I think this is the root problem. Would you be willing/able to look into therapy for something like that? I feel like every woman should be comfortable with their body, and if you're not, maybe a therapist could help you work through whatever's stopping you. Good luck; you're welcome to PM me if you feel comfortable doing so. :)

    [–] Menstrual cups that have a way to remove them? peachikeene 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in Healthyhooha

    Removed: that is very disrespectful. Please show more respect in the future.

    [–] Excessive discharge? peachikeene 2 points ago in Healthyhooha

    Sounds normal to me.

    [–] Discharge a day after sex peachikeene 0 points ago in Healthyhooha

    I'm gonna go with probably normal. You could always take Plan B, you've got 72 hours but the sooner the better if you're worried about pregnancy (though you said you used protection so unless the condom broke or something, you're probably alright). I'd start seeing a GYN for yearly appointments. Good luck!

    [–] For those that like to take baths but struggle with BV. peachikeene 1 points ago in Healthyhooha

    Removing most of this thread, has gotten hostile and off topic.

    [–] Woman wrecks car after she sees spider riding shotgun with her peachikeene 1 points ago in news

    I nearly did once when I dropped the sun visor and was face to face with a spider hiding there. I screamed, my toddler laughed at me, and I managed to pull over without crashing thank goodness. I’m not even really deathly afraid of spiders, but it sure wasn’t what I was expecting.

    [–] Eventually peachikeene 1 points ago in MadeMeSmile

    Will never correct backfume (vacuum).

    [–] 22, never got any proper health education, need advice peachikeene 5 points ago in Healthyhooha

    It depends on your circumstances but condoms are both a backup method to prevent pregnancy and protection against STIs. If you're in a monogamous relationship, you trust the person you're with, and you both have clean STDs screens, you're probably alright. with any new partners, best to wear one and don't let them try to talk you out of it!

    EDIT: Oh and something I recently learned: I was on the NuvaRing when I first got together with my now-husband and someone told me you can take it out for up to 1 hour while having sex if you'd like. They say you don't feel it and maybe most don't, but it can come out during sex without you realizing it (happened to me!) So feel free to take it out temporarily, rinse it off, and put it back it when you're done!

    [–] 22, never got any proper health education, need advice peachikeene 10 points ago in Healthyhooha

    Drink lots of water. No soap inside the vagina, warm water to the inner vulva only, mild soap around your groin/outer labia. No douching! Use condoms. Clean any sex toys. Wear cotton panties during the day, go commando at night. Pull out a mirror and familiarize yourself with yourself. You have a total of 3 holes down there: your urethra (tucked under your labia minora), your vagina, and your rectum (you may have known that already, but I was in nursing school when I realized you have a separate pee-hole). Those are just the first several that popped in my head. any specific questions? =)

    [–] please help! i need advice NOW peachikeene 1 points ago in Healthyhooha

    The pain is probably from the stone moving. Agree that the blood is probably from the irritation its causing. Drink tons and tons of water and as much as it hurts, try to walk a lot. it'll help it pass. Good luck!

    [–] "Cute Little Cervix" - my gyno peachikeene 21 points ago in Healthyhooha

    I don't think it means anything significant. Sometimes they just say stuff to have something to say. I feel like "cute little cervix" IS boringly normal. Don't stress, and good luck conceiving!

    [–] Boric acid and yeast- please help me prepare! peachikeene 1 points ago in Healthyhooha

    Yes, take the boric acid and the probiotic. I kept wondering why you were preoccupied by bacterial resistance- then I reread and noticed your major and was like- oooh that’s why! 😃 Not that it isn’t a worthy thing to be worried about 😬

    I haven’t used boric acid myself so maybe someone else can attest to the regimen, but I imagine it should say on the package. Follow package directions for it and the probiotics. I’ve heard that the boric acid can leave some gritty discharge the next morning.

    Up your water intake and avoid sugary sodas/teas and extra sugars period. Yeast infections can have some relation to diabetes- diabetes can bring them on/worsen them. Are you checking your sugars already, is that how you know your sugar is spiking? Do you feel thirsty/hungry or are you peeing ALL the time?

    Also, if you’ve been sexually active with your girlfriend it can be spread, especially in girl-girl relationships, so have her keep an eye out for signs and symptoms too. It’s not an STI strictly speaking because the yeast is part of our normal flora (though you probably already knew that).

    Good luck, hope this helped a bit!

    [–] MRW I see a post in /r/freefolk with a spoiler tag. peachikeene 7 points ago in freefolk

    I was totally that dumb cunt last night. First time here from r/gameofthrones and I didn’t realize the full nature of this sub! It’s now my favorite!

    [–] A question regarding cramping peachikeene 2 points ago in Healthyhooha

    Understandable! I hope you find some answers and treatment, and that your doc is one you trust. 💜

    [–] A question regarding cramping peachikeene 2 points ago in Healthyhooha

    Go see a doc. Could be something they could work you up for; PID and endometriosis come to mind. Good luck!

    [–] Ramin Djawadi appreciation post - I can’t wait to get my mind blown again with the new score! peachikeene 1 points ago in freefolk

    Thanks! I kinda figured but got nervous and didn’t know how. Looked it up and wanted to try it out. New to this sub and I LOVE it!

    [–] Ramin Djawadi appreciation post - I can’t wait to get my mind blown again with the new score! peachikeene 2 points ago * (lasted edited 16 days ago) in freefolk

    Who else has noticed fun soundtrack details in the rewatch? We just ended our rewatch of the entire series. A few of my recent faves are when the Unsullied went to go take Casterly Rock and the closing of the final episode of season 7.

    When the Unsullied are approaching Casterly Rock, their theme is playing, Tyrion is narrating, but you start getting the sense that something’s not quite right. Then you hear The Rains of Castamere start weaving into the Unsullied theme and it creates this unsettling, foreboding feeling.

    We just finished S7E7, and I liked how the main title theme was playing as the ice-viserion blew down the wall but in a minor key to create more fear and dread.

    [–] Cramps after orgasm? peachikeene 1 points ago in Healthyhooha

    You’re absolutely welcome :)

    [–] Cramps after orgasm? peachikeene 1 points ago in Healthyhooha

    Yep! All of it is the uterus contracting or “flexing”. It’s made of smooth muscle. I don’t think it’s a problem really unless it disrupts your life.

    [–] bacterial vaginosis while using vibrator??? peachikeene 3 points ago in Healthyhooha

    Depending on the material it’s made out of, I’d try to either boil it or clean with soap and water and then maybe rubbing alcohol then allow it to dry. If the surface is porous, I’d maybe just ditch it and get a new one, and buy a toy cleaner while you’re at it. Good luck!