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    [–] Which trait or behavior from your parents do you NOT want to repeat? per-severance 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I won't ever tell my kids I won't be angry if they're honest with me and then be mad at them anyway.

    [–] Get this weak magic out of here per-severance 4 points ago in gifs

    "Do not cite the deep magic to me I was there when it was written"

    [–] Hurts expected to visit Miami Sunday per-severance 12 points ago in CFB

    stop, stop they're already dead

    [–] Hurts expected to visit Miami Sunday per-severance 7 points ago in CFB

    you took our 'croots

    we're taking ur coaches


    [–] Love Pakistani BF to f*cking pieces but I think I’m going to let go entirely soon after years :( per-severance 3 points ago in exmuslim

    You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. It's not fair to you to have to be the one to use up your emotional energy to try and fix him.

    He's going to end up realizing what he's lost too late. You needn't martyr yourself.

    [–] A question to ex Muslims: if you believe Islam as a religion is wrong, then what religion do you believe is right? Or you don't believe in any form of religion? Thank you! per-severance 2 points ago in exmuslim

    I think if there is a god, it probably doesn't care much about us - or any other sentient life it created, if at all.

    To believe that a god prescribes how a particular subset of organisms on exactly one planet must live to be "good" seems incredibly arrogant and self-centered.

    [–] Every muslim, during Iftar. per-severance 5 points ago in exmuslim


    Why was it always the person next to me with the gas issues?

    [–] People who have completely removed Facebook from their lives. Has it had a positive effect or is the same? per-severance 1 points ago in AskReddit

    If it wasn't for messenger to keep up with friends, I would be totally gone from Facebook. Just a cesspool of stupid shit and narcissism.

    [–] People who don’t know how to swim... why? [serious] per-severance 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I think I did take some swimming lessons in pre-school and early elementary school. I was a self-conscious kid, didn't like taking my shirt off. Parents went with it. I think I was able to swim to some degree back then.

    After eighteen years of never swimming again, I went to the beach with my friends and instantly got taken out by a wave. I forgot how to swim.

    [–] Strongly considering PhD per-severance 6 points ago in GradSchool

    I was a pre-med because of parental pressure, and eventually I found my out when I started in research as an undergrad.

    What I can say for a Biomedical PhD program is this - your financial outcome is not going to be nearly as set in stone as the almost guaranteed job you'd have if you went to medical school. Most of us have already accepted this - frankly, I don't care if I'm not making 150k a year as a physician. Going for a PhD, especially if you're making a run on a tenure-track position to become a professor, doesn't give you a sure shot at your dream career. A lot of people go into industry to patch up this deficiency, but even industry has its own cons. If not industry, some will elect to join a startup company, but we know that there are financial risks inherent in that - but if you're young, you might as well push your luck. Some will end up working in patenting to examine scientific inventions, some will be science editors, some will be selling instruments on commission to laboratories.

    Depending on how the advising professor for your PhD is, you're probably going to feel something like cheap labor. In truth, that's more or less what grad school is - an apprenticeship sort of deal where you're doing a bunch of benchwork and furthering your advisors career in exchange for the knowledge and understanding that is necessary to earn a PhD. In this time, it is absolutely critical to try and get the most prolific projects you can and to diversify your experiences as much as possible. If you're trying to get into industry, industry experience will be weighted far more heavily than your time in an academic lab.

    I'm in a Biochemistry/Molecular Biology program, but I've chosen projects that have lots of analytical chemistry. Because of that, I'm getting experience in operating instruments that more or less acts as a bit of an insurance policy in case everything goes to shit.

    Also - consider the average time to graduate in the laboratories you want to join. It's not worthwhile to get out in 7 years when you can get out in 5 or less. Take a project that is well-funded, has grad students already working on some aspect of it, and has produced papers. If you're producing papers as part of a project, that puts you on track to graduate. If you have other graduate students on the project, you have people you can ask for advice. And if it's got funding, it's not going to suddenly evaporate and force you to start on another project from the beginning. With that being said - have multiple projects so that this doesn't happen to you. This is the reality of funding in science - it may just disappear without warning.

    The last bit of advice is to train your successor. When you're a few years in and getting your exit strategy together, you should be mentoring a new graduate student to be able to perform the projects that you work on. When it comes time for you to leave, you'll be able to make the case that there's someone in the lab who will be able to take over what you used to do.

    This path isn't a cakewalk, but then again, few scientific disciplines are. You're going to fail and meet disappointment over and over again. It will always come down to you getting knocked down and choosing to get back up again.

    [–] What is your favourite quote from a video game? per-severance 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Death at the gates again. Howling my name. Can't greet you today. I've got a war to win.

    [–] What is your worst memory of P.E? per-severance 3 points ago in AskReddit

    I guess I must have been careless with the lock on my locker, because when I came back to it after PE was over for the day, my lock was gone, and my bag was missing.

    I eventually found it in another locker when I noticed a blown up bag of chips that looked like it was part of my lunch for the day in the same aisle. I changed back into my school uniform, cut my losses (my lunch was missing) and took my bag and went to my next class. As I was leaving, a few of the dickwad kids saw the mess and started asking me in a mocking tone "who did that?"

    Fuck middle school.

    [–] If 0 is entirely evil and 100 is entirely good, what number are you? Why? per-severance 1 points ago in AskReddit

    depends on who's looking at me.

    My family probably thinks I'm around a 35. My friends probably see me around a 75.

    [–] What is your best story of a bully getting served sweet justice? per-severance 5 points ago in AskReddit

    This kid used to sit with us at lunch in my middle school days. With pre-teens ranking themselves by how shitty they were to each other, this guy definitely had a hard-on for climbing the social ladder. Me being the guy who sucked at dissing people, he'd take every opportunity to beat on a soft target.

    In my middle school days, I would walk over to a restaurant next to the school so that my mom could pick me up because everyone and their mother would use the car loop. It took a few minutes instead of half an hour - was a pretty good solution. Of course, there were a few other kids who had figured this out, and they would hang out by the restaurant too. Some of them were impulsive, and one day one of them jumped in front of my mom's car as we were pulling out. Mom stopped in time, but (reasonably) told the kid off.

    This little shit happened to be there and saw the spectacle. The next day at lunch, he has something to say about my mom at lunch - about how she almost ran a kid over.

    Knowing that this guy's mom had been arrested on a DUI, I shot back at him: "well, at least my mom can drive."

    Little shit breaks down crying. I don't think I've ever been that ruthless before or since. Sweet, sweet revenge.

    [–] Accepted to Molecular Pharmacology PhD Program, How do I prepare? per-severance 2 points ago in GradSchool

    After being halfway through my first year in a biochemistry/molecular biology program, I have to agree with a lot of these other comments. Take a vacation and chill out for a bit.

    I started immediately after undergrad, like literally one week after graduating (did undergrad at the same school) because I didn't want to go back home to my toxic family. I feel like the lost downtime really caught up to me before the holidays and wrecked my productivity.

    Unless you've got the same problem, I'd say kick back. You've earned it. There's so much in grad school that only being in grad school will prepare you for.