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    [–] Who else just submitted their GRFP? Time to celebrate!!! per-severance 4 points ago in GradSchool

    Still working on it, Personal Statement is done, Research Statement is almost there, like 97%.

    Can't wait for this to be done.

    [–] Am I too much emotionally invested in my CFB team? per-severance 2 points ago in CFB

    I'm just happy we beat FSU and I see the next few years as a work in progress. Regardless of how the rest of the season goes, I'm more interested in seeing our new recruits develop... and maybe our play calling too.

    [–] Rosier to start against BC. per-severance 0 points ago in CFB

    i keep tellin u guys, it was pitt.

    [–] [Week 7] Complain About Your Team Thread per-severance 2 points ago in CFB

    Our defense doesn't deserve how bad our offense is. We have a receiving corps that is stacked as all hell but our O-line, medieval-era play-calling, and inconsistencies at QB are absolutely terrible.

    Honestly, I wish Richt would get over himself and get an actual OC and next years recruiting better get an O-line together.

    I would rather have had Perry the chance to gain from the experience than give Rosier meaningless live reps - even if it means we'd still lose the game. It was his first road start in 50 degree weather. He'll develop. But Richt putting Rosier in just fucked up Perry's confidence. Goddamn.


    [–] [Game Thread] Miami @ Virginia (7:00PM ET) per-severance 4 points ago in CFB

    he did run in for the touchdown

    but yeah, our offense is inept as hell.

    [–] [Game Thread] Miami @ Virginia (7:00PM ET) per-severance 2 points ago in CFB

    i guess the plan is let the defense hold UVA to nothing until the offense can get just close enough for bubba to do his thing

    [–] [SSD] Crucial MX500 1TB M.2 SATA - $152.99 (15% off $179.99 with code EMCEPER24) per-severance 6 points ago in buildapcsales

    I'm trying to HODL to Black Friday as well but it seems like deals on m.2 SATA are so infrequent.

    It has to be an m.2 because my laptop's 2.5" bay already has my HDD in it :/

    [–] GTX 1080 8GB > GTX 1070 512GB. Right? per-severance 11 points ago in GamingLaptops

    The 8GB next to 1080 refers to the video memory available on the card. Both of these laptops look like they have 512GB SSDs, which is what is used for storage.

    The 1070 also has 8GB of video memory, but it's GDDR5, not GDDR5x like the 1080. The memory on the 1080 is faster.

    In short, the 1080 is a better graphics card, but which one is the better value is more dependent on the games you're playing.

    [–] G5 Top 10 Results per-severance 2 points ago in CFB

    old dominion with that one (1) first place vote

    [–] Good thing he picked #3. per-severance 1 points ago in funny

    you have 69 updoots

    and so i must abstain from giving you one more