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    [–] Now you can look just like a conman fresh out of prison! perfold7 2 points ago in singapore

    Only if 50 million by the time I get out is worth 50 million now

    [–] Jurong Island's first 24-hour unmanned convenience store to open next month perfold7 1 points ago in singapore

    As ridiculous as it sounds, this seems pretty useful. Just grab whatever and don't even need to take out phone/wallet.

    Iris scanner seems more hygienic though, a lot of people have sweaty and grimy palms

    [–] Singlish Google Activation Phrase perfold7 2 points ago in singapore

    What the fuck, it actually works

    [–] Ah lah ma! You ah! perfold7 0 points ago in singapore

    Wait, is this an actual thing? Can't be, right?

    [–] Uniqlo's pants and jeans have insanely good fit. perfold7 1 points ago in malefashionadvice

    It may fit you, but definitely not everyone man.

    Most of their pants fit too damn tight (especially those with stretch) and the waist doesn't really fit right. So far only the straight cut jeans (100% cotton) could fit me properly without looking too off, it was still tight though. For reference, I'm 5'7, 160lbs.

    [–] Non-Americans, does your culture have "old-fashioned" dog names like we do in America, such as Fido, Rex, Spot, Rover, etc, and what are some? perfold7 5 points ago in AskReddit

    It's in English. English is our main language, and our lingua franca. Although the national language is Malay, generally only the Malay people can speak proper Malay, although most of know some phrases/words. We are taught English and our mother tongue in school, although some people may opt out of mother tongue if they have legitimate reasons (e.g. dyslexia)

    [–] [O LEVEL] ENGLISH DAY 2 perfold7 11 points ago in SGExams

    Friends just finished day 2. These are the questions they were asked, might be slightly different from the rest though.

    1. Would you want to be in the crowd and watch them play netball?

    2. Have you played or watch any team sports?

    3. Do you think team sports can help you keep fit

    [–] [O LEVELS] ENGLISH ORAL DAY 1 perfold7 5 points ago in SGExams

    Bullshitted my way through too. Claimed to be an aspiring botanist in my community

    [–] /r/singapore random discussion and small questions thread for August 12, 2019 perfold7 1 points ago in singapore

    Been wanting to get a pair of true wireless earbuds for a while. Just saw a good deal on carousell just now but nope, it's reserved.


    [–] Minecraft Server: MajulahMC perfold7 1 points ago in singapore

    Man, bedrock would've been way more convenient haha.

    No complains though, I think I might join after Os

    [–] Easter Eggs perfold7 9 points ago in PewdiepieSubmissions

    Is that a JoJo reference?