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    [–] Singapore and its related subreddit perfold7 1 points ago in singapore

    Vi sitter här i Venten och spelar lite DotA

    [–] That took a turn perfold7 10 points ago in singapore

    RIP Chloe

    [–] Best highlight of the Singapore Open Track & Field Championships 2019 perfold7 2 points ago in singapore

    LMAO I'm not gonna lie this was way more entertaining than it was supposed to be

    [–] Thicc perfold7 1 points ago in chingoals

    That's not a chin goal, that's a neck goal

    [–] Or so it seems... perfold7 3 points ago in Thanus

    My God, it's real

    [–] Shaking and crying rn perfold7 1 points ago in PewdiepieSubmissions

    His horizontal height

    [–] Why do they think that this is gonna make me interested in them???????? How delusional are they wtf perfold7 7 points ago in creepyasterisks

    Spot on.

    I have a classmate that's like this in real life. He acts like a cartoon character and even acts out game character movements. He walks like a terribly animated game sprite. Keeps slashing and 'attacking' the air for some reason, he also goes by the name of a character in a shitty mobile game. Everytime I say something funny he gives me this snarky grin like some cheesy cartoon character 'heh what a retard' face. Also, there's this girl he's been obsessed with for like 3 years. He has every accessory she has and always watches her in lessons. Apparently he swore to 'protect' her too. She's creeped the hell out by him and rejected him a year or two ago too. Interesting fella. I feel bad for him and try to talk to him sometimes, I think he thinks that he's my only friend or something. He keeps trying to talk to me too, even when I'm currently talking to other people.

    I never thought people like this actually existed IRL until I met this dude

    [–] Sbeve perfold7 1 points ago in sbeve


    [–] Malaysian convicted of murder is executed in Singapore perfold7 2 points ago in singapore

    His gang killed 4 people. It feels like he got off easy

    [–] Gym Story Saturday perfold7 30 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in Fitness

    Tried out snatch grip deadlifts this Thursday. Didn't feel that intense during the workout but man, the next day (heck, even now), my traps and upper back is extremely sore.

    10/10 would recommend