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    [–] Doors in KSP peteroh9 2 points ago in gaming

    Or it's just that they're on different floors and that's why the stairs from the library to the entrance go down and the stairs from the library to the archmage's room go up.

    [–] [No Spoilers] Map of Westeros Created with Pyrography peteroh9 8 points ago in gameofthrones

    I believe the pyrographers wrote about wyldfire...wildfyre?

    Wyld Stallyns

    [–] CS:GO With A Steering Wheel peteroh9 21 points ago in gaming

    Like a global defensive operation

    [–] me🎮irl peteroh9 41 points ago in discordapp

    So we have Discord, something, something that probably has the initials BLE, something else, another something else, and Skype ✓

    [–] Public 3V3 Glitch. Mayhem Ensued. Anyone encountered this? peteroh9 9 points ago in RocketLeague

    That got hard to watch with so much scoreboard--did you ever show a kickoff from an angle other than a player's view? I think that would be interesting.

    [–] Over some town peteroh9 5 points ago in flightsim

    How the hell would you guess that?

    [–] The [Nuclear Missile] weapon is really overpowered and deserves a nerf peteroh9 3 points ago in outside

    Those wars weren't fun. Many people got banned over it, 6 million of them just because of their spawn point and who invited them.

    Clearly about WWII.

    [–] When I'm without cargo... peteroh9 1 points ago in trucksim

    I believe I've gotten up to 108 mph before 👌

    [–] Logan Morrison gives CB Bucknor his opinion peteroh9 2 points ago in baseball

    Everyone just kind of freezes in shock, including the catcher, who didn't even see what happened.

    [–] Good morning human! peteroh9 2 points ago in cats

    Anyone is allowed to own a car. And anyone is allowed to drive a car! But you need a license to operate it on the roads.

    [–] OG Post on /r/pokemongo got 9,000 votes. Repost got 20,789 votes. peteroh9 1 points ago in KarmaPoliceDepartment

    Anyone know if there's a limit for how old a post can be before it's reposted? As the commissioner and head rule-enforcer, I'm not too up to date on the "rules."

    [–] Back when my sister won a Phantom Menace sweepstakes when the movie first came out peteroh9 1 points ago in StarWars

    To be fair, he actually wasn't the first dark side user to survive being cut in half. There was also one in Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight.