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    [–] Can we get more GIFs on this Sub? peteroh9 5 points ago in flightsim

    Yeah maybe cut out the first 12+ seconds. No one wants to watch that, which means that less people will watch that.

    [–] Native french speaker here, feel free to contact me anytime if you need help peteroh9 2 points ago in learnfrench

    Think about how in English, some people say "we have five minutes yet." Maybe you would normally say "we still have five minutes" or "we have five minutes still."

    Donc, « on a encore cinq minutes. »

    [–] TIL plural form of cactus is cacti. Why? 0_o peteroh9 2 points ago in EnglishLearning

    Octopi is more common but less correct. Octopodes is more correct but more pedantic. Octopuses is considered best.

    [–] Are EAU, AU, and O all pronounced the same? peteroh9 -8 points ago in French

    Why did you put backslashes before your parentheses? It's not necessary (unless it's part of a link).

    [–] Just walking peteroh9 1 points ago in Wildlands

    I sometimes just walk for more of a simulation. Just a squad of four sneaking through the country.

    [–] Oooops peteroh9 -8 points ago in GTAorRussia

    I'm pretty sure it's digital flames and smoke

    [–] For perspective, here is limpit pushing an escape pod. peteroh9 1 points ago in EliteDangerous

    A shipping ton, freight ton, measurement ton or ocean ton is a measure of volume used for shipments of freight in large vehicles, trains or ships. In the USA, it is equivalent to 40 cubic feet while in the UK it is 42 cubic feet. It should not be confused with other types of ton which also measure volume. For example, the register ton, which is used to measure the capacity of ships, is 100 cubic feet.

    [–] Fly low they said. It'll avoid SAMs they said. Ghost seeking SAM wins. peteroh9 3 points ago in GhostRecon

    I'm glad you posted this. I saw your comment and figured I'd never actually get to see the video haha

    [–] For perspective, here is limpit pushing an escape pod. peteroh9 2 points ago in EliteDangerous

    40 cubic feet is about 3'5" per side. Not super big for a person.

    [–] God's Praise, Henry has come to see us! peteroh9 2 points ago in kingdomcome

    When a surname is required, Mountbatten-Windsor is used.

    [–] The End Date? peteroh9 2 points ago in Imperator

    They say just 450

    [–] About the map... peteroh9 4 points ago in Imperator

    Is this going to be a full CK2-sized map? 🤔

    Also can't wait for the memes about Boi.

    [–] Grand campaigns just got 10x cooler! peteroh9 10 points ago in Imperator

    "Set in the tumultuous centuries from Alexander’s Successor Empires in the East to the foundation of the Roman Empire"