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    [–] We all love Captain Spasma peteroh9 1 points ago in SequelMemes

    And they use him in a lot of their marketing too!

    [–] If you want to learn a language, you've got to EMBARRASS YOURSELF peteroh9 3 points ago in languagelearning

    But why use a term from another language when there's already a term in the language that you're writing in?

    [–] A tropical paradise completed (100+ screenshots) peteroh9 2 points ago in CitiesSkylines

    It should have the description under the first image if you're opening it on this page.

    [–] Chicago Fire Department traps a cat under a door. peteroh9 176 points ago in reverseanimalrescue

    Look at them laughing, knowing what they had planned for that cat, whose schedule they had clearly previously scouted.

    [–] first time playing peteroh9 1 points ago in CitiesSkylines

    Does that guy who's moving at the end start to turn the wrong way or is that a bi-directional roundabout?

    [–] I'm a player in a game that a another player wants to rape my player character. peteroh9 -2 points ago in Pathfinder_RPG

    Definitely a difference but I can't imagine ever telling someone that they should die. That's pretty damn low.