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    [–] Official Midas Mode Community Bounty Suggestions: Day 4 pewpewmcpistol 1 points ago in DotA2

    Only thing I'd change is to make them say, "I DEMAND SATISFACTION"

    Possibly force them to buy Gauntlet of Strength and drop it in the river

    [–] Ex-Religious people of Reddit, what was the tipping point? pewpewmcpistol 3 points ago in AskReddit

    When I cared more about me being honest with myself than me putting up with some stuff I didn't believe in to make my mom happy

    [–] Trump: NFL should suspend Oakland Raiders' Marshawn Lynch pewpewmcpistol 14 points ago in politics

    Ya know when people say, "oh they're just football players, just go out an play football. Its a sunday afternoon and blah blah blah I just want to relax and watch some football without politics"

    See when you tell football players to stay out of politics, you yourself have to stay out of football or you become a hypocrite. If you don't want NFL players kneeling as a form of political protest, don't be the head of all politics in the country and then say that the NFL should suspend people. Its having your cake and eating it too

    [–] THE PUNISHER Discussion Thread - Episode 8 pewpewmcpistol 10 points ago in Defenders

    Sarah / Frank won't happen.

    Frank first went to her to fuck with David, but that was when he only knew David as some spook stalker. He may have originally kept the romantic options open to fuck with David, but he never had any real intentions.

    The continuing purpose is that he is using her to get over his losses and heal old wounds left from his dead family. Its emphasized when instead of viewing it as Sarah and Frank, you view it as a "dead" man visiting a widow left behind. Its sort of a goodbye for him to his real family by helping this family move on.

    I do not believe he is trying to take over a new family

    [–] Official Midas Mode Community Bounty Suggestions: Day 2 pewpewmcpistol 4 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in DotA2


    Your entire team must be made of a single colour. Also colour must be spelt (wrong) with a U because this is a fancy tournament

    Low prize for winning, this is pretty easy


    All heroes must have summonable units and every person must buy a necro book

    very high prize for both picking heroes and items

    Edit: available heroes for zookeeper strat:

    • Undying: zombies from tomb
    • Beast Master: Boar/Hawk/Etc
    • Lycan: Wolves
    • Doom: Eat a troll summoner
    • Brood Mother: spiders
    • Lone Druid: Alfredo
    • Nature's Prophet: Treants
    • Enigma: Eniglets
    • Visage: Familiars
    • Invoker: Forge Spirits
    • Chen: Holy Persuasion
    • Enchantress: Same shit
    • Warlock: Golem

    Questionable picks that don't really fit but we might need a larger pool for this challenge:

    • Techies: Mines
    • Shadow Shaman: Wards
    • Venomancer: Warsd
    • Brew Master: Brewlings from ult
    • Pugna: Ward

    Illusions dont count

    [–] If every subreddit was a DnD character what would they be? pewpewmcpistol 5 points ago in DnD

    /r/aww would be a forest gnome ranger that would be obsessed with collecting pet companions. Also has an unnatural hatred for cute baby humanoids

    [–] TransCanada's Keystone pipeline shut after 5,000-barrel leak in U.S. pewpewmcpistol 15 points ago in politics

    I googled how many gallons are in an olympic pool for comparison and got:

    2,500,000 L (550,000 imp gal; 660,000 US gal),

    So between 1/3rd and 1/2 of a pool depending on which one is correct

    [–] Woman who accused Franken says she accepts his apology pewpewmcpistol 4 points ago in politics

    This is way too cordial and well handled for american politics, the fuck is going on?

    [–] Al Franken Is Accused of Groping a Woman in 2006 “I am asking that an ethics investigation be taken and I will gladly cooperate.” pewpewmcpistol 1 points ago in politics

    Who was the Republican front runner for 2016 around 2013? Chris Christie?

    A lot can change in 3 years and I think it will have little to no effect on the Dems as a whole. But a large effect on Franken for sure

    [–] What plot twist did you see coming a mile away? pewpewmcpistol 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Shutter Island, took me about 5 minutes to guess what was really going on. Not even from queues in the movie, it just seemed like if I was writing the plot that is exactly what you'd expect for a major twist involving being a cop investigating a psychiatric facility

    [–] Is migration the most important issue for the future of the EU? pewpewmcpistol 2 points ago in PoliticalDiscussion

    My point is, the West needs to not get involved in the Middle East any more. And we also need to make sure that Russia isn't influencing them anymore at the same time.

    How do you stop Russia from meddling in the middle east without you yourself entering the middle east?

    [–] Woman accuses Al Franken of kissing, groping her without consent pewpewmcpistol 44 points ago in politics

    The burden of proof is in Franken.

    No, the burden of proof is still on the accuser

    However, she provided proof in the form of photographic evidence.

    Now we wait for his response

    [–] Graham: If Moore can't be in mall, he can't be in Senate pewpewmcpistol 1 points ago in politics

    instead of 'Senate' I read 'Santa' and was like Yeah, that makes sense. Can't be mall santa if you can't go in the mall

    [–] Terry Crews names alleged sexual assaulter: 'I will not be shamed' pewpewmcpistol 11 points ago in news

    Just because someone has it worse doesn't mean small offenses don't exist. Obviously after 24 hours of watching your friends die, your PTSD would be a bit more troublesome than getting groped.

    That being said, you are missing the entire point of all of this and are undermining the entire issue by focusing on semantics

    [–] Is there such a thing as a Disqualifier in politics anymore? pewpewmcpistol 1 points ago in PoliticalDiscussion

    "I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose voters"


    I'd say the bar has been lowered a lot in recent years

    [–] Trump Impeachment Articles Introduced by Six Democrats Calling for Hearings to Begin Immediately pewpewmcpistol 9 points ago in politics

    As evident with the 14,000 repeals of obamacare, if people care enough about a subject they will be more than willing to bang their head against a wall a few times