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    [–] Star Wars Episode IX – Teaser pgroove1992 858 points ago in movies

    I love it when they call me BIG PALPA

    [–] [Observer Editorial Board] Let Kemba Walker go, Charlotte pgroove1992 7 points ago in CharlotteHornets

    Me understand sentiment but me stubborn. Me no agree! No! No nononono! Waaah

    [–] TIFU by not turning off my Bluetooth while beating my meat (NSFW) pgroove1992 1 points ago in tifu


    [–] Tommy Fools pgroove1992 51 points ago in barstoolsports

    Thank you for the summary John Madden

    [–] Interview with Newmark Knight Frank this week for an ​entry-level broke position​ ​​​ pgroove1992 2 points ago in CommercialRealEstate

    I personally used Mike Ferry Real Estate Training. He is very well known and well regarded. His clients are largely residential but his sales training is easily applicable to commercial RE. He has many commercial clients. Look thru his YouTube videos and you can “try him before you buy him”

    There’s also Massimo Group and Top Dogs Real Estate Training.

    Read all the books by Gary Keller you can get your hands on—The Millionaire RE Agent and The One Thing

    [–] Interview with Newmark Knight Frank this week for an ​entry-level broke position​ ​​​ pgroove1992 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in CommercialRealEstate

    It’s possible. Just make sure you clarify draw vs salary to start out. I would expect a draw vs a salary. Are you joining/working with a team ?

    Edit: how are things for you now?

    Getting started is stressful. One thing the big companies didn’t do for me was provide sales training. I lacked that at Cushman and suffered, jumped to another group that helped with sales training and greatly improved. 5 years later and I now have a 6 figure income.

    My point: Depending on your responsibilities (ie analyst vs salesman) I would ask what sales training they recommend or if they would provide some. And if they recommend outside groups see if they would be willing to cover training vs giving you a salary. Just food for thought. Everyone’s path is a little different

    [–] Interview with Newmark Knight Frank this week for an ​entry-level broke position​ ​​​ pgroove1992 1 points ago in CommercialRealEstate

    To add to the last paragraph, a lot of brokers with big companies will be wishy washy if you ask them if they are willing to offer a draw. If that’s something you want, gauge there response but be clear you expect that for the first few months to get you started. Everything is negotiable, especially if you can demonstrate you have the skills they want.

    Edit: Happened to me. Cushman was wishy washy, I came back and in 2nd interview said I expected it. They gave me $2,000/month for 6 months

    [–] Why do people wear shoes in the house? pgroove1992 1 points ago in NoStupidQuestions

    Tell my Geologist roommate from Atlanta to take off his shoes. SHEESH so much dirt