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    [–] Why do people wear shoes in the house? pgroove1992 1 points ago in NoStupidQuestions

    Tell my Geologist roommate from Atlanta to take off his shoes. SHEESH so much dirt

    [–] Would you pay to fix the neighboring properties fence? Neighboring property also a rental. pgroove1992 9 points ago in realestateinvesting

    Don’t foot the bill for things on the other property. Ever.

    Edit: as for the unreasonable requests—maybe let the tenant move on and then think about building your own fence on your property

    [–] P180X3: Week 5 pgroove1992 9 points ago in P90X

    Dont forget to eat your GERMAN POTATO 🥔 SOUP

    [–] Weekly Q & A thread: Ask you gear, travel, conditions, or other ski-related questions here instead of making a new post. pgroove1992 1 points ago * (lasted edited 22 days ago) in skiing

    Going out to Breck at the end of February and looking for a ski that likes to turn but can handle crud too. Any suggestions?

    I’ve skied on Nordica’s Hot Rod and Head’s Rev 90’s the past 5 yrs. Focus for the trip will be moguls, trees...ah what the heck I may do a public race too?

    [–] Doors of Heaven. Bali. pgroove1992 1 points ago in pics

    “Goodbye Momma! Now you can hav ice cream in heaaavun” -Simple Jack

    [–] If you do this after camping, Fuck You. pgroove1992 4 points ago in pics

    F That, man. Leave it better than you found it

    [–] What are some fun or adventurous hot sauces for wings? pgroove1992 1 points ago in hotsauce

    I’ll give you credit, you added mint leaves and a little lime. Interesting twist, may try it down the road 😆

    [–] Was assigned durex for an ad class pgroove1992 4 points ago in pics

    r/proinsight take this to durex right now, and prove your professor wrong