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    [–] me_irl pi_god_314159 1 points ago in me_irl

    Ya lmao can't relate

    [–] 4.7!? pi_god_314159 1 points ago in EmKay

    1.2 now

    [–] Some naughty gaming chairs pi_god_314159 3 points ago in chairsunderwater

    This is some of the most vulgar chairs I have ever seen, I had to burn my eyes after seeing this

    [–] It died. pi_god_314159 27 points ago in extremelyinfuriating

    I got the same thing

    [–] Don't let this video die pi_god_314159 0 points ago in ANormalDayInRussia

    Наверно в Москве

    [–] If we're doing this then I might as well add on to it pi_god_314159 1 points ago in teenagers

    Since there are 201 gold awards, and each one gives a week of premium, the gold alone will give 201 weeks or 3.87 years of premium. There are 70 platinum awards, which give the user a month of premium each, so from the platinum awards the user will receive 5.83 years of premium. If we added these two together, this particular post earned the user 9.7 years of Reddit premium. Additionally, since the Gold award gives 100 coins and the platinum award gives 500 coins, this user also received at the very minimum 55100 coins. Assuming he spent these coins on platinum awards to give himself more Reddit premium and more coins, he can give himself another 30 months of Reddit premium, which would bring his total up to 12.2 years of Reddit premium. Since the user still gets 500 coin from each platinum, even if he gives it to himself, he can spend those coins to give himself more platinum awards. This gives the user a small loop where he can keep giving himself platinum for a bit. If he spends his 55100 coins on 30 platinum awards, he will have 1100 coins from the original amount plus 15000 additional coins from giving himself platinum. if we go down this loop until the user has no more coins left, with the original 55100 coins the user can give himself exactly 42 months of Reddit premium, which equates to 3.5 years, bringing the total number of years, at the very minimum, of Reddit premium to 13.2 years.

    [–] Two more at my local Lowe’s pi_god_314159 4 points ago in badparking

    I agree, if it was a full parking lot then it would be another talk, but the lot looks like it's literally empty

    [–] Made by Sam O’Nella pi_god_314159 107 points ago in perfectlycutscreams

    Fool, I have that URL memorized, you cannot fool me

    [–] It was a good game, but in the end. Everyone died. pi_god_314159 302 points ago in chairsunderwater

    Wow, almost nothing is covered, this is possibly the most vulgar and NSFW thing I have seen on this sub so far