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    [–] There’s always that one patient... pigeonpot 8 points ago in nursing

    The absolute best feeling in the world was when I had a patient “fire” me one hour before my shift ended, so I had to deal with her nasty attitude and rudeness for 11 hours. She banned me from the room. So the next day she was slamming the call light every 5 minutes as usual. I would look in the window to make sure she was alive, the shrug and walk by as she stared darts at me and fumed. Hey lady, you were the one that banned me from the room. Sorry the single person you allow in the room (a nursing student, not even a nurse) is busy. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    [–] This is my service dog Toli. It’s his birthday so he got to pick out a new toy! Hard choice picking the perfect one. pigeonpot 2 points ago in aww

    My last girl would do this. She had maybe 50 toys and would dig through them until she found the one she was looking for. She also knew the names of most of her toys, so if we told her to get her squirrel or ball, or alligator she would dig through her box until she found it. Such a good girl. We had her for 15 years and I still miss her every day.

    [–] Texas lawmakers advance bill that could make abortions punishable by death -- everyone involved in providing abortion care — from physicians and nurses to patients seeking this type of care — would face murder charges. No exceptions for rape, incest, or cases where woman's life is in danger. pigeonpot 4522 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    And yet Texas has the highest rate of Maternal Mortality rate in the developed world. It doesn’t seem like they care too much about preserving lives of the mother or child if its not for political points. I really hate to come to this conclusion, but it seems to be much more about controlling women’s bodies than about protecting life. If you can pass this legislation while cutting budgets for prenatal care (which very much correlated to rates of complications and deaths for both mother and child), and defunding CHIP (healthcare for impoverished children), I don’t see how these people can sleep at night.

    [–] Because only nurses work hard pigeonpot 5 points ago in gatekeeping

    Oh my gosh, yes. While in nursing school I drove 2 miles in the bike lane to school every day. Those were the most aggressive drivers I have ever been around. I was completely in my own crappy lane, and they would always drive really close to me and aggressively for no discernible reason. It’s like they were trying to balance out all the lives saved in hospitals by killing off a few on the way to work.

    [–] Medical professionals of Reddit, what was a time where a patient ignored you and almost died because of it? pigeonpot 6 points ago * (lasted edited 16 days ago) in AskReddit

    First one was doing rotations in nursing school in the maternity ward. Mother with a baby ready for . We have one monitor for the mother and one for the baby (to monitor heart rate). Mom didn’t like the sound of the baby monitor beeping, so she refused it. When they checked again, there was no heart rate. The baby had died during the night and no one had known as the monitor wasn’t on. The second one that came to mind was a guy with a lot of serious conditions that was way to busy to be in the hospital. He would flat out ignore nurses when we tried to speak to him, refused any assessment, and refused labs, the whole time he was on his phone or his computer. He refused labs one day, as he always did, and was acting annoyed that we would even waste his time with our presence. Hours later he was suddenly vomiting up massive amounts of blood. He coded and died. The labs a few hours earlier would probably have show low hemoglobin and bleeding, so we could have saved him.

    [–] Medical professionals of Reddit, what was a time where a patient ignored you and almost died because of it? pigeonpot 4 points ago in AskReddit

    It’s not “being held prisoner”. If someone is competent to make their own decisions, they can sign out AMA (against medical advice). If they aren’t (if they have a medical condition causing them confusion, disorientation, ect.) they can’t. Now their medical power of attorney can still sign them out AMA. Basically if you took some drugs that caused you to believe that the FBI was out to get you, and we had kidnapped you (I’ve had both of those delusional patients), would you want the doctor’s to say “well, he wants to go, so let’s send him out”? No, of course not. You would be suing the hospital as soon as you recovered (or your family would if you died running in front of a car the escape the FBI). You don’t let a 5 year old make all his medical decisions because he doesn’t fully understand the risks of what he is doing, same with adults that for whatever reason can’t make informed medical decisions at that time.

    [–] Medical professionals of Reddit, what was a time where a patient ignored you and almost died because of it? pigeonpot 8 points ago in AskReddit

    Nope. Educate the patient, set the bed alarm on, DOCUMENT in real time, and spend as much time as possible near the room so you can watch the patient through the window or open door. Every time they try to get out of bed, go in and re-educate, and reset the bed alarm, and document. Get your manager or charge to go talk to them as well. Sometimes the listen if you’re not the one telling them. If they are competent to make medical decisions and are physically pushing you or you can’t stop them without getting hurt, you can’t really stop them. Just pick them up when they fall and get them back to bed with the bed alarm on, and call the doc. At least at my hospital, you can refuse care, but you can’t refuse a bed alarm.

    [–] Medical professionals of Reddit, what was a time where a patient ignored you and almost died because of it? pigeonpot 3 points ago in AskReddit

    Right, because you keep the room on standby for him, right? That’s pretty bad that he knew he was going to come back so soon that he assumes the room won’t even be filled first. My strong suspicion was that he couldn’t take heroin in the hospital, got a fix, and returned. Have had several of those cases. Even had some drug users heavily imply that was their plan when we wouldn’t give them enough dilaudid plus Benadryl IV push.

    [–] Medical professionals of Reddit, what was a time where a patient ignored you and almost died because of it? pigeonpot 3 points ago in AskReddit

    Aaaaand this is one reason antibiotic resistance is a thing. Now previously treatable infections can become deadly thanks to her willful ignorance and the doctor’s not standing their ground. Hopefully she had to go to a lot of responsible doctors before she found one that would prescribe her antibiotics for a likely viral infection.

    [–] I made him more uncomfortable than he made me pigeonpot 77 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    No, there is absolutely not. You just have to accept that there are some times that are completely inappropriate to flirt or try to get a date. When someone cannot escape, and they are under pressure to make you happy no matter what, they don’t have the ability to say “no” without threatening their livelihood. It’s not fair or right, but it’s the current culture of the customer centered service industry. Don’t do that to someone. But, good question.

    [–] Working in the ED like... pigeonpot 20 points ago in nursing

    I’m usually pretty straightforward with explaining it. The lidocaine can make the veins look smaller and harder to stick. If they still want to use it, fine, it just might mean a few more sticks. Their choice, I’ve had patients go both ways.

    [–] Today I mentioned that I haven’t had a period in over a year thanks to my IUD and in response my manager told me to go to the Emergency Room pigeonpot 8 points ago in nursing

    There is zero education in sex Ed in some states. Went through public school my whole life. Wasn’t until nursing school (college) that I saw a condom for the first time in my life. And that was only so I could educate others about how to use it. Our “health class” in high school was always taught by coaches so they could end up with full time hours, so we watched unrelated movies and did nothing remotely sexual health oriented. It was literally never brought up, except to tell us how scary STDs were. Women don’t know about their anatomy because it is never talked about, and some legislators (looking at you, Texas) want to make sure it stays that way.

    [–] Any 12h nurses who also do long distance running? pigeonpot 2 points ago in nursing

    I’ve done 2 half marathons. I never ran on days I worked. I skipped the short run days if I had to. Kept the total mileage on track with what it’s supposed to be, so maybe run an extra mile or so on the medium run days. Also planned my schedule to have nonconsecutive days so I could have my work day be my rest day.

    [–] Are you a doctor? pigeonpot 1 points ago in funny

    The only problem is that the idiots that refuse vaccinations are all vaccinated. It’s their children who are some of the victims of their stupidity. That and immunocompromised people and infants. I feel like the only way to punish them would be financially, since anything else would usually punish a child that has no say in their healthcare. It seems to be more about belonging and identifying with a special group rather than anything about vaccines. People want to feel like they have insider knowledge, and are above others. Remember that all these people are literate and likely graduated from high school. It’s not lack of education, it’s willful ignorance. Being responsible human being and not killing people versus feeling special, well, it’s clear that everyone at this rally has chosen the latter.

    [–] Pretending to be an evil witch, brewing potion, whenever I do meds for a patient with NGT. pigeonpot 6 points ago in nursing

    I had a patient add her own medicine and put it in the Ng tube herself ( happened to see the cup when I came in and she told me what she did). It had melted through and made a hole in the styrofoam cup. If it melted a styrofoam cup, you probably shouldn’t be putting that in your stomach. I was horrified.

    [–] Firefighter Cody Mooney still saving lives (Link to story in Comments) pigeonpot 123 points ago in gifs

    Everybody, please opt in for organ donation. There is such a shortage, thousands die waiting for a transplant. You don’t need them anymore if you’re dead, and they could literally save lives. Also, tell your family your wishes. Even if you choose to be an organ donor, your family can override your wishes after your death.

    [–] Rant: I'm your doctor, please stop. pigeonpot 23 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    It’s not just about facilitating a career, it’s about being able to stay employed. Doctors at least have more weight when it comes to these matters. Nurses, well, it’s considered “part of the job” in many hospitals. I wish it weren’t so, but if a patient sexually harasses every nurse on the floor, someone still has to turn him, bathe him, wipe his bottom, give him his meds. We can’t just refuse care in the end unless he physically assaults someone while in his right mind. I do really wish there were more places that valued the safety of their nurses more, but I haven’t found one yet, and I’ve worked in some very “prestigious” hospitals.

    [–] TIL that in 2015 a Canadian man broke into a home,fed the cats and horses,cooked a meal,did the laundry,wrote in the homeowners diary and was apprehended sitting by a stoked fire while drinking a cup of tea. pigeonpot 3 points ago in todayilearned

    In Houston there was just a raid where 2 people and a dog were killed when police burst in a house without announcing themselves and the homeowners had guns. Looks like it was probably a mistake raid. But the police union says it wasn’t because they found a dime bag of weed. Totally worth 2 people’s lives, and 4 injured officers, right?

    [–] What was the best ‘Play stupid games & win stupid prizes’ incident you’ve witnessed? pigeonpot 5 points ago in AskReddit

    Took care of a girl once who was on an ATV when it flipped on top of her. She survived, but she broke a whole bunch of bones. Surprised she wasn’t on a body cast.

    [–] What's the most insanely misguided belief you've heard from someone who claims it's 100% fact? pigeonpot 100 points ago in AskReddit

    Haha, boyfriend had a guy at work who was totally on the chemtrails wagon. Then my boyfriend asked about the truck that goes around neighborhoods in the dead of night spraying chemicals into the air. “Oh that? That’s a mosquito truck”.