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    [–] "Carlton the sellout" - One of the best scenes from Fresh Prince which is unfortunately still relevant today. pilvy 2 points ago in videos

    ability to highlight some of the worst problems in the country without being political

    Problem is, this show finished 22 years ago, yet the same issues remain.

    [–] We’ve all been there pilvy 2 points ago in CasualUK

    Jubilees are those triangle things that you are supposed to freeze.

    They were jubblies

    [–] This could hang in a gallery pilvy 2 points ago in unstirredpaint

    It's not every link, it's just the ones by /u/H_G_Bells.

    [–] My mail gave me a nickel pilvy 2 points ago in mildyinteresting

    If it's not a scam. I guess it's an attempt at a conversation starter, I mean this post in itself is proof that it worked. Think how many more people know about it from this post alone. Actually, it still works if it's a scam too.

    [–] Guy illegally driving in the bus lane, starts following and beeping horn at cyclist and gets out of his car to get in the guys face shouting at him pilvy 1 points ago in PublicFreakout

    You can still get shot in UK, it just takes a bit more effort. Generally won't get shot (or stabbed or acid attacked) by a cyclist in full gear though, but people on stolen peds...slightly different matter.

    [–] Two Tottenham housing blocks at risk of catastrophic collapse pilvy 2 points ago in london

    But the farm estate is sitting on valuable land that would be perfect to any housing developer who is planning to build more luxury flats within the capital.

    "Because of the high water table and the flood risk caused by the Moselle, which flows through the site, no housing was built at ground level.[12] Instead, the ground level was entirely occupied by car parks. "

    [–] Give a man a fish... pilvy 2 points ago in ContagiousLaughter

    I think the teleprompter messed up.

    [–] But why though. pilvy 3 points ago in ButWhy

    It's called an advert.