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    [–] WIN a CraftBot Plus 3D printer! (11/30/2018) {WW} pipsname 2 points ago in giveaways

    Sorry, this promotion is not available in your region


    [–] Quick Survey: What sort of "premium" features would you be willing to pay for in an Alarm Clock? pipsname 2 points ago in androidapps

    Calendar based alarms. I am using Tasker now but an application where I can say "Set alarm for 2 hours before any calendar event named 'work'" would be nice.

    My shifts change often so changing the alarm time is not always the best as you can mess up doing it some how.

    [–] Xperia XZ2 Compact (12/28/18){??} pipsname 1 points ago in giveaways


    This draw is scope for countries of the European Union and Latin

    [–] Win a Nintendo Switch (11/29/2018) {WW} pipsname 1 points ago in sweepstakes

    Seems this contest you need to use referrals. Just creating the account does nothing.

    Once a second person signs up you both are entered into the contest.

    Here is mine.

    [–] [APPS] Unified Remote Full ($3.99 - $1.29) pipsname 3 points ago in googleplaydeals

    I bought this along time ago and still use this. I have recently added a Raspberry pi as another server to control.

    [–] Looking for a countdown widget to show me the time left till a given time (bedtime) - EVERY DAY pipsname 2 points ago in androidapps

    This may not be what you envisioned but it does what you want AND it can also be a watchface for Android Wear.

    You just need to plug in the events on your calendar and allow the application access to your calendar.

    [–] I keep getting SO much whey and such little curds pipsname 3 points ago in cheesemaking

    At my work we estimate 13% cheese from milk for Chevre.

    If you know the fat and protein values you can calculate the dry matter to find your max yeild. Another factor is your coagulation. The whiter your whey the more dry matter you are loosing. (Litres * fat%) + (Litres * protein%) = total dry matter.

    Milk will often change its values on my factors from the farm. Cold weather makes the volume less but the fat and protein higher and the opposite with warmer weather.

    These weather conditions will change your dry matter thus your whey amount.

    Hope this helps you with understanding yeild.

    [–] An app that could tell me when my laptop is unlocked and if someone is using it pipsname 3 points ago in androidapps

    If Windows you could use EventGhost to do stuff on lock and unlocks. You can even add Autoremote or join to send alerts to an Android.

    [–] its a . its a . WTF is it ? pipsname 1 points ago in Shitty_Car_Mods

    This thing probably serves its intended purpose very well.

    [–] Is it possible to win the 0.01$ + coins items? pipsname 2 points ago in Aliexpress

    These are only available for purchase from the mobile application correct?

    [–] I want an e-reader with text to speech and these features pipsname 2 points ago in androidapps

    Yeah there is nothing in OPs list that Moon can't do. Even the free version should cover it.

    [–] Is there a running/map app that can route my run from starting point and ending at starting point? pipsname 1 points ago in androidapps

    I just quickly tried route runner and was unable to use the random and end up where I started. I could just be rushing things and not doing it right. Is there a toggle that I need to turn on?

    [–] New Update for Mi box 3 (93.9MB) pipsname 1 points ago in MiBox

    Anyone know the ETA for being able to use a PS4 controller?

    I just got a mibox 3 and everything linked online links to some forum that closed the mibox 3 section.

    [–] Android TV box with HDMI input? pipsname 1 points ago in AndroidTV

    Your tv/monitor only has one HDMI port? Unless you want to record a split connection from your PC I do not know why you would want the added delay.