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    [–] What cool thing you can do with your flatmate, when both own an Android. pipsname 7 points ago in androidapps

    A few shared Google Keep notes.
    You can also setup Gmail to auto forward certain emails like bills to another person.

    [–] Went to 3 hardware stores, none had AAAA batteries pipsname 6 points ago in techsupportmacgyver

    I just took apart a 9 volt. It did not look like that inside. Little oblong rectangular things.

    [–] Moronic Monday (Jan 15 2018) - Your weekly questions thread! pipsname 3 points ago in Android

    No solid answer as it will just come down to your location but it does look like the odds might not be in your favor. Verizon mainly uses band 13 which the At&t Note 8 does not support band 13 as seen in the first link below.
    The second link shows the bands companies in the USA use.

    [–] Moronic Monday (Jan 15 2018) - Your weekly questions thread! pipsname 2 points ago in Android

    Android TV boxes. I am interested in getting one for cord cutting. I am wondering if they ALL can act as a Chromecast or just some of them and hopefully find out what ones. I enjoy the ease of use the kids have with casting from their tablets.

    [–] Flashing Light Alarm for Android pipsname 2 points ago in androidapps

    I know deaf people use the light for alerts. Myself I would just use a Tasker profile.

    [–] Sunday Rant/Rage (Jan 14 2018) - Your weekly complaint thread! pipsname 1 points ago in Android

    Why am I the weird one when my devices have the power ranger Wrist Communicator sound and respond by talking into my watch?

    [–] Business Card Readers/Backup or Save to Contacts? Which is the best one in your experience? pipsname 2 points ago in androidapps

    I have been using Google Keep since the ability to add pictures. I give them a "card" label so I can search through them later.
    Some I do move from there to my contacts if I am going to be using them.

    [–] [DEV] Rave - Watch Netflix and YouTube with friends on Android and iOS pipsname 1 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago) in androidapps

    Checking it out I get stuck and cant go back to location search from canceling a netflix login.

    Main settings has no back arrow. Rest of application does + contacts

    I can login with Google or Facebook but not both? Only one social network friends list.

    Just quickly I don't see any way to just must all voice chat. Some public rooms are just people typing away on their phone and you can hear it. Hear each person...

    Is there a playlist option?

    [–] Making a deposit pipsname 1 points ago in funny

    You mean the Assistant to the Branch manager.

    [–] Anon is more successful then you'll ever be pipsname 1 points ago in 4chan

    Only wants to shit post and play vidya.

    [–] Anon is more successful then you'll ever be pipsname 0 points ago in 4chan

    Bullshit. How did you get 500 to start?

    [–] Help with PCRemote app pipsname 1 points ago in androidapps

    No idea about that application. I use Unified Remote and it is easy to use and setup.
    If your modem is just a modem then nothing will work per say but if you have a router or your modem is a modem/router combo then they will work as long as they are on the same network.
    Just for completion sake there are ways to control your PC from outside the network but are more complicated and have added time delays that I assume you do not want a gamepad.

    [–] Advice Needed: My mom wants to take my baby for a month. pipsname 2 points ago in Parenting

    The extra time will just make me sad and lonely!! Sounds like you already know your answer. No idea why I am getting all the downvotes. Is looking for an opportunity to have a stronger financial home life a bad thing for single moms?

    I suggest you take a gander at the "The Five Love Languages". My partner and I did it alongside of our families. Really opened our eyes.
    Maybe your mom is seeing if you moving back with her could be an option without just coming out and asking.

    [–] Advice Needed: My mom wants to take my baby for a month. pipsname -18 points ago in Parenting

    Could you some how use the time to make more money/advance in career?
    I ask because some parents do leave for months at a time.
    If you can and you are able to back off the extra push later then go for it.
    If not then doing it will not gain you anything so why bother?

    [–] Why does my Chrome browser do this when loading pages? pipsname 4 points ago in androidapps

    Better this than showing the page giving you false sense of security where you attempt to click on something but it moves as you click it and you click something else.

    [–] Battery level massive sudden drop pipsname 1 points ago in AndroidQuestions

    Happen to me as well in the cold. Was using at that moment.