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    [–] My toddler's father left her home alone pipsname 1 points ago in Parenting

    There was a post yesterday I believe about a father who used Facebook Live as a babysitter.

    [–] New customized features in Google App pipsname 2 points ago in Android

    Oh wow! I can type right away now instead of waiting for the bloody application to load all the news articles and crap before I can type in a search and search.

    [–] 91 “child friendly” Android apps accused of exploitation pipsname 42 points ago * (lasted edited 8 hours ago) in Android

    (copy pasted from the linked pdf - updated for formatting) The following 91 apps (“Gaming Apps”) are developed by Tiny Lab. The Gaming Apps are or have been participants in Google’s Designed for Families (DFF) program, with the exception of the five labeled with an asterisk ().
    1. Angry Bunny Race: Jungle Road
    2. Arctic Roads: Car Racing Game
    3. Automatron Galaxy Wars: Transform, Shoot and Drive
    4. Baby Toilet Race: Cleanup Fun
    5. Battleship of Pacific War: Naval Warfare
    6. Bike Race Game: Traffic Rider of Neon City
    7. Bike Race: Speed Racer of Night City
    8. Bike Racing Show: Stunt & Drag
    9. Car Games: Neon Rider Drives Sport Cars
    10. Chhota Bheem Speed Racing

    11. Christmas Games: Santa Train Simulator
    12. Christmas Snow Racing*
    13. Cute Robotic Racing - Future Ccars
    14. Desert Rally Trucks: Offroad Racing
    15. DexLand
    16. Dino World Speed Car Racing
    17. Dinosaur Park Train Race
    18. Dragon Fight: Boss Shooting Game
    19. Dragon Panda Racing
    20. Elite SWAT Car Racing: Army Truck Driving Game
    21. Emergency Car Racing Hero
    22. Extreme Car Driving: Race of Destruction
    23. Fast Ambulance Racing - Medics!
    24. Fast Cars: Formula Racing Grand Prix
    25. Fire Fighters Racing: Fireman Drives Fire Truck
    26. Forest Truck Simulator: Offroad & Log Truck Games
    27. Fun Kid Bubble Pop*
    28. Fun Kid Racing
    29. Fun Kid Racing - Jungle Cars
    30. Fun Kid Racing - Madagascar
    31. Fun Kid Racing - Motocross
    32. Fun Kid Racing - Safari Cars
    33. Fun Kid Racing - Stickman Mode*
    34. Fun Kid Racing City Builder
    35. Fun Kid Racing Dinosaurs World
    36. Fun Kid Racing Magic Forest
    37. Fun Kids Train Racing Games
    38. Fun School Race Games for Families
    39. GummyBear and Friends speed racing
    40. Halloween Cars: Monster Race
    41. Halloween Town Racing
    42. Happy Easter Bunny Racing
    43. Ice Road Truck Driving Race
    44. Interactive Police Car Racing
    45. Jet Car Power Show: Max Speed Race
    46. Jet Truck Racing: City Drag Championship
    47. Jungle Monster Truck Adventure Race
    48. Jungle Motocross Extreme Racing
    49. Mad Road: Apocalypse Moto Race
    50. Magic Circus Festival.
    51. Magic Elf Fantasy Forest Run
    52. Mini Tanks World War Hero Race
    53. Monster Bike Motocross
    54. Monster Truck Police Racing
    55. Monster Truck Racing
    56. Monster Truck Winter Racing
    57. Monster Trucks Action Race
    58. MotoCross - Police Jailbreak
    59. Motocross Games: Dirt Bike Racing
    60. Motocross Kids - Winter Sports
    61. Motorcycle Racer - Bike Games
    62. Night City: Speed Car Racing
    63. Paradise Island Summer Fun Run
    64. Pet Friends Park Racing
    65. Pirate Ship Shooting Race
    66. Prehistoric Run Racing
    67. RC Toy Cars Race
    68. RollerCoaster Fun Park
    69. Run Cute Little Pony Race Game
    70. Safari Motocross Racing
    71. Skater Boys - Skateboard Games
    72. Slice the Cheese
    73. Space Race - Speed Racing Cars
    74. Sports Bikes Racing Show
    75. Sports Cars Racing: Chasing Cars on Miami Beach
    76. Summer Car Racing - Australia
    77. Superheroes Car Racing.
    78. SUV Safari Racing: Desert Storm Adventure
    79. Sweet Candy Racing
    80. Tank Race: WW2 Shooting Game
    81. Tractor Hill Racing
    82. Tropical Island Boat Racing
    83. Truck Driving Race US Route 66
    84. Western Train Driving Race
    85. Wild West Race
    86. Windy Way*
    87. Winter Racing - Holiday Fun!
    88. Winter Wonderland Snow Racing
    89. Zombie Shooter Motorcycle Race
    90. Zombie Shooting Race Adventure
    91. Zombie Survival Games: Pocket Tanks Battle.

    [–] My toddler's father left her home alone pipsname 3 points ago in Parenting

    Is this the same dude that asked Facebook Live to watch their kid?

    [–] Are these two cultures the same? pipsname 1 points ago in cheesemaking

    There is a language barrier for me but they are different as cultures from different companies provide different flavor profiles even with cultures designed for the same target cheese.
    If the culture makes your desired cheese buy it. Make sure of the DCU before you buy. You want to be sure that you can use it for your milk amount.

    [–] Chromecast not available as option to stream to pipsname 1 points ago in PopCornTime

    This happens all the time to me on my desktop but never on my SP3. Desktop is all AMD on Windows 10.

    [–] Terry Crews posts apology note from man he says sexually assaulted him pipsname 1 points ago in news

    I just can stop thinking about that vindication scene from B99 with Holt.

    [–] Got Koodo to enable my Galaxy Note 9 for WiFi Calling and VoLTE. pipsname 1 points ago in Koodo

    Asking for a friend of a friend's brothers baby momma. Do they access the plan portion of your account to activate this? They have a Manitoba plan in Ontario and does not want employees looking at the plan.

    [–] [GRN] Omnispell Adept pipsname 2 points ago in magicTCG

    This would be base mana cost (fireball X) I assume but what about things like buyback?

    [–] Whitelisting sites in Adaway pipsname 1 points ago in AndroidQuestions

    Get the sites to list their ad providers urls.

    [–] Two way/walkie talkie while using google maps pipsname 1 points ago in androidapps

    Over data?
    Do you want group voice chat?
    Long hours of use?
    What are your competitors using?

    [–] My boyfriend's daughter asked me to get her birth control today pipsname 1 points ago in Parenting

    Watch the movie "Blockers 2018" with him and after the movie ask him how he envisions those types of moments will be with his daughter and are they anywhere near as funny as the movie. See where his head is at.

    [–] Get current foreground app pipsname 2 points ago in tasker

    But it does not show the application name but rather the window name.

    [–] Get current foreground app pipsname 1 points ago in tasker

    Not application name but window name.
    Window Label (monitored,dynamic) %WIN The label of the current window, which could be a full-screen activity or a dialog. Not set if the label is unknown. For some windows, the label might be that of the first item in the window e.g. a menu entry or even a button.

    [–] 'Jetstream' Android TV box brings 4K & Android Oreo for $69 - 9to5Google pipsname 1 points ago in AndroidTV

    This seems to have come out of nowhere. Anyone have any info on sales in Canada other than reshippers?

    [–] Google is discontinuing Inbox, focusing on Gmail pipsname 4 points ago in Android

    Nice. More things for the Gmail team to focus on rather than just adding "Mark as Read" from the notification.

    [–] Why no free OTG print app available? pipsname 3 points ago in androidapps

    I have my printer plugged into the USB port on my router. I can even print to it using Google print from outside the network. No PC needed.