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    [–] Mixed Spice in cheese? pipsname 1 points ago in cheesemaking

    Adding stuff is fun but remember that when adding items they can retain\gain moisture. At my work we played with some chilli peppers and had problem!s down the road with moisture pockets.

    [–] [Discussion] Do you think the current smartphone design trend is shifting too much towards aesthetics than practical usability? pipsname 0 points ago in Android

    I tried to text to voice your post OP but had trouble hearing due to the speakers on my phone not facing me and didn't want to crank it up and disturb the people around me.

    [–] Changed my gmail now i can't see installed apps.. pipsname 3 points ago in AndroidQuestions

    Even free ones are bought. It is an easy method to links applications to accounts.

    [–] The YouTube Kids app has been suggesting a load of conspiracy videos to children pipsname 1 points ago in technology

    The search in the application is advertised as potentially problematic. During the setup they tell you this. You can disable it or choose to leave it and use the built in reporting system. The videos continue to show in suggested AFTER you search.
    Reminds me of that recent rant from Linus on tech security.

    [–] The YouTube Kids app has been suggesting a load of conspiracy videos to children pipsname 1 points ago in technology

    They do use a user review process. The parent/guardian. During the setup process they explain how the search can be problematic and also show you how to report content and disable the search. The search is where this content was found.

    [–] Android Wear, it’s time for a new name pipsname 2 points ago in Android

    Now I have to scroll all the way down my application list to resync it.

    [–] Top Minds at T_D are glad that good old family values are back in the White House, without a hint of irony pipsname -2 points ago in TopMindsOfReddit

    What are the stats here? 170 upvotes and only 4 comments VS how many users? This seems like the equivalent of screen capping something some nobody said on Twitter and applying it to a demographic you dislike. I am sure the thread now has higher numbers and more comments by now. Maybe we should quantify the demographic being used here.

    [–] Too Close pipsname 1 points ago in PerfectTiming

    My girlfriend took this with her old phone.

    [–] My 15$ press design pipsname 1 points ago in cheesemaking

    Could be hard to keep clean but in the short run it seems fine. Use a level to keep pressure even.

    [–] Introducing scrcpy, an app to display and control Android devices pipsname 1 points ago in Android

    It will if you enabled USB debugging before hand. And allow the computer.

    [–] Essential really wants to solve the screen notch problem pipsname -1 points ago in Android

    I don't get the notch. You are still not replicating looking at someone. The video feed is still well below the notch.

    [–] How to remove that and put it on the infoline pipsname 1 points ago in slideforreddit

    Domain in info line seems to show it in the info line and on the image.

    [–] A PSA for those on the highways pipsname 0 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    It is not. It is to allow you to adjust your speed with the people in the merging lane to you know. Merge. Doing the Sonic and always "gotta go fast" will not always yield favorable results.
    If you are driving in the merging lane you need to stay alert and work with fellow traffic.

    [–] Sync Family Calendar App? pipsname 1 points ago in androidapps

    How did we get downvoted? Anyways you can just skip the joint account. You can just make a sub calendar and share that. Give your partner full access. The added user can enable notifications from each calendars settings. My partner has made a few to share access with me. One for bills another for income. We even have one for a tv show feed from

    We use IFTTT for an RSS feed for torrents for our shows as well from showrss.