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    [–] Moment of appreciation for this show’s music pipstar112 3 points ago in suits

    Ah well, if you do find a scene with the music let me know and I should be able to find it

    [–] Moment of appreciation for this show’s music pipstar112 5 points ago in suits

    Yeah a specific scene would help, shouldn't be too hard to find from that, but until then could it be War ?

    [–] Cuck pipstar112 18 points ago in OkBubbyRetard

    Ah my mistake, proceed as planned

    [–] Cuck pipstar112 58 points ago in OkBubbyRetard

    Is it my turn to repost this tomorrow?

    [–] Best and worst saga of daran shan books? pipstar112 1 points ago in DarrenShan

    I'm definetly in the minority but that was one of my favourites

    [–] Daily /r/Freefolk Free Talk Thread! - April 21, 2020 pipstar112 1 points ago in freefolk

    Don't let the final couple of seasons ruin it! I know alot of people say it ruins the whole show but the early seasons still hold up for me, I recently watched season 1-5 and I still enjoyed it

    [–] Did he doe???? pipstar112 2 points ago in okbuddyretard

    No that was will feral you cringe normie 😎😎😳😳😡

    [–] [NO SPOILERS] on point! pipstar112 14 points ago in gameofthrones

    Worst take I've ever seen

    [–] *drake clapping* pipstar112 51 points ago in jschlatt

    This is a strange comment section

    [–] What’s your unpopular AFL opinion? (Can be multiple) pipstar112 16 points ago in AFL

    Unfortunatley that's how it is with commentary these days, Ablett, Dangerfield, Martin, commentators go crazy for them doing standard things but just don't seem to care as much when others do it. I noticed it particulary in the 2018 prelim, DeGoey was kicking standard goals and they were going absolutely crazy, it really pisses me off

    [–] Cat realises it has to share the house now pipstar112 0 points ago in WatchPeopleDieInside

    right, well I don't how to help special people so good luck with all that

    [–] Cat realises it has to share the house now pipstar112 1 points ago in WatchPeopleDieInside

    The sub icon is literally an animal you nuffy